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DIY: 80’s Sleepover

Carrie Bradshaw's Flashdance phase. This would be appropriate 80's attire for a slumber par-tay.

I may be a long way from teendom but my girlfriends are still youthful and hysterically funny.  The other day, I was spending some QT (quality time) with my friends and we decided it would be radical to have an 80’s Sleepover.  Although the theme will be inspired by the sleepovers of our youth, we’ll trade the pop for champagne and instead of pizza, we’ll probably eat California salad with some sort of fancy crustini.  The metabolisms have slowed down considerably.  But if you fall asleep early, I’m freezing your bra and don’t be surprised if I call out ‘Steamroller!’ and barrel on top of you like a human rolling pin.  It’s my specialty.

Party planning for me started early – I threw at least one major sleepover a year and it was the highlight of everyone’s social calendar.  The elements of a successful sleepover were:  the right guests (to prevent catfights/crying), the latest movies (1 horror + 1 comedy to ease the nerves post-horror), great snacks (aka junk food) and all-night girltalk. 

There are so many amazing 1980’s coming of age films, especially starring Andrew McCarthy.  Be still my heart.  Anything starring Molly Ringwald or directed by John Hughes will be a hit among guests.  There are also easily forgotten selections such as Adventures in Babysitting, Can’t Buy Me Love, Lucas, Goonies and Say Anything (which begs the question, does John Cusack age?).  It’s been such a long time since I’ve watched any of these.  It makes me very nostalgic.

Adventures in Babysitting: Elisabeth Shue was amazing and always will be. Did you know she married a Guggenheim?

Can't Buy Me Love: "You ignored the Donald Miller geek for seventeen years, now you want to ride the Ronnie Miller express!" Just remember girls, white leather fringe mixed with red wine. Patrick Dempsey pre-McDreamy.

Girl Talk: I mean if you really need a board game to facilitate your gossip. No judging.


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Adornment Chola-Style

Gwen's nod to Chola's of SoCal (Southern Cali (fornia)): "Shhhh, or i'm gonna pop you bi-atch." Love the use of double short form/acronym/bracket.

The other day as I was getting my long overdue pedi, I came across some ridiculously fun samples of nail art.  While the girl in the adjacent massage chair had requested the embellishment of her big toes with a crazytown pattern, I had a momentary tinge of ‘should I?‘  An internal debate raged on in my head (felt like an eternity, lasted only 30 seconds);  I ended up deferring this time around.  My resolution being that next time I have a party/social, I would choose something wild for my finger nails as a ‘conversation piece.’ Plus, who the heck’s gonna look at my toes?  Maybe the one closet foot fetishist in the room.  Dramatization:  I point at random things and hold my champagne flute at eye-level.  “Oh my nails are inspired by Modgliani’s Reclining Nude and I decided to go tribal ikat with my pinky fingers.”

The song that best matches these fingers is Notorious B.I.G.'s Hypnotize.

There’s a quality about Nail Art that is kind of borderline tacky-gangstah.  I won’t lie.  I kind of love it.  It reminds me of Chola style and hip hop.  What is a Chola, you ask?  I kid you not, an excerpt from The Urban Dictionary:  “Hardcore latina gangbangers. They usually have thin, arched, angry looking tattooed-on or penciled-on eyebrows, brown or dark red lip liner, ‘Monroe’, eyebrow and nose piercings, tats, Converse or Nikes, flannel shirts, lots of gold jewlrey (with their name and crosses), crunchy gelled or moussed hair either down or gelled in a high perfect ponytail either straight back or gelled in a design, and they go out with cholos… It is much more common to just look like a chola, and not act like a chola.”  And while I don’t necessarily recommend leaving the house in head-to-toe Chola (unless you want to be the latest Crip or Blood recuit), there are some fun styling homages that I do suggest.

Two-Finger Rings – Of late, there has been a huge influx of two or three finger rings.  I don’t think they are very comfortable but fashion has never been about comfort, has it?  The sensation feels like your fingers are crazy-glued together at the base.  I think the look is reminiscent of knuckle rings, used to pack a powerful punch and kick the crap out of someone in a fight.  These days you can find them emblazoned with your name (a la Carrie Bradshaw nameplate necklace)  or with dainty birds or flowers. 

LC's gold nameplate ring. Don't mess.

Mega-bling Gold – Chunky gold necklaces are pretty major.  I can’t get over the look which has been going strong for a few seasons now.  The necklace can be very street flashy when the gold link has a bit of toughness to it and is oversized almost to the point of parody.  When you wear one, you can refer to yourself as your street cred name.  ie. “Holla!  Miss X-tina in da house, papy cholo.”   

Editor’s Note:  I just read this post again and to answer the question lingering in your mind: “Yes, I am a lil’ bit loco (English translation – crazy) funny.  And I do talk a lot of smack (crazy-talk) in real life.”

Intense! Kenneth Jay Lane gold chunky link necklace.


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A Refresher on Statement Shoes

Carrie's shoes always do the talking. Denim studded Loub's. You die.

