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Sweater Coziness: Channelling The Holiday

Cameron Diaz in The Holiday. Sherling coats and leather driving gloves. I also need a drink.

Cameron Diaz in The Holiday. Sherling coats and leather driving gloves. I also need a drink.

So don’t make me watch a rom-com, unless the fashion is good. Maybe I can handle a 1/2 hour but then promise me, we can switch to a zombie dramedy.  You swear? Right now, I’m building a winter cozy wardrobe reminiscent of Cameron Diaz in The Holiday (2006).  The premise is that Cameron Diaz’s character longs for a change of scenery from LA and switches homes with English Kate Winslet during holiday season.  Trading in the sunny palms of West Coast for the quaintness of cottage life in the English countryside, shenanies ensue.  I don’t remember the rest.  At some point, she also hooks up with  hottie mchotterson Jude Law (pre-nanny scandal).

But I digress. My interpretation of channelling Cammy in The Holiday… aka Chalet Chic-y.

Blanket brilliance: That ubiquitous Burberry blanket cape monogrammed if you are fameuse or too lucky.

Blanket brilliance: That ubiquitous Burberry blanket cape monogrammed if you are fameuse or too lucky.

Sister: "You look like a grandma" Moi: "Oh yeah, the baggier the better." Trust. Zara Oversize Cable Cardi

Sister: “You look like a grandma” Moi: “Oh yeah, the baggier the better.” Trust. Zara Oversize Cable Cardi

I'm so fancy, you already know: J. Crew cashmere sweater in camel

I’m so fancy, you already know: J. Crew cashmere sweater in camel

Even though Cam wouldn't necessarily wear this hat, I would keep my head warm in Beyoncé's double pom pom

Even though Cam wouldn’t necessarily wear this hat, I would keep my head warm in Beyoncé’s double pom pom

Chillin' Pop Dylan: Cam lounging about in her creamy cable knit sweater. That looks like fun.

Cam lounging about in her creamy cable knit sweater.

And if you’re looking to trade places this holiday season, flash-forward 2014 and we’ve got Airbnb.


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Katy Perry: Part of Me

Katy Perry is a bit drag queen but aren't all girly-girls? Discuss.

Part of any long weekend must involve laying on the couch watching a movie. Lately, my cinematic choices have been of the musical variety.  Pitch Perfect, anyone?  Stop pretending you don’t love coming of age comedies, an acapella No Diggity riff-off and the comedic stylings of Rebel Wilson.  But I majorly digress…

A breakout role: Rebel Wilson kills me softly with her comedic timing in Pitch Perfect. "Ohmigod, I love that movie," quote my mothah.

A few months ago, I went to the movies with my good friend J and we were going to spontaneously choose a film upon arrival.  She felt too guilty to watch the new Batman without her husband (such loyalty!), Katy Perry Part of Me was on too late (teenage hearts), so we opted for the reboot of Total Recall (last resort).  A complete waste of Colin Farrell and 2 hours of my life, which I will never, ever get back, ever (to the tune of a Taylor Swift breakup song).  Another digression…

Hershey kisses: Katy Perry would be a fun Halloween costume. But the real question is, would you be ok if you showed up at a costume party and a bunch of other girls did it better than you?

So now that Katy Perry: Part of Me is available to watch from the comfort of my living room, I decided to continue on this musical love affair.  First I would like to say, I am not a die-hard Katy Perry fan.  I think she’s quite likeable, she has a Betty Boop thing going and I think she has a unique voice.  Nonetheless, I found myself shedding a few tears watching this documentary shot during her 2011 World Tour. 

The film is a revealing portrait of a singer who struggled to find her place in pop music and ultimately became hugely success. The movie also shows very personal moments as Katy spends time with her family, has professional high’s achieving many #1 singles, she also goes through depression with the breakup of her marriage to Russell Brand.  Music and drrrrrama!  Whoa, it was more teardrop than I expected.

My final tangent…I like singing Wide Awake in the car. Excellent driving tune. THE END.


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Bill Cunningham New York

Bill has the eye: You must. You really MUST.

I have always been a lover of the art-house, tiny cinema genre of film.  The kind of movies that rarely make it into the mainstream and are rented at the independent local video store.  This afternoon, as a guilty pleasure, mini popcorn in hand, I took in a matinee screening of Bill Cunningham New York, the documentary about the famed eccentric New York Times photographer and fashion columnist.  

The film observes the 80+ year old Cunningham as he navigates New York on his bicycle, shooting street fashion in the mornings, editing his images, writing his columns and photographing society events in the evenings.  It is a character study of a humble, hard-working and unassuming city anthropologist; his passion has not waned over the years, his enthusiasm for discovering trends and capturing fashion in real life still all consuming.  Through candid interviews with his many muses and industry contemporaries, you are able to understand why over the span of his career, he is respected for his vision, integrity and kindness.  Truly a MUST SEE.

“A lot of people have taste but very few are daring to be creative.” – Bill Cunningham Watch the trailer here

One of Cunningham's favourite muses, the eccentric Iris Apfel describes herself as "the oldest living teenager." Playing dressup in her closet would be TDF (to die for).


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“OMG, Oh no you didn’t!” Halloween Costumes

Hallowe’en rivals Christmas as my favourite celebration of the year.  When else is it encouraged to parade in the streets in a ridiculous costume?  The mood is always light-hearted and playful.  You can’t help but feel kinship and camraderie with a fellow stranger who is dressed in a spandex outfit as Borat.  “Great costume dude!”

