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Cute Band Alert: Miike Snow

Miike Snow as that guy from V is for Vendetta

Mmm, I probably should have written about Miike Snow a long time ago but The LC has been overtaken by my fashionistah posts.  Miike Snow is a Swedish indie pop band comprised of Christian Karlsson, Pontus Winnberg and Andrew Wyatt.  Their sound is a dreamscape melange of vocals and electronica.  The kind of music that makes the emo hipster boys break out of their beer holding, head bopping into dance.  It’s a concert I definitely wanna be at.  #dearuniverse  

Darling of the music bloggers, they also have done tons of great remixes of Peter, Bjorn & John, Passion Pit and Kings of Leon.  While you may not realize you’re listening to Miike Snow, it’s playing as background music on Gossip Girl or MTV’s The Buried Life or blaring on the soundsystem of a downtown store.

Here are my fave Miike Snow tunes and remixes:

  1. Miike Snow – Song For No One
  2. Animal
  3. In Search Of
  4. Cult Logic
  5. Remedy – Crookers (f. Miike Snow)
  6. Sabali – Amadou & Miriam (Miike Snow Remix)

To listen to more Miike Snow, check out what the music bloggers are buzzing about on The Hype Machine


February 19, 2011   No Comments

Where The Cute Boys Roam

Uhhmmm, is that a heart in my latte or are you trying to tell me something?

I am by nature a generous person.  Perhaps generous to a fault.  If I should happen upon a Wifi hotspot where hottt boys grow aplenty on trees like wild crab apples, who am I to hoard such valuable information?  Isn’t hoarding one of the seven deadly sins?  Maybe you’ll meet the next great romance of your life, fingers grazing passing the Demarra sugar or borrowing tall, dark and handsome’s Blackberry charger.  Stranger things have happened.  And haven’t you heard?  3 hook-ups and you go straight to heaven (ahem, yes I made this up). 

Hottt Boys Guide:  Barristas & Espresso Lovers Edition

  • Lit Espresso Bar - (810 College Street) With outposts on Roncey and Queen West, you should have ample eye-candy whilst dipping your biscotti in your double whip, skinny, mocha latte.
  • The Dark Horse Cafe – (215 Spadina Ave.)  This successful independently owned cafe is adjacent to The Centre for Social Innovation.  Its open area and long communal work tables are ideal for striking up a conversation with that hottie with a brain and a heart type (the ideal right?).  The newest location (682 Queen St. West) is at the corner of Queen West & Euclid.  Smaller, more intimate with a pretty tin ceiling, the hottie per square footage is quite high.  And I don’t know about you, but my latte is more delicious when served by cuuuute boys with tattoos.  Heart x 3.
  • Terroni – (720 Queen St. West) Okay, there is no Wifi here but you can have an espresso.  There is also my fave combination of Funghi salad, thin-crust non-sliced pizza and hottt waiters, bartenders and generally pretty good looking people.  This joint lines people up every night for dinner.

And, yes I realize this list only includes the SW quadrant of the city, however, I will confess my bias for not travelling north of Bloor or east of Yonge.

Gratuitous Kevin Zegers (bc I love him even though he's 11) & Tay-Tay Momsen sipping on my bevie of choice, A Canada Dry. Photo courtesy Just Jared


January 19, 2011   No Comments

Indulgences And Other Little Luxuries

Have you ever gone into a fancy specialty boutique to kill time?  Your intention was to peruse.  A simple see-see, no touch.  But after multiple ooh’s and ahhh’s, a few heart pitter-patters later, you found yourself arms loaded with miscellaneous trinkets and eye candy.  This is the Achilles heel of every shopaholic I know.  Fret not, I am ‘that girl.’  And just so we’re clear, I must confess hotel giftshops and trendy boutiques are my Kryptonite.

Gratuitous Chuck Bass. Still sexy when he's aggravated and flaring his nostrils. More of this in 2011.

In an attempt to reform feng-shui my own deviant shopaholic shame spiral ways, I have made a pact with the tiny devil reclining on my left shoulder.  Indulgences such as these should be given as birthday gifts to friends.  How many cocktail rings can a girl own?  I only have ten digits and you know how I feel about pinkie rings.  They’re for Chuck Bass only.  Plus, the same excitement I feel when I find a tiny treasure will be replicated upon gifting the receiver.  Mmmm, selfish yet unselfish.   

On to sparkly things that caught my fancy…

Call me crazy but I'm loving this Wool Topper Hat. When people ask how it stays affixed on your head you can reply in a fake British accent: "It's magic. Isn't it maaaad?"

Deep thought: Teaching friends to save up for new shoes is so much more fun than saving up for a rainy day.

Macaron iPhone case from Plia Designs, proving yet again that macarons are the new cupcake. Um, bakeries are so 2008. It's boulangerie in 2011.

