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Spring Must-Have: Printed Pants

The Palazzo Pant: Jessica Hart perfectly pairs her floral palazzos with a crochet crop top. I'll house you! Very 90's.

The Palazzo Pant: Jessica Hart perfectly pairs her floral palazzos with a crochet crop top. I’ll house you! Very 90’s.

“Are you happy to see me, or are those printed pants?”  haha. I thought that was pretty clever.  Darlings, the fashionistah adventuress among you, let’s huddle close to stave off these mean winter blues.  Even though it’s supposedly Spring, the double digit sub zero weather would have us believe otherwise.  While I can’t wear any of my fab Spring/Summer finds just yet, I am amassing a secret arsenal of veryx3 fun outfits to sport galavanting whilst vintage shopping, having drinks al fresco or at a friends’ barbecue.

One of my favourite up and coming trends for Spring is the printed pant.  This Spring promises to be bright and colourful with a throwback to retro silhouettes.  Forget that we just had a blizzard mid-March.  Are you excited yet?  Can your wardrobe handle it?

Olivia Palermo shows us how its done matching her black fur-trimmed jacket, printed floral pants and leopard pumps.

Olivia Palermo shows us how its done matching her black fur-trimmed jacket, printed floral pants and leopard pumps.

I'm quite partial to bohemian and ethnic prints.  Try these ones from Free People

I’m quite partial to bohemian and ethnic prints. Try these ones from Free People

Print Joggers - Have that Eat.Pray.Love /just got back from India vibe. Maison Scotch Mix Print Trouser

Print Joggers – Have that Eat.Pray.Love /just got back from India vibe. Maison Scotch Mix Print Trouser

Did you just leave your house wearing pyjamas? Maybe. Etro printed silk pants

Did you just leave your house wearing pyjamas? Maybe. Etro printed silk pants

Zora Printed Trouser - Pastels will also be huge for Spring. Try blush pink and soft gelatos. Yum.

Zora Printed Trouser – Pastels will also be huge for Spring. Try blush pink and soft gelatos. Yum.


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Best Sweaters Everrr of All Time

Kenzo Sweater

That ubiquitous Kenzo tiger sweater paired with short shorts. Do you dare?

This is the perfect weather for taking leisurely strolls, the beautiful fall leaves crunching under your shoes. *le sigh*  I am on a sweater rampage of late.  I love pairing a slouchy sweater with leggings and flat boots.  Perhaps if it’s brisk out, paired with a scarf wrapped just so.  This is my go-to brunch outfit for those sunny days where you can still sit al fresco sipping a latte.

This season brings a plethora of sweater trends for us to fancy feast on.

Year of the Tiger – There’s a debate going on and it goes: animal face – yay or nay?  I say bring it.  The tiger trend is going strong for Fall.  If you’re more a domesticated pet lover, I’ve seen some adorable feline and dog novelty prints.

Free People City Is A Jungle sweater

Business in the front, Roaarrr in the back: Free People City is a Jungle sweater

Soft as Eyelashes – This yarn is perhaps one of the most exciting for the season.  The loose fibres are cut like eyelashes, with a hand that is sooo soft and has a tactile quality very reminiscent of mohair (but not at all itchy).  I’ve had many a friend bury their face against my sweater to coo and luxuriate in the softness. After which I admonish, “five bucks please.” bahaha

Marc Jacobs sweater

I love this colour Greige. I had a bedroom painted this colour. Sexy V-neck Marc Jacobs sweater

Maje Zebra Stripe

Not into the animal heads, why not try an animal print then? Maje Zebra Stripe sweater

Florals Good Enough for Grandma – Chunky knitted, oversize florals like the kind Nana made you for Christmas are romantic and vintage-y in feel.  I like this trend when done right and I call it “ugly-cute.” But tread cautiously, because there is such a thing as just plain ugly.

Free People Magic Rose sweater

Free People Magic Rose sweater: This is an example of pretty cute



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Her Name Was Carmen

Lana Del Rey Carmen “It’s alarming truly how disarming you can be…”

I’m kind of obsessed with the video montage for Lana Del Rey’s Carmen.  When I used to have long stays in LA, I would play it on repeat instead of watching the depressing news.  On a brighter culinary note, there’s a Spanish tapas revival in Toronto of late.  This bodes well with my other obsession, channelling my inner senorita. Ole!

My favourite Spanish tapas are in no particular order:

  1. Tortilla Espanola – a thick egg and potatoe omelet
  2. Patatas Bravas – bite size potatoes (my favourite type are fried, obviously!) with a tomatoe and garlic sauce
  3. Croquetas – Croquettes flavoured with béchamel combined with ham, shrimp or cheese
  4. Manchego – A cheese made from sheep milk originating from the La Mancha region of Spain. Reminds me of lazy afternoons having wine with the locals in Marbella. Le sigh!

For a casual option, try the restaurant of the same name Carmen (922 Queen St. West) or for a more ritzy experience, try Patria (480 King St. West).  I’m going to go out on a limb and say, “Patria has the best Patatas Bravas in town.”

Free People Tier Maxi

Free People Tier Maxi: You know how I feel about maxi-dresses of the hippie-dippy variety. They are perfect for dancing in the street.


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Sweater Weather

Bundle up! Vince makes the most luxurious, classic sweaters.

“It’s too cold,
For you here,
And now so let me hold both your hands in,
The holes of my sweater.” 
Sweater Weather, The Neighbourhood
Dearies, what the heck happened to the summer?  Perhaps we’ve grown too accustomed to global warming and the blissful summer heat holding on like a Wilson Phillips song?  This morning, I tried to find a chunky knit in my closet but all I came up with were flimsy chiffon floaty things.  Maybe I took my seasonal purge too far? My bestie F suggested that I have spending too much time in warm climates.  True, but I never thought it of as a bad thing until I froze my butt off today.  (Insert sniffle, sniffle) Sweaters for sweater weather…

Wildfox lets you wear your heart on your sweater. Liking the distressed edges and slouchiness of this one.

