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Indie Rock Hotties For a Heatwave

The other day, I was cruising in my car ‘Habeebs Jr.’ (shortened from the Arabic habibi, translated as my darling; and junior because it’s a newer model of the same car I had in the same colour) and the scorching heat of mid-afternoon was forcing me to roll down the windows until the cool air of the AC blasted.  The local indie rock radio station played a 90’s nooner, where listeners request favourite tunes from the decade.  It’s really funny to me how easy it is to forget about how much I loved certain songs.  This is a long overdue music post.

A special treat: some manjoyment music for a H-O-T-T-T Friday afternoon…

Brett Anderson from Suede, hanging on a chair in his trench. The beginning of my manorexic infatuation.

Suede – Metal Mickey, The Drowners, So Young.  Back in the day, Brett Anderson was my ‘brit rocker crush.’  Allow me to clarify, the Brett of my youth I adore because the diet of vodka-water’s and hard living has caught up to him.  It was one of my first concerts at 14.  He really knew how to work that microphone with his skinny velvet hipsters.

Oh Brandon Boyd. This image needs no caption.

Incubus – Drive, Make Yourself, Anna Molly.  Why bother trying to explain every girl’s obsession with the Incubus front man.  I mean, look at him.  What a dreamboat and that voice.  Can you imagine him serenading you with his acoustic guitar? I think he only dates supermodels though.  *tear*

Under his spell: Before he was Mr. Stefani.

Bush – Swallowed, Glycerine.  Gavin Rossdale might be making easy rock these days as a solo artist but his hotness factor is still flying off the radar.  He doesn’t seem to be aging and every girl swoons for a hot daddy.  Living in truth.


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Lazy Sunday Afternoons

Pack the necessities: Wine, Brie and those Raincoast Crisps.

“Racey days.  Help me through the hopeless haze.  But my oh my…” – The Killers 

Sunday’s always begin with the best of intentions.  Especially when slight panels of sunshine peak through blinds in the early morning hours of the day.  But for those of us who entertained or decided to party into the wee hours of Saturday can attest, the day begins late and continues its onward crawl towards dusk.  Slow motion is the tone and lethargy is the beat.  On days such as these, it’s always best to let our minds and bodies rest and chill out as long as humanly possible.

On days when the climate soar above 15 degrees, the masses flood the streets to window shop, have a drink on the patio or if you are a hipster, invite your circle of friends to hang out on a grassy nole in Trinity Bellwoods Park.  Here couples lay side by side hoping to catch their first tan, friends bike along paths, the sporty play a friendly game of tennis or the young and restless chit-chat with their clique while pretending not to drink beer.

Sunday requires little effort but here are some ideas for a lazy afternoon at the park.  Why not roll out of bed and lay on a fresh lawn of grass, catch some Zzzz’s outdoors and get a tan while your at it? 

  • Air-conditionned Dressing – Putting a dress on requires the least amount of effort to achieve a fun, summer look.  Remember: with the warm weather comes crowded streets where one may likely bump into former crushes, ex-flames and random cute boys.  Even if you feel rotten inside (vampire recoiling in sunlight), you don’t have to look like death on the outside.  Cotton dresses are made from breathable material, look cool and feel casual.  A pop of bright colour or a mini floral looks great with a healthy dose of bronzer.

How adorable is this Free People coral baby doll dress? The tiny straw hat is very park appropriate too.


Lurving this Free People halter dress with subtle blue floral print. Bonus: it's belted and well accessorized with gold bangles.

  • Beat the Heat – Even though it’s not the same scorching heat you might find in Southeast Asia, it’s still important to preserve our youth and radiance by applying a coat of sunscreen, wearing a hat and sunglasses.  When a cool breeze blows, the sun’s rays can be deceptively strong.  Just say no to sunburn and tan lines. 

Reminds me of a flapper: This Genie Straw Cap is a unique alternative to the fedora.