While there are obvious selections (vampire, fright mask, slutty maid) found at the local party store, I think the best OMG moments are when you see someone who has gone the extra mile in giving thought and effort to their alter ego choice.  I once attended a party where a gentleman was Pinhead (the villain from the horror movie Hellraiser); with pins stickout out from the perimeter of his head and special effects makeup so convincing, I circled around him to avoid his path.  Freaky! 

Personally, I think the elements of authenticity and comedy are what bring the best costumes to life.  Some ideas if you are stuck in the brainstorming department:

We all know Lady Gaga is going to be a popular choice this Halloween but how about that Meat Dress? While I wouldn't recommend real flesh (for obvious hygiene reasons), you could probably whip something up with felt and stuffing. High laugh factor!

Male Ice Dancer Anyone? Johnny Weir over the top fabulousness. You could go to town on this one - sequins, spandex, feathers, face paint, Olympic medal.

Wannabe: Since the 90's are now considered vintage, why not kick it old school with a Spice Girls tribute? This one only works as an ensemble. Did you go to their reunion concert? Me too.

A family tradition: My mom & I really like Rocky Horror. Cross dressing Transylvanian trannies. What's not to love?


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Girl Crush Alert: Emma Stone

Pussycat doll attire. Only cute in theory but adore-able on Emma Stone as Olive Penderghast in Easy A.

Women, all ages, love teen movies.  It’s a fact.  We will never, ever give them up.  Even when I have daughters, I will ask them to scoot over on the sofa to make room for my leisure outfit clad butt while they hostess their first coming-of-age ritual sleepover.  They will whine, “Stop embarrassing me!” to which I will defiantly ask them to pass the popcorn.

This week, I caught a matinee of Easy A with my partner in crime J.  We couldn’t score prime tickets to a TIFF premiere but we both could handle a few days wait.  Plus, who doesn’t die for Emma Stone?  Admit it, you loved her as the nerdy sorority girl in The House Bunny (a movie my mother loved and confusingly called Bunny House) and the gun-toting street smart in Zombieland.

Easy A tells the story of Olive, a highschool gal who has zero profile but gains a reputation after being overheard in the washroom telling her bestie about a faked loss of her v-card.  The rumour spreads like wildfire and Olive, in a rebellion to her classmates begins wearing Agent Provocateur lingerie to school, pinned with a giant A to her chest in a mock homage to The Scarlet Letter.  Emma Stone is brilliant in her role, her hippie parents are played by the wonderful Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson and Penn Badgley is super-cute as her real crush.  There was something extra appealing about him – perhaps his tan and his cheekbones seemed more chiselled.  No wonder Blake Lively dates him! I finally get it.

Back to Emma Stone and reasons why she’s my girl crush…

Emma rocking a serious Pucci sequined, leather mini dress. Photo courtesy Just Jared.

Why do people kick gingers? Gingers are people too. I have a handful of lovely redhead friends. It's nice to keep the ratios in check.

She’s kind of quirky, always believable as an actress, makes interesting movies and she has a really great stylist.  What’s not to love?  And if you think I’m waxing poetic, you will love her after you watch this clip from Easy APocket Full of Sunshine – Emma Stone


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TIFF-ing It: Black Swan Review

Black Swan: Natalie Portman and cast bring it.

When I was in highschool, I used to volunteer at the Toronto International Film Festival.  At Roy Thompson Hall, I used to count people in the lineups and give out tickets to patrons.  A lover of film and socializing, it was a great opportunity to watch free movies and meet new people.  Back then, you could easily watch films and tackle a few celebrities if you so wished.  I mean, the after-party was held at The Bamboo (currently Ultra).  These days, it’s a much more glamourous affair, with a red carpet rolled out and legions of fans lining the block to catch a glimpse of their favourite star.  Securi-tay!!

I kind of casually hinted to the universe that I wanted to watch a few films during TIFF but negotiating a ticket is a Mission: Impossible sort of task, particularly to those screenings with early Oscar buzz.  To my delight, my PR friend A was wardrobe styling a few personalities and messaged me with a last-minute proposition to catch Black Swan.  Of course, I agreed (thanks universe!).

Black Swan, directed by Darren Aronofsky is a psychological thriller starring Natalie Portman as ballerina Nina Sayers, a dancer relegated to the corps until the artistic director, superbly played by Vincent Cassel, forces the aging prima ballerina, Winona Ryder into retirement.  Faced with the stress of taking on the lead in Swan Lake, Portman’s fragile character succumbs to pressure and paranoia.  I don’t want to give away any additional spoilers only my take on the film.  The best word to describe the movie is intense (it is a thriller after all).  Set in the backdrop of ballet, the art direction is beautiful, the characters layered and ensemble performances strong.  While the film overall has moments that are a bit cliche, the audience loved it.  Aronofsky and cast received a standing ovation.

 Some highlights: 

  • Dance Sequences – I admit it.  I am a sucker for dance sequences and any kind of choreography.  The rigours of ballet though, are on another level.  The strength, persevere and pain that these dancers endure is to be admired.  Natalie Portmand and Mila Kunis seemed to do quite a bit of their own dancing.  Method.  Ouch.

Rodarte Spring 2009. I thought this image was the best representation of the feel of costumes in Black Swan.

  • Costumes by Rodarte – Those talented Mulleavy sisters created floaty costumes and open-weave gauzy knits for Black Swan.  My prediction:  a return of the legwarmer and resurgence of the bodysuit (this trend has been simmering with Ke$ha and American Apparel lovers, but I think it’s going to go full tilt again).  Watch out for it.
  • Winona Ryder – I should actually devote a whole post to Winona because I adore her.  Aronofsky introduced her as ‘the icon’ and admitted there wasn’t enough of her in the movie.

Dear universe, can you please put Winona in a proper movie? She is such a good actress. Hellooo!


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