Venetian Blackberry case made by Plia Designs. It's so hard to find a stylish one. (Covering angel's ears) I would maybe keep this.

A Coffee table book for a Kate Moss enthusiast.


January 6, 2011   No Comments

She’s In Fashion

There is this very delicious Suede brit pop song circa 1999 titledShe’s In Fashion that makes me want to bop around my room trying on clothes and dancing.  I mean, isn’t that what you do in the privacy of your bedroom when a really good tune comes on?  Let’s live in truth…together.  On a sidenote:  Back in my teens, I used to crush madly for Suede’s lead singer, Brett Anderson.  I loved him in all his gangly glory, but manorexics don’t age well.  There’s a rule that as you get older, you have to choose your face or your @ss.  Truly, you can only love manorexics in their prime. 

The Brett of my youth. I won't attach an 'After' pic because it's far too depressing.

I really fell off the party bandwagon this December (sadness, whoa-whoa-whoa…) but I am optimistic for a full recovery in January.  Plus, I am extremely enthused to jump start the New Year.  The year 2011 feels very fortuitous.  Here are my party-girl picks that I think will have people giving you the Manhattan Onceover and whispering, “She’s in fashion.”

My oh my: Alice + Olivia Priscilla dress combines my love of bustiers, feathers and a pouffy hem.

Channelling Blair Waldorf: While you need the confidence of a Blair to pull off the ridiculously oversize Susan Daniels headband, an evening out is a great excuse to go gi-normous.

Remember that Debbie Gibson song Electric Youth? Like that but cobalt mascara from Buxom.

Nude Attitude: Topshop Chunky Chain Bag

Pump It Up: Steve Madden Glitter Heel


December 28, 2010   No Comments

Your Saving Grace on Chilly Days

Are you an accessory person?  Or more specifically a ‘warmwear accessory’ person?  I am not talking about sporting a functional tuque to keep your ears from forming icicles or wearing fleece gloves while raking the lawn.  I mean, working with the dipping temperatures and a few outerwear accessories to dazzle onlookers.  If the price of wearing a hat is static-y hair, then why not do what you can to earn a few snaps along the way? (BTW, keeping a tiny spritz bottle of water or hairspray should do the trick on fly-aways.)

You can’t escape the chill but you can darn well look super-cute while sipping a cup of warm apple cider, strolling along leafy pathways, enjoying the brisk air and sunshine.  Very Autumn in New York, less the much older male companionship of Richard Gere. 

Some very fetching Fall looks that will have randoms saying “Hi pretty girl” in the streets (true story):

Do as the French: Norbis Beret keeps warmth in while making a statement in a vibrant turquoise.

Leopard Part 3: Adrienne Landau Fur Scarf. Non-stop loving!

Is it a scarf, a sweater, a snood? Ever Eternity Scarf has crazy versatility to suit your every mood.

Tra-la-la: A good cape is hard to find. When in doubt, channel Blair Waldorf in her 50-denier black tights, bright pumps, opera gloves and cape. Trust.

For more Blair Waldorf style, check out WWBWW: What Would Blair Waldorf Wear?


October 12, 2010   1 Comment

Gimme More Rachel Bilson

Ubiquitous.  Definition:  Existing or being everywhere at the same time;  constantly encountered; widespread. 

Ubiquitous, this is how I feel about Rachel Bilson of late.  Soon she will be reuniting with that loveable emo Josh Schwartz, creator of Gossip Girl and The O.C. on her own tv show, about a girl who communicates with dead people.  The premise sounds kind of like Ghost Whisperer or Sixth Sense, but I am sure Mr. Schwartzie will put a special spin on it;  like, every week she gets into some zany romantic comedy, has gorgeous bachelors lined up and traipses around LA dripping in Lanvin and Louboutin’s.  Did you catch her on How I Met Your Mother?  (On an unrelated sidenote, I think in real life it wouldn’t take Ted Mosby that long to find a serious girlfriend. He’s a great catch, except on days when his hair does a weird thing.)   

In the meantime, Miss Bilson has been doing the fashion week rounds in every city (New York, Milan, Paris), giving us a plethora of looks to which we can aspire.  But remember, she has a stylist and she probably has the clothes on loan so don’t feel bad about yourself.

Rachel celebrating Cavalli in the trademark leopard print. I am obsessed with this mermaid tail, sweetheart neckline and off the shoulder action.

At the Chanel SOHO opening, working a high ponytail and fringed mini dress.

Personal Umbrella Holder & Hottt Pink ruffles at Dior SS 2011. Photos courtesy Huffington Post

I'm sneaking in an oldie but a goodie at Marc Jacobs. Couples that colour co-ordinate should never break up. Photo courtesy


October 3, 2010   1 Comment