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Girl Crush: Lykke Li

With a name like Lykke: Irresistible Swedish indie pop rock chanteuse

Girl Crush:  The act of having a crush on a fellow girl due to factors such as charismatic personality, personal style and physical attraction (hottt).  All of my girlfriends are girl crush material.  As in, if I were a guy, I’d totally date you.

Object of Current Girl Crush:  Lykke Li.  Scandinavians brought us great functional design (Ikea, H&M), a goddess screen siren (Uma Thurman), co-ordinated metallic jumpsuits (ABBA) and now Lykke Li. 

You are obsessed with Lykke Li too, aren’t you?  If you’re not, you should be.  Not only is she blonde and quirky beautiful (she probably wears her hair in braids all the time), wears cute outfits, she is such a unique singer with her feathery light vocals layered on a variety of tracks (electro pop to soul, she does it all).  Lykke Li hails from Stockholm Sweden; the daughter of a painter and a musician, she released her first album in 2007 “Little Brit.”  She is a darling among the music bloggers but her many musical accolades are well founded as her style ranges from breathy pop, to moody solos and dance worthy remixes.  Trust me, she’s going to blow up.

Fall in love with Lykke:

  • Little Bit (Gigamesh Remix)
  • Breaking It Up (Pocketknife’s Loosefoot Remix)
  • Hanging High
  • Possibility (For you Twi-hards)
  • Knocked Up (Kings of Leon vs. Lykke Li Rodeo Mashup)
  • Until We Bleed – Kleerup f. Lykke Li
  • Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

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I've Been Dreaming of A Parkdale Christmas

Good Old Days: Remember when Summer saved Chrismukkah? Teardrop.

I see the Seth Cohen clones on Queen West West streets shivering in their size zero skinny red jeans, walking their girlfriend’s mini French bulldogs enrobed in knit sweaters.  Sweeties, eat a cookie and that leather jacket is appropriate for Fall Trans (Aug-October)!  Get your tooshie indoors and have a mug of apple cider!!  Stat! 

During the holidays we all succumb to being a cozy homebody.  Around my neck of the woods, there is a new marshall law regarding dress code, “Boho chic: Leggings or Leisure Wear ONLY” My friends are digging my wavelength.  Around the house, I have been preparing decadent brunches of crepes with nutella, unseasonal ten-million dollar berries such as strawberries and blackberries with a side of French brie to much fanfare.  The home decor has also been re-vamped with some faux poinsettia and some strategically placed mistletoe. haha.

While shimmying around my lovely Carrie Bradshaw-esque kitchen, I like to crank the holiday tunes.  Not just any old Christmas songs, but the emo(tional) indie rock ones you might find on an O.C. compilation.  It just makes sense given the artsy neighbourhood.

Here some jingles to make you jingle-jangle your can around the house: 

  • Last Christmas – Jimmy Eat World
  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Coldplay
  • A Great Big Sled – The Killers
  • Christmas at the Zoo – Flaming Lips
  • Holiday Road – Matt Pond PA
  • O Holy Night – My Morning Jacket
  • The Christmas Song – The Raveonettes
  • Are You Coming Over for Christmas? – Belle and Sebastian

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Phoenix: French Rockers Say "Merci Beaucoup"

Phoenix in the garden: pink shirt check, skinny pants check, manorexia check, brooding love pop lyrics check.

At Forever 21 you can buy t-shirts that say I heart French boys. Does this kill you like it kills me?

Last Saturday, my sketchy friend K and I took in the sold out Phoenix concert.  It’s always quite funny to go to an all-ages event because half of the population could be either your a) intern or b) children…I mean, if you were a child-bride. 

The french indie-pop rockers put on a stellar show as the lead singer thrashed around stage and threw his mic into the air.  The group was humbled by their fan appreciation in broken english,  “Ahh, every time we come here, the crowd gets biggger an’ bigger.  We do not expect everyone to sing lyrics. Zank you. Merci beaucoup.”  Although he spaced out on ‘Too Young’ and forgot some of the words, I attribute to him wondering, ‘Ah, what am I singing again?’

If you like Phoenix, why not sample some tracks from Friendly Fires or Tahiti 80?  And as an avid concert goer, here are some tips to live by to enjoy your concert experience.

  1. Early Bird Gets the Worm – Go early enough to see the opening act, only if you want to see them.  Arriving a half hour into the doors opening guarantees you a pretty good spot to view the stage, allows time for a washroom break and to grab a drinkie-drink. 
  2. Don’t Touch Me – Have respect for others personal space and no elbows out.  When maneuvering around other patrons, say ‘excuse me’ and ‘thank you’ when they part like the Red Sea.   
  3. Think About Others – Dance if you wanna dance.  Sing if your voice isn’t like nails on a chalkboard. 
  4. VIP Exit – Leave part way through the final encore song.  You can grab your coat and make a mad dash for the doors avoiding the crush of masses through the exit and out the parking lot.  Smart.