This weekend gaggles of women and their gays clamoured into poorly ventilated theatres to watch the shenanigans of the fabulous foursome of Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte.  Even as a fan of the original series, I must say that SATC2 was low on substance, enjoyable enough but definitely charged with high-style.  It’s a must-see for all fashionistahs because of the amazing clothes and shoes. 

Admittedly, I was giving many women the ‘Manhattan Onceover’  not to be mean but to fully appreciate their fashion choice from head to toe.  To my utter disappointment, there were very few Statement Shoes in attendance.  I was totally prepared to stop a random to squeal, “your shoes are sooo cuuuute!”  I believe compliments were meant to be shared.  And vice versa, nasty thoughts should be buried deep in the backyard beside your first pet hamster.

Lovely shoes are the ultimate finishing touch.  With great shoes on, you are more likely to sash-ay chantay down the sidewalk and turn the corner with a fierce stomp and swagger.  Very Naomi Campbell or RuPaul.  For me this summer, I choose caramel leather gladiator t-straps with a high wooden heel.  My friend G appeared in her boho fashionistah chiffon maxi with similar black and blush pink leather stiletto gladiators.  We were on a mind-path. 

Another interesting option is to explore the wovens such as the birdcage bootie, a hybrid of the classic weave in the form of a peeptoe boot.  Have you ever thought of purchasing sandals with cutouts reminiscent of laticework?  They look so pretty in metallic leathers (silver or gold) which is delicious with a tan.  If all else fails, pop your look with a mega-watt bright colour.   

Boutique 9 Demi Wedge in Silver Metallic

Another reason to love Ms. Richie: House of Harlow Snake Trimmed Heel

This is less preppy, more SEX-y: Tory Burch Ankle Cuff Sandal

Summer Vernis: Nouvelle Vague, Riviera & Mistral will look so sweet on your sandal toes.

If you are in search of an in-depth dissertation on what makes a statement shoe, please take a refresher by reading Statement Shoes: The Medium Is The Message.


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Sex & The City 2 Week: Carrie Takes Morrocco

 Champie check! Caftan check! Chiffon tent check! Wait a minute…where is the hookah?

Can you feel it?  It’s a strange euphoria taking over fashionistahs around the world.  They are ripping apart their closets for the ‘perfect outfit,’ scheming with girlfriends to confirm a hotspot for Cosmopolitans and breathlessly, anxiously waiting for SATC2 to premiere.  God help the straight man that accidentally goes to the theatres next weekend.  No doubt, it’s gonna be an estrogen overload with the requisite gays thrown in for good measure. 

I am extremely overjoyed that this installment takes place in the North African dessert as I am confident that its influence on pop culture will ripple effect.   If you follow the LC, you know that boho luxe is my favourite wardrobe choice.  Everyone who followed the HBO series, often concludes which character they most resemble in personality and style.  Of course, I choose Carrie Bradshaw

J’adore Dior t-shirt with boho circle skirt and the best coral studded gladiator stilettos.

Oh Patricia Field, you sass you.

  • Vintage Carrie – I love how Patricia Field (costume designer & NY emblem of downtown cool.  I mean, what is NY without Pat Field??) mixes her wardrobe high and low, matching the casual with dressy.  An homage to early SATC, Carrie wears her trademark ‘J’adore Dior’ t-shirt.  Maybe we should do the same? Ladies, dig into your jewellery boxes and dust off your gold script nameplate necklace.  It’s so 90’s retro.
  • Turban Town – I like Carrie in a turban.  It works for her.  I mean, when in the Arabian desert…  My friend A, infamous ‘fashionistah-eccentric’ from the ‘What Anna Wore’ post has been trying to promote the wearing of turbans for a few years now.  Somehow the trend has yet to catch on.  A few years back, I hostessed a bridal shower where I asked invitees to make wedding dresses out of toilet paper, ribbon and tulle.  As creative director of her team, the model’s toilet paper Vera Wang was accompanied by a turban.  Of course, I had to declare them the winners.   

Fashionistah Adventurous: I’ve never seen anyone pull this off in real-life. Will you be the first?
  • Living In Truth – For all the ‘ra-ra girrrl-power’ that SATC brings for us womenfolk, you know that there are going to be some bad apples that try to ruin it for the whole bunch.  Buy your tickets in advance and get to the theatres at least an hour early to secure your seat.  The last thing you want is a Friday night catfight.  I can envision it now: some girl puts her chartreuse capelet on a row of seats, another woman hit with the crazy-stick throws it on the ground and refuses to move her Jimmy Choo’s.  Someone pulls out her Louis Vuitton switchblade, hair pulling, chipped mani’s and parody ensues.  Note:  These are the same women that fight in line while waiting to pay at Christmas.   

