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Glamourous Vacations Only With Fun Friends

Blake Lively frolicks on the beach with her perfectly tousled blonde hair, silver tunic dress, legs up to there and gladiator sandals.

A friend once commented, “You are always taking glamourous vacations.”  To this I replied, “It’s glamourous vacations ONLY…with fun friends.”  Stay-cations are fine if you’re moving or you need an extended period of time to do monotonous errands, but I say book me the next airplane ticket out of here and it better include beach, ocean and caftans.

Not a fan of going North of 20th, but I might to hit that giant pool at the Fontainebleau. Oh yeahx3!

I am very excited to return to my stomping grounds, my Latino home away from home, South Beach.  Over the years, I have accumulated travel compulsions knowledge that have carried me many a Resort season.  If only real life could include higher levels of sun and fun, our troubles would melt away like the last ice cube in your salty margarita.  Here are some of those pearls of wisdom just in time for vacation season…

Apply a liberal coating of bronzer on thy legs before wearing bright short shorts: Free People Lace Shorts

Rise from the tides and brunch in this Nanette Lepore Marseilles Tunic. A sideways braid is the perfect way to get your salty ocean hair to chill out.

Espadrille meets Wedge in the Charles David Baja Sandal: The shoe that keeps on giving can be worn for more than a block. The perfect pair for an evening of Salsa or a day of shop-shop-shopping!

I am G-L-A-M-O-U-R: In order to have a glamourous vacation, you must channel your inner socialite. Dear heiress, try this watercolour Maggie London Maxi for size.


April 15, 2012   1 Comment

For FALL, I Must Have…

Darlings, thanks for sticking out my blog drought.  It was a desert.  You were thirsty.  Your lips were cracking.  You really needed a hit of Chapstick.  For you, I present a tall glass of lemonade-vodka on the rocks with a tiny pink tiki umbrella and a pot of Kiehl’s lipbalm.  Ahhhh.  So much better right?

All of a sudden, my toes are freezing and I am most inclined to reach for my 20 denier tights than freeze my legs off.  What does it all mean?  It means we need to get serious about our Fall fashion.  Friday after all, is the official start to the season.  Take stock of your rolling rack and make a list.  It’s easy to get side-tracked when so many sumptuous cashmere sweaters are folded neatly on nesting tables and shiny baubles gleam from glass cases. 

Focus is key.  Here are some fall suggestions to get your MUST HAVE list going…

Nuzzle-nuzzle into your neckline: Stay cozy in this Michael Kors Faux Fur Neck Warmer

Every Fall, treat yourself to a brand new sweater. Try a classic cable knit, a loosely woven crochet or a felted woolen blanket style. Channel Stevie Nicks in this Free People Knit Poncho

Expand your animal print repertoire by getting your Snake on. Dolce Vita Sicily python flat lets your feet do the talking.

Trade in your cherry reds for gothic dark colours. Try any of these from the OPI Touring America collection - "I Brake for Manicures"...literally.


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Florals In Massive Bloom

All The Pretty Girls Wearing a Garden Variety: Stella McCartney SS 2011

While it’s no surprise that Floral has made a return this Summer as a print that adorns many a top, bottom or dress, it’s the way in which you interpret your flowers that makes the bold difference.  Through my travels, there appeared to be a “go big or go home” trend on the streets and in the magazines, with PYT’s (pretty young things) pairing various garden motifs in one ensemble.  Daring, yes.  Impossible, no! 

Let me impart some loving words of wisdom on the matter:

  • Clash of the Rhododendrons – In nature, it is common to see lillies growing alongside roses and daisies.  Actually, it is quite lovely when you observe the wildness of these disparate florals come together.  Very English garden.  Alas, I digress.  Why not try a chiffon top in miniscule pattern with a maxi skirt in an abstract?  To subtley reduce the visual tension of these prints, keep the fabrics in the same family (ie. silky or chiffon) or try colours that sit adjacent to each other on the colour wheel (ie. red-purple-blue).  Another trick to soften the look is to wear a few solid colours in between – a simple ribbed tank top, a camel coloured belt, a neutral wedge, etc.

Who's That Girl? Knock their socks off with this Aqua Floral Printed Gown

Count your blessings: If God giveth you twigs for legs, try these DKNY Floral Silk pants. Ruche them to your ankles and sport some sandal stilettos. Trust.

  • This Old Thing – Florals have a vintage-y sentiment attached to them.  If you feel ill prepared to have blossoms running wild all over your outfit,  try accessorizing with a gauzy scarf, a dainty cocktail ring or a cabbage rose sitting atop your very chic chignon.  Oh yes, I am campaigning very adamantly for a giant floral headdress revival.  Wait for it!

Forget your Buffalo Check for a Moment: Tie this Accessorize 50's Floral Silk Scarf in a bow and channel your inner Stewardess

Tell tall tales with this Accessorize Catwalk Flower: "I took a siesta in the garden and when I awoke this was sprouting from my head."

Painter Meets Muse: Loving the look of this Free People One Desert Floral Maxi. Dress it up. Dress it down.

Alhambra in Granada: The legend of the Generalife Rose Gardens is that princesses would have secret rendez vous with suitors among the many mazes of roses. (Dreamy) Le sigh!


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It’s A Skirt, Belted

I am very fortunate.  People have always been kind towards my creative outfit stylings, even random strangers.  I am often stopped and paid nice compliments on my choice of dress.  Sometimes, to this I respond, “Thanks, it’s a skirt belted.”  The raised eyebrow, the curious double take, the ‘ooh, I see’ are all common remarks.  I secretly hope that my revelation will seep deep into their subconscious, grow like a seed and later influence their selection upon standing in front of their wardrobe.  Fashion jedi-mind trick.

