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Most Popular Posts, Ever, Of All Time

#5 Rompers Ahead. In my opinion, Urban Outfitters has the BEST rompers of the season. Checkout this Staring at the Stars cutout romper in coral. TDF (to die for)!!!

It’s a miracle.  A few days ago, the LC hit another milestone:  30,000 visits!  Yay, success!  As my little blog that could continues to thrive, I’d like to send some love your way.  Here is a countdown to the Top 5 most read posts on The Love Collage. 

5.  Resort Report:  Rompers Ahead - 1,838 hits  And a part of me questionned if the masses would catch onto rompers.  There are more fashionistah adventurers making their way through the fashion jungle than I suspected.  Carry on!

4.  Paris Je T’Aime - 1,978 hits  This one is kind of obvious.  Everyone loves Paris (the city, not the heiress). 

3.  Big Bang Theory - 3,796 hits  Another popular one which started to get hit a lot in the Spring.  Perhaps because many stylish women change their look when the sunshine comes out. 

2.  She’s Got Kevyn Aucoin’s Smokey Eyes - 4,466 hits  I suppose the DIY quality of this post makes it a smash, as well as the tips that come from the great master himself. 

1.  “She Is My Style Icon”6,701 hits!!  There are two reasons why this one is unbeatable:  Alexa Chung and Rachel Bilson.  They are style muses to many. 

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The patron saint of the LC and my style icon: Rachel Bilson. On a sidenote: wearing one's hair like this has a high KB quotient.


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When In Yorkville…

Can't say I'm a big fan of Olivia Palermo, but she does have great hair. The kind you would find in Bloor-Yorkville.

I rarely make it north of Bloor Street and east of Yonge.  I try to walk everywhere and I can find most everything in my SW quadrant of the city.  When I do venture outside of this territory into Bloor-Yorkville, I find myself acting like a tourist.  Generally within the span of time between visits, new restaurants and shops have emerged and the area is great people watching fodder.  If you are looking for chi-chi poo-poo, this is where you will find it.  Flaxen blown out blondes with that pristine Olivia Palermo hair (ringlets are no accident, but the work of a hairstylist) stomp in their designer heels with rich older sugar daddies, old ladies in ancient mink and oversize sunnies sit on patios and Porsches rev their engines on Cumberland.  I am truly fascinated…but only in doses.

Glamour is nice on a sunny afternoon.  If you are in the area, be sure to make a cameo at:

  • Teatro Verde (100 Yorkville Ave.)  is a glorious mansion filled with floral couture, luxury furnishings, curious and fanciful gifts.  Each room is decorated in a unique theme and mood – from Asian rock n’ roll with monolith Buddhas to a sophisticated Paris apartment with designer coffee table books and plush French Provincial divans.  Wondering where to buy a Veruschka coffee table book?  Look no further.  Need a gift for an heiress?  Have a designer create a custom bouquet with grosgrain ribbon.  Does your Den need an Old World globe and telescope?  That’s here too.  It’s as though you’ve died and gone to heaven, if your idea of heaven is a curated and decorated by super-talented artistic directors (like mine is).

"Ooh, Ahhh, Oh" The sounds you will make at Teatro Verde. Glorious.

  • Anthropologie (78 Yorkville Ave.) As if the beauty doesn’t stop, next door at Anthropologie, there are embellished jewels, embroidered caftans, Indian jewellery boxes, shabby chic housewares (love the enamel floral hooks and the ikat and gold-trimmed bowls!) and flouncy cotton dresses.  Transported to a foreign escape with the thumping beats of a ‘Buddha Bar’ soundtrack, you can find a plethora of interesting finds from tulle ruffled boleros to tribal printed cotton sleeping pants.  If you need a Gypset wardrobe, here you go.

I've been to quite a few outposts of Anthropologie and I must say, I enjoy the setup of the Yorkville location.

Lucinda Blouse styled super-cute worn off the shoulder with a sideways bun. High KB factor. True.

  • Cafe Nervosa (75 Yorkville Ave.) Ever since I was a fresh-faced fashionistah, my girlfriends and I would meet up for drinks on the patio or for a casual dinner.  The thin-crust pizza is lovely here, not too doughy with fresh vegetables and a light choice with a glass of wine for the summer.  If you are in a festive mood, why not order a jug of white wine sangria?  (To share.  Don’t be a shicker.) The wait staff with their cute Italian accents, are jovial and the smell of garlic wafts from the open concept kitchen (a bonus if you love garlic).  A very popular locale for lunch and dinner without being too sceney or pretentious. 

Cafe Nervosa at Night. Courtesy


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Who Will Inherit Gwen Stefani’s Clothes?

Ah-mazing: Gwen is 40. Sick.

The July Instyle UK just came out and the reporter asked a very hilarious question about Gwen Stefani’s wardrobe if she decides she won’t have more children.  Here is an excerpt:

Are you and Gavin going to try for a little girl? Someone should get to inherit your wardrobe… “I don’t know. Having children is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. No one could have prepared me for how awesome it is and how hard. And having two boys – there’s a lot of energy. I mean, it does seem weird that I don’t have a girl, but I feel like I’m running out of time. I also don’t want to spread myself so thin that I can’t even be good for them. “Poor Zuma, he’d be the middle guy. I’m not focusing on it right now, but it’s not up to me anyway, you know? These things are miracles, so we’ll see. Otherwise, the clothes are probably going to go to some girlfriend of Kingston’s!”

Kingston is already the spitting image of his gorgeous father and he’s got the rock n’ roll style down pat.  Ah, he’s probably going to be a modelizer (one that only dates models) but hopefully his mother will knock some sense into him and he’ll go for the one with charm and personality.  The lucky girl will be no doubt (get it?) dating a cutie but she will also get to play dress up in one of the most coveted closets, ever…of all time.  Let’s take a mini retrospective of Gwen’s chameleon-like tickle trunk, shall we?