  •  DIY Park Blanket Bingo – Call me crazy but I have lightweight blankets designated for park lounging with matching cushions that I made.  By far, the most dazzling designs I have seen come from fabric designer Amy Butler.  The kaleidoscope of rich colours and intricate patterns would look extra vibrant in the sunshine.  For those who can’t be bothered to customize their park blanket, I love the look and feel of faded cozy quilts or batik fabrics from Kensington market.  The smart park goers often use a cheap plastic tablecloth to lay under their blankets to avoid the dirt and grass. 

All that’s left is to lay down and chill-ax.  Ahhhh

Amy Buter fabric swatches can be found at MacDonald Faber or The Workroom in Toronto.


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Flavour of My Life

Rice pudding is the new Pistachio. I'll actually take a scoop of each.

What does it mean to search for love in our contemporary world?  Where people walk head faced down the sidewalk engrossed in their iTunes and wielding their Crackberries to save their lives.  Where 1/5 of my friends or acquaintances has met their boyfriend or husband on Lavalife (crazy statistic, non?).  Do people still meet in bookstores perusing periodicals or crashing carts non-chalantly while squeezing oranges for freshness in the produce aisle?

I have a funny love analogy which I like to divulge to many of my suitors about what it’s like for a singleton fashionistah to tread the treacherous waters of dating in the 21st century.  Here goes:  Dating in your twenties is like going to Baskin Robbins for ice cream.  You’re curious and all you want to do is sample the flavours because you haven’t tried them all.  “Shall I try vanilla, chocolate, mint chocolate chip, cookies n’ cream, peanut butter and chocolate…?”  You get the picture. 

Then the older you get, your tastes become refined and you decide, “Huh, I think I like gelato.”  Since your metabolism has slowed down, you also realize that you can’t have gelato everyday.  With this newfound wise understanding of what you want (what you reallyx3 want), you also decide that you like a particular flavour the best.  I decided that I love pistachio gelato and when I am going to treat myself to gelato, I’m looking for pistachio.  This story has an added layer of complexity as my theory was semi put to test with my discovery of Rice Pudding gelato (Riso al Latte) in South Beach.

I bet you’re wondering how this theory was met?  Well, obviously laughter and sometimes confusion, “Are we still talking about gelato or dating?”  But the moral of the story is:  The older and wiser we get, the more we know what we’re looking for.  But sometimes, we think we know what we want, but there is something better out there waiting to be discovered.  Deep thoughts on a sunny Friday afternoon.

 And now that I’ve got you craving sweet ice cream or gelato goodness, here are some places to scope out boys whilst sitting on a patio in the city:

  • Greg’s Ice Cream - 750 Spadina Ave.  Two words:  Roasted Marshmallow.  They don’t always have the same flavours every day but if you’re lucky you may get to try this one.  A popular parlor close to the U of T campus, you may also pick up some freshmen or frat boys if you like them young.  “Oh, my major is Poli-Sci.”
  • Dolce Gelato – 697 College Street.  An ideal location with a patio for hipster spotting.

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Super-fun Things To Do In Your Neighbourhood Hipster Park

American Apparel jumper: I used to wear these all the time to skip.

American Apparel jumper: I used to wear these all the time to skip.

As the weather is getting milder, I have been very contemplative about activities that remind me of being a kid again.  And as a qualifier, I have been taking random polls to rate how well they would go over amongst friends.  Thus, I present an edited list of games and diversions for your summer pleasure.  Not just fun. Super-fun.

  • Skipping – Based on the overwhelming success and crowd support of the ‘invisible skip rope’ at the bars, I think purchasing a neon pink and orange 15 ft skip rope for a round of double dutch would equate to a high ROC.  This would also go particularly well with some old school hip hop like Biggie or Mariah with Ol’ Dirty Bastard (Were you thinking “Fantasy” too?) or the “Under the sun, over the moon, through the milky way…”
  • Bubble Machine – There is a vintage store in Kensington market that has a bubble machine wafting giant bubbles through the racks of plaid, boho circle skirts and suede jackets.  Not that I advocate stealing, but I wish I had a bubble machine.  Instead, I will go the recessionistah route, buy a few bottles of bubbles at the dollar store and blow them out of my window (when I feel so inclined).       
  • Parachute Club – Not sure where I can source a giant rainbow parachute but I think this would be crazytown, especially to the soundtrack of classic like Duran Duran and Boy George (of course).  It would require a few friends for dramatic effect.