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Every Dream Starts With a Wish…

Do you know this quote?  Never heard of it?  Oh, that’s because I just said it the other day while chatting on my cellphone with my dear friend A.  As I spent an afternoon getting to know racks of fine brocade and country tweeds, the vintage shopkeeper overheard me and asked if she could quote it.  “Of course!” I said smiling, secretly pleased she thought my random statement was noteworthy.  If you happen to use it, do mention that you co-opted it from the Love Collage

Here we are in the crush of early November, a funny period where the energy of summer wanes and we find ourselves slowly fading into hibernation mode. We often contemplate ourselves, our life, our time. “How did the year pass so quickly? I meant to start this and accomplish that.” But when we evaluate the status of all our good intentions, only some have materialized while others remain talk and no action. 

Whenever I find myself succumbing to bouts of lethargy, I look for quotes that will surge my inspiration and energy.  At times, I hang these on postcards around my bedroom as love notes to self or I write them in my journal to remember.  Here are some of my favourite:

  • “When there’s nothing left to burn, you must set yourself on fire.”  – I love this quote from the beginning of The Stars’ song, Your Ex-Lover is Dead.  While the quote is up for interpretation, I like to believe it means when you have exhausted every avenue, the only thing left to ignite is yourself and your passion.  A kind of visual metaphor of being lit with passion. 
  • “There is not one big cosmic meaning for all, there is only the meaning we each give to our life, an individual meaning, an individual plot, like an individual novel, a book for each person.”  – French erotic literary legend Anais Nin documented her life via her journals.  Her quotes are among the most beautifully written, thought-provoking and sentimental I have ever read. Insert sigh.
Anais Nin

Portrait of Anais Nin in lovely Spanish dress. Loving the head dress and lace.

  • “Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.” Confucius so simple, so eloquent.  Many of his quotes juxtapose light and dark.  They are short and sweet, easy to remember.  And it’s true, your heart never lies.

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Lovesongs for HOTTT KB Sessions

Romantic comedies make me cringe and there are few things cheesier than Celine Dion power ballads.  Most guys pretend that they don’t have the romantic bone, however, more often than not, they’re the ones complaining, “Why didn’t you remember our anniversary?” or “You don’t spend enough time with me.”  It must be the growing acceptance of pink dress shirts and influx of metrosexual grooming products – they’re more in touch with their feminine side.  This is a good thing.  We all need balance.  Anyways, it works for us gals as the boys finally smell better and can put together outfits for themselves or buy us ‘nice’ gifts.

Here is a playlist to appease both men and women, that will encourage a slow dance or a hottt kb session.  Yes, you’ll take either or.

  • Do You Mind? – The xx (Current obsession on repeat)
  • No One’s Gonna Love You – Band of Horses
  • True Love Will Find You in the End – Beck
  • I Want You – Kings of Leon
  • Real Time – Stars of Track & Field
  • Maps – Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Classic killer sexy song)
  • Anything by Radiohead makes boys flip out. They guy-crush on Thom Yorke.  True.

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Finding Time For The City

Whit nonchalantly colour blocks clothes on a rolling rack. Channelling Bardot.

Whit nonchalantly colour blocks clothes on the rolling rack whilst channelling Bardot.

Personally, I can’t commit to more than one television show at a time.  Right now my devotion is to Gossip Girl.  When I do have a spare moment I do try to squeeze in a few episodes of The City.  It’s interesting to watch these quasi-reality shows depicting life in fashion.  I think the indie soundtracks and the plethora of sequins make everything seem more glamourous.  Whitney Port appears down to earth on her show, always trying to do the right thing while everyone is dog-eat-dog competitive vying to be crowned the Next Top Fashionistah It Girl.  She is also wardrobed in some pretty cute boho-downtown chic ensembles. 

To live in truth, I wasn’t really into the first season, however, they have made some drastic improvements:

  1. Whitney has a New Mane Man – There were times when Whit was doing PR at DVF and her hair looked like it could have used a blowout, leave-in conditioner and some velcro rollers.  Who’s with me?  Her hair is looking more Pantene these days, which I fully support.
  2. Bad Girls – Toot! Toot! Ahh! Beep! Beep! (Donna Summer)  Although Olivia is everyone else’s favourite socialite villain, I quite like Roxy’s rebellious streak and party girl-devil may care attitude.  I also like the introduction of no nonsense Erin.  I’ll tell you now and I won’t say it again, ‘Don’t mess with PR girls.’  They will cut you.
  3. Love Interests – City dating is hard, even for girls with really, really, long legs and perfect lipgloss.
  4. Heiress Comedy – I like it when they show Olivia ascending from the subway stairwell like a common person.  Or the time Elle made her go to Canal Street to do some investigative reporting by purchasing fake Louis Vuittons and Balenciagas.  I imagine she must have had the spa hose her down with vinegar that evening.
  5. Quotable Whit – Our girl is kicking up the ante with her witty remarks. When referring to her rendez-vous with her hipster rocker ex-boyfriend. “It’s like I did it.  And then I quit it.”  Hilarious.

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