Gwen in leopard L.A.M.B. Every girl should own at least one leopard item.

Looking adorable on Melrose. Jeans ripped just so with trademark red lips.

Can we get more Vivienne Westwood up in the hizzo? Love a good tutu. I wonder if she gets the Harajuku girls too? Would be great to have your own backup dancers, non?


June 2, 2010   2 Comments

A Refresher on Statement Shoes

Carrie's shoes always do the talking. Denim studded Loub's. You die.

This weekend gaggles of women and their gays clamoured into poorly ventilated theatres to watch the shenanigans of the fabulous foursome of Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte.  Even as a fan of the original series, I must say that SATC2 was low on substance, enjoyable enough but definitely charged with high-style.  It’s a must-see for all fashionistahs because of the amazing clothes and shoes. 

Admittedly, I was giving many women the ‘Manhattan Onceover’  not to be mean but to fully appreciate their fashion choice from head to toe.  To my utter disappointment, there were very few Statement Shoes in attendance.  I was totally prepared to stop a random to squeal, “your shoes are sooo cuuuute!”  I believe compliments were meant to be shared.  And vice versa, nasty thoughts should be buried deep in the backyard beside your first pet hamster.

Lovely shoes are the ultimate finishing touch.  With great shoes on, you are more likely to sash-ay chantay down the sidewalk and turn the corner with a fierce stomp and swagger.  Very Naomi Campbell or RuPaul.  For me this summer, I choose caramel leather gladiator t-straps with a high wooden heel.  My friend G appeared in her boho fashionistah chiffon maxi with similar black and blush pink leather stiletto gladiators.  We were on a mind-path. 

Another interesting option is to explore the wovens such as the birdcage bootie, a hybrid of the classic weave in the form of a peeptoe boot.  Have you ever thought of purchasing sandals with cutouts reminiscent of laticework?  They look so pretty in metallic leathers (silver or gold) which is delicious with a tan.  If all else fails, pop your look with a mega-watt bright colour.   

Boutique 9 Demi Wedge in Silver Metallic

Another reason to love Ms. Richie: House of Harlow Snake Trimmed Heel

This is less preppy, more SEX-y: Tory Burch Ankle Cuff Sandal

Summer Vernis: Nouvelle Vague, Riviera & Mistral will look so sweet on your sandal toes.

If you are in search of an in-depth dissertation on what makes a statement shoe, please take a refresher by reading Statement Shoes: The Medium Is The Message.


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Crochet is Waifs, Allure, 1994.

So fresh & exciting: DVF 2009 Spring Crochet

There is a Crochet revival going on.  While everyone is raging for the popularity of lace right now, it’s crochet that will arrive at the prom with her braces off, a pair of contacts in lieu of black frames, a pink tulle, sequin dress and totally hot.  Did you like my Pygmalion/She’s All That analogy?  She is the underdog of the Romantic movement and similar to lace, crochet is associated with the hippie aesthetic that is ever popular with us boho fashionistahs.

Remember how the fashion world went gaga for the waif? The rise of Kate Moss.

I believe crochet is a more difficult fashion undertaking as it can easily slip into granny doilie or look very unattractive in the wrong hue.  I feel extremely nostalgic towards crochet because it’s one of my favourite memories of my youth in 1994, the time when waifs usurped the supermodels, pale glossy lips were all the rage and grunge permeated high fashion (albeit briefly).  My besties A&D, ever the fashion-risk takers, unafraid to dress to the beat of their own drum, have always had a love affair with crochet with their tiny knit mini dresses and gogo boots, a look only these Alexa Chung/Milla Jovovich/Christy Turlington type of girls can pull off.

When selecting the right crochet, here are some rules to live by:

1.  White, Cream or Black – I am a big supporter of colour, however, nice crochet only comes in these colours.  I have seen it done in other hues but I invariably end up shaking my head.  Trust.

2.  Skin Is In – Crochet looks best when a hint of flesh peaks out.  Tighter weaves in nubbier yarns also appear chunky, hence, you might look like you’ve gained 20 lbs.  There are great spider weaves and interestingly intricate designs.  If you are more demure about showing it all off in your crochet, you can always wear a nude undergarment layered underneath. 

3. Work a Look – If you’re going to go crochet hippie, try it with a lovely middle part, some creamy chocolate eyeshadow and a delicate shade of nude lipgloss. 

For more on how the starlets wear their Crochet, check out Who What Wear’s Trend Report.   

Kissable Pale Lips: Gemma Covers Italian Vogue.


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Casual Cool

RBils in her Uggs, hanging out at LAX.

The other day I was having a latte with my mom at Dufflet Pastries (787 Queen St. West) where we shared a delicious coconut lime bar.  The cutest little girl walked in with her fashionable mother.  Per the hip quotient of the area, she was dressed like a mini adult with a black and white striped t-shirt (very Parisian), black leggings and caramel coloured Uggs.  She picked out a giant chocolate chip cookie and seemed to enjoy it.

I think Uggs have surpassed the trend as besides pure fashion, they are beloved for their comfort quotient and functionality.  Many of my friends bring theirs to relax at the cottage or when trekking around in their casual clothes or Lulu Lemon’s.  I know girls that hoard them in different colours and styles but I think this is okay since they do wear them to death. My preference is for the classic colour or the cardigan style in heather grey.  Taking a cue from the little fashionistah in training, paired with a cotton jersey tunic top and skinny jeans or leggings can make a fun casual statement.  

Exclusive offer for readers of the LC:  Visit Buy It Right Here and enter promo code, ‘515LOVE’ to receive a $30 credit upon checkout.  Offer valid until June 7th, 2010.


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