For instance, today I am wearing a sweeping ruffled, chevron Peruvian skirt as a tube dress tightened with a vintage mustard cinch belt with giant gold hammered discs.  It enjoys a very high ROC.  I found it on a trip to Pa’ia in Maui in a trendy boutique.  Realizing its length would overwhelm my tiny frame (drag on the sidewalk behind me), I tried it on as a dress and it worked.  Here’s to challenging the status quo!

Brave Leather makes the BEST belts. The Marilee Belt in a perfect shade of camel.

Free People Ruffle Skirt can be worn as a dress or a skirt. I think it would look fetching with a fitted tank and a low-slung tribal belt.


August 16, 2010   1 Comment

Bringing Back Paula Abdul, Cold Hearted Snake

"Ooh Ahh, look into his eyes! Ooh Ahh, he's been telling lies." Oh Paula of Forever Your Girl, wherefore art thee?

Walking along Queen West with my dance poppet I, we passed through many construction areas as many buildings are undergoing the makeover of re-gentrification.  I told him that the scaffolding reminds me of Paula Abdul’s ‘Cold Hearted Snake’ video, which for its time was extremely provocative.  Miss Paula circa ’80’s could do no wrong.  I mean, she was the Rihanna of the day, she dated Arsenio Hall, choreographed her own dance numbers and she was doing group ‘heavy breathing’ and ‘spirit fingers’ while Britney was still a Mouseketeer.  Everyone I knew had memorized the lyrics to every song on ‘Forever Your Girl.’  I played Straight Up and Opposites Attract over and over until I had to use a pencil to unwind my cassette tape.

On our next adventure to karaoke, I will definitely peer pressure gently influence my friends into singing this song.  I foresee the hipsters going craaazy.  Some styling cues that I will take from the 80’s and bring into modern 2010:

Gi-normous bow headband. If you're going to do Cold-Hearted Snake, you have to go ALL THE WAY authentic.

Free People East Meets West body-con dress. Great for extra limber Bob Fosse style choreography.

Patricia Field Spy Gloves. This is a great stage move: tipping your hat on the profile. The crowd will eat it up.

And now to relive the salty goodness that is Paula Abdul’s Cold-Hearted Snake, please click on the link below.  You will be singing it for days:  “He’s a lover boy by trade, He don’t play by rules, Ooh oh, Girl don’t play the fool now.” (After all these years, I still remember the words.  Oh deep engrained cellular memory!)  There are countless amazing moments in this video, you may have to watch it twice (gliding across the floor in knee pads, mesh top with tassles, Paula being lowered from the scaffolding, simulated sex positions, etc, etc).  Enjoy!

Paula Abdul – Cold Hearted Snake Video


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The Summer Survival Guide

Yes we are only 8 days into summer, but the temperatures are rising and people are flooding the streets to enjoy a dose of sunshine and the outdoors.  I truly believe people in California are happier because they get to wake up to warm weather and palm trees, an undeniably ‘upper’ combination.  Now that the heat is here, I won’t complain.  If anything, I will soak it up like a sponge and try to take advantage without getting sunburn or tanlines.  I live for the summer. 

A Coral Necklace – Nothing says summer like a coral necklace.  Like clockwork, every season, new accessories and clothing in this colour emerge.  Why?  It looks so scrumptious and fresh against tanned skin.  I have a few varieties from chains with ombre beads to the Wilma Flintstone rounds in red and orange.  Very high ROC.  I might be shaking up the status quo here, but I do declare coral the new turquoise. 

Organic-ly coral: This one is Kenneth Jay Lane. Surely pedestrian stopping 'OMG, where did you get that?' worthy

Girls In White Anything – My absolute preference is for white eyelet, particularly in a dress.  Two words:  Garden Party.  And for a white ruffle mini, another three words:  Dancing Al Fresco.  We only have so many days before we have to tuck away our white linens and ultra-soft cottons.  Yes, it is acceptable to wear white after Labour Day but only Winter Whites people.

Paired with a lingerie inspired tank, this Free People White Tiered Mini is oh so pretty.

Artsy Nails – I am of the female persuasion, therefore, I have a Sephora obsession.  This week, I checked out the store, where they have recently installed a Nail Bar.  What’s on tap?  Only tiger, lace, skull and pop art Nail Art for starters.  I once met a fashionistah adventuress who treated her nails like mini canvases – tiny lightning bolts, polka dots and stripes meticulously painted in different colours without stencils.  When I asked, “Did someone do that for you?”  She responded, “I did them.  I went to Art school.”  Crazytown, non?  If you don’t have the courage to try something Guggenheim worthy, why not go for a splashy colour from the Havana Nights collection from OPI.  My absolute favourite is the limited edition Havana Dreams, a pale blue which looks like Hard Candy circa 1994.

Nice try Havana Nights. Sorry, I only have eyes for Havana Dreams (far right)

Whit-Whit sporting her light blue nails.

Songs In The Key of Summer Lovin’ – Sunshine, a ghettoblaster and dance songs = such an unbeatable mix.  Here are some rump-shakers to keep you grooving until the break of dawn.  

  • She Wolf (Shakira Cover) – Hot Chip
  • Hard – Rihanna f. Young Jeezy
  • Carryout – Timbaland f. Justin Timberlake
  • Loonies to Blow – Drake (A-Trak Remix)
  • Airplanes – B.O.B. f. Paramore

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