Hottt pink skip rope for one. Alas, one is such a lonely number.


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Smut Alert!

Pretty Anthropologie Saint Germain chemise

Now that I’ve got your attention. Psych!  I love declaring ‘smut’ even if it is under false pretenses. 

This weekend, I had a very in-depth conversation with my girls K and McG about the movie, The Hangover and how guys never want to see girls in a non-girly light.  K adamantly argued that guys want to believe that when girls get together, they are in their rooms jumping on beds, hitting each other with pillows and engaging in tickle fights.  She believes that besides Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, men in general do not like women that are funny.  This made me laugh very hard.  More like nervous laugh, because I’m single and if you haven’t noticed, pretty frickn’ hilarious (I think). 

To top off our sketchy bar crawl, I dragged the girls past the lineup at over capacity LeVack Block and into an obscure bar disguised by a neon pink Vietnamese karaoke sign.  For those in the know, this is Baby Huey (70 Ossington Ave.)  The atmosphere is cozy, chilling with hipsters and pumping with old-school hip hop beats.  Decorated with plump thrift store couches, the back room glows with a red light in a kind of 1970’s Dirk Diggler style.  It’s definitely ‘smut’ material.   

Baby Huey with the lights on.



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True Love Waits


If you ask a guy what their favourite band is, they invariably will say 8/10 Radiohead.  Sooo predictable.  It’s a guy-crush thing for Thom Yorke I suppose.  Try it as a social experiment sometime.  I couldn’t tell you best song as that one produces less mathematical, inconclusive result but Karma Police is a fair guess.     

My all-time favourite is the title of today’s post, True Love Waits.  It’s the strength of the melody and chorus as well as Thom’s teardrop tsunami vocals.  I love that lyric: ‘true love waits’ as it can be interpreted in so many ways.  For me, when I think about love, I think about the passions in my life that have come and gone.  If you have read my ‘About’ section, you may know that I waited for many years to begin to fully put my writing out there through the forum of my blog.  Often, I forget myself, but when I take a moment to think back and reflect on my formative years, the seeds of inspiration were always there waiting patiently to grow.   

Like a Midas touch, I wanted to push the creative envelope –  from writing my own HTML at 14 which I have long forgotten, and dipping Shakespearean English assignments in tea, burning edges and calligraphy writing in pen and India ink.  Pre-Imitation of Christ, I would tear apart vintage garments and reconstruct them for an evening out.  I felt like I could do anything, be anything I wanted and somehow that clear direction towards the pursuits that made me feel most alive got lost in translation.  I had lost sight of my path.  And I didn’t have a compass.  Or a cell phone.  And I was really allergic to trees.

Somehow, through the magic of the virtual web, the LC has reached over 14,000 visitors.  14 is a very fortuitous number for me, auspicious even.  I was born on the fourteenth and in numerology 1+4=5 the number of Change.  In terms of personality traits, I am supposed to be upbeat, motivational, versatile, curious and quick-witted.  So true!  haha.  I jest. 

All my life, I knew, sensed that I was a writer and an artist but even still I suppressed that urge for whatever reason.  I felt like a bird in a cage, banging hopelessly against the metal confines of my cage.  It was only when I made a conscious decision to change did I realize that my cage had an open door.  And when I took flight, I began to see that the brilliance of my youthful hopes and dreams were not lost, nor faded.  They were slowly coming alive, lighting up like an empty colouring book filling with vibrant watercolours.  My true loves waited for me to be ready.  It was as though no time was lost. 

And if there is someone, something or even yourself that you have been holding your breath for, be courageous and take action.  When you are ready, your true love will be waiting… 

Channelling Carrie: I do wear cute outfits while writing in case you were wondering.

Again, thank you to you lovely followers of the LC.  I love writing so thank you for reading. 


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