God Bless Cable Knit: There is nothing like wrapping yourself in a chunky, cream, cable knit sweater for a brunch date. Stay warm in this Free People Bang Bang Sweater.

Searching for years: I have yet to find the perfect fur vest but this Herve Leger looks smashing. Form & function!

Next weekend, I think I need to seriously stock up!


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Hot Child in NYC

We drove into NYC as the July 4th fireworks lit the city skyline. Le sigh!

This blog post is alternatively titled “WWCD,” the acryonym broken down as ‘What Would Carrie Do?’ Get that on your very retro, 90’s throwback, nameplate gold necklace, why dontcha?  I love New York.  Do you love New York?  If you don’t, you should!  There is a frenetic energy that underscores the city, a dash of glamour punctuated with personality, heart and grit. 

Classic Carrie: Did you have a nameplate necklace too? I need to find mine...

OMG, do payphones still exist??! Carrie Bradshaw uses a payphone after throwing her cell into the ocean (rage shame spiral) SATC movie

All of my travels to New York are filled with wild adventure and enough sketchy tall tales to fill a screenplay in which incriminating names and places have been changed to protect the innocent. (Ahem, said film would be directed by Wes Anderson, young me played by Vanessa Hudgens, older me Thandie Newton).  While I would love to share all my secrets, my hair would deflate. 

Here are some fun places to see and be seen, that both Carrie and I quite enjoy….

The iconic Manolo Blahnik shoe. Love this blush satin version of the ones that Carrie left in her walk-in closet.

 Manolo Blahnik (31 West 54th Street) –  My friend C dragged me to the store in search of perfect wedding shoes.  Surprisingly, the store is in a tiny brick building (blink and you’ll miss it) with Manolo’s strewn about on ledges and divans like an Upper East side apartment of an aging socialite.  Apparently, the ladies of Manolo need to take a siesta between 2-3pm.  So make sure you go post-haste, guzzle your brunch Mimosa before they shoo-shoo you out of there.  If you are going to spend a wild fortune on shoes, you should languish in a chaise, take your time and try on high heels a la Cinderella.

BOHEMIAN: Free People gives me crochet and tassles for Summer 2012! I'll have a second helping of that.

Shopping in SoHo – I think this neighbourhood (SOuth of HOuston) in Lower Manhattan has such character with its cobblestone streets, funky boutiques, artsy galleries and cafes.  It is a tourist mecca on the weekends but more casual and chilled out on a weekday.  You can get your boho on at Free People or Madewell, max your credit card at the Bloomingdales shoe department, rock leather and lace at All Saints, run into Clinton & Stacy at Scoop NYC or stalk your fave Kardashian at DASH (mine is Khloe for laughs, Kourtney for clothes).

Madewell: Good enough for It/Hipster Poster Girl Alexa Chung.

Buddakan (75 9th Avenue) – This Chelsea supper club was in the engagement dinner scene of the SATC movie.  The Asian fusion menu is tapas style, perfect for sharing and reasonably priced…until your waiter starts free pouring the Grey Goose.  But it’s ok, you’ve had dinner so the hangover won’t be that bad.


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It’s a Heatwave Baby!

Hottt guy alert in the kitchen: "Since when did breakfast become clothing optional?" I'm a Zade shipper. BTW, you should be watching Hart of Dixie. Trust.

Lord, help meaaah!  I’m not good with heat but I will take a scorcher to a blizzard any day.  Keeping one’s cool is definitely the goal during these warm summer nights.  I take Summer very seriously – like make the most of it, be prepared for any social situation and take advantage of the warm weather to change multiple times in a day. 

Remember, I’m the girl whose Resort attire disproportionately rivals her work/casual.  Haha.  Laughing at my own joke.  I do that. 

  • Never Leave Home Without Your Bikini – As in my mother once said…  Actually, she never said that but I always bring a bikini in my purse or wear one under my maxidress on a hot day.  You never know if someone is going to invite you to an impromptu pool party, ask to meet you by the beach or you accidentally stumble upon a hottt tub.  Think like a Girl Guide.

Flowers, Bandeau & Ruffles??!!! Three of my favourite things in one Ella Moss Bandeau Bikini

  • Return of the bustier – In an effort to maintain my youthful karma reverting to dressing like a 20 yr old, I am bringing back the bustier, and her cousin the bandeau.  My favourite are sweetheart necklines which accentuate your form.  These are great for less curvy girls as they add some extra shape.  The bandeau is lovely paired with a flowy chiffon maxi skirt — I support this look for ladies with great abs (do it for the rest of us).

The cousin of the bustier, the bandeau. If you feel more modest, you can layer with a loose fitting cotton tank top. Free People Lace Bandeau in Limoncello. Citrus-y!

  • 3pm is Smoothie time – Now that it’s Summer and we’re wearing less clothes, let’s detox and shape up.  A seasonal change is the best time to get your cute @ss back to the gym and start eating healthy.  They say that it is essential to eat at 3pm to stave off hunger and reduce that dreaded sugar high-low.  A refreshing treat is a seasonal fruit smoothie which is filling, nutricious and delicious!  Note: I did not say Frappucino with extra whip and caramel.

Say yes to DIY smoothies: You make them even healthier by incorporating bananas (high in potassium), blueberries (anti-oxidants), coconut water (hydrating) and of course your favourite fruits!


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