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Feeling Vacation Tingles

Tunic Fever: I love the simplicity of this gold embroidered Lisa Curran tunic

When do you start getting excited for vacation?  Generally, I find that trips and holidays often creep up on me.  Suddenly, it’s a week before departure and I am scrambling to tick off ‘things to do’ on a substantial check list.  Luckily, my closet is fully stacked for leisurely vacations of the sunny beach variety.  I even have a storage bin titled ‘Beach,’ a stable of batik pareos and a kitchen shelf devoted entirely to Lonely Planet guidebooks. 

This upcoming journey takes me to faraway Thailand and Hong Kong.  I am not looking forward to the long-haul but it is the price to pay for travel.  I will be packing for many purposes: a) adventure and sight-seeing b) a fancy wedding c) the beach and d) a fashionable cosmopolitan city. To ensure that I have enough to wear without surpassing my baggage allowance, I shall prepare a list of looks and weigh my suitcase before I head to the airport.

Tibi Romper accessorized with the sweetest gold bangles and gladiators.

Channelling Rachel Zoe, I like to whip out my rolling rack and pull looks out of my closet to ensure I have covered off all the important events and activities.  When travelling overseas, it is important to consider the three C’s: comfort, climate and culture. 

  • Adventure beckons – Sight seeing often requires looking into cultural norms.  Wearing tight or revealing clothing to temples or certain historical monuments is an absolute no-no.  Instead, opt for a long-sleeved lightweight cotton tunic, cargo pants and closed toe shoes like ballerina flats or runners.  Obviously, don’t wear a dress to zipline through the mountains or pumps to go hiking.  Common sense people. 
  • Wedding Attire – Although many destination weddings are fairly low-key, check in advance for proper dress code.  If the ceremony isn’t held on the beach, do not show up in flip-flops or you will receive the ‘death stare’ from the bride throughout the reception.  To complement my upcoming tan and the turquoise water of the location, I have chosen a BCBG coral ruched, bubble mini with rhinestone detail.  Jersey is a great material to pack because it doesn’t wrinkle and it’s forgiving comfortable after eating a five-course meal.
  • The Beach – Where’s Leo?  The best part of any vacation is undoubtedly ordering pina coladas while basking in the rays, reading some Chick-lit and listening to the crashing waves of the ocean.  The other great part is wearing a different bikini, head scarf and tunic combination every day.  One word: photoshoot!
  • Cosmos Please – Going to a foreign, metropolitan city offers new excitement – great food at chic restaurants, more sight-seeing, exuberant nightlife and plenty of shopping options.  One great bit of advice when wondering where the ‘cool’ local kids hang out is to go to a fashionable boutique, look around for the coolest person you see and ask them where they would go out on a Thursday night.  And presto, you’ve found your golden ticket!  This is where you can dress the part of Carrie Bradshaw.

I am dying for this DVF Tiered Ruffle Coverup!

Nothing says vacay like a pair of gold woven gladiator sandals from Kate Spade.


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True Love Waits


If you ask a guy what their favourite band is, they invariably will say 8/10 Radiohead.  Sooo predictable.  It’s a guy-crush thing for Thom Yorke I suppose.  Try it as a social experiment sometime.  I couldn’t tell you best song as that one produces less mathematical, inconclusive result but Karma Police is a fair guess.     

My all-time favourite is the title of today’s post, True Love Waits.  It’s the strength of the melody and chorus as well as Thom’s teardrop tsunami vocals.  I love that lyric: ‘true love waits’ as it can be interpreted in so many ways.  For me, when I think about love, I think about the passions in my life that have come and gone.  If you have read my ‘About’ section, you may know that I waited for many years to begin to fully put my writing out there through the forum of my blog.  Often, I forget myself, but when I take a moment to think back and reflect on my formative years, the seeds of inspiration were always there waiting patiently to grow.   

Like a Midas touch, I wanted to push the creative envelope –  from writing my own HTML at 14 which I have long forgotten, and dipping Shakespearean English assignments in tea, burning edges and calligraphy writing in pen and India ink.  Pre-Imitation of Christ, I would tear apart vintage garments and reconstruct them for an evening out.  I felt like I could do anything, be anything I wanted and somehow that clear direction towards the pursuits that made me feel most alive got lost in translation.  I had lost sight of my path.  And I didn’t have a compass.  Or a cell phone.  And I was really allergic to trees.

Somehow, through the magic of the virtual web, the LC has reached over 14,000 visitors.  14 is a very fortuitous number for me, auspicious even.  I was born on the fourteenth and in numerology 1+4=5 the number of Change.  In terms of personality traits, I am supposed to be upbeat, motivational, versatile, curious and quick-witted.  So true!  haha.  I jest. 

All my life, I knew, sensed that I was a writer and an artist but even still I suppressed that urge for whatever reason.  I felt like a bird in a cage, banging hopelessly against the metal confines of my cage.  It was only when I made a conscious decision to change did I realize that my cage had an open door.  And when I took flight, I began to see that the brilliance of my youthful hopes and dreams were not lost, nor faded.  They were slowly coming alive, lighting up like an empty colouring book filling with vibrant watercolours.  My true loves waited for me to be ready.  It was as though no time was lost. 

And if there is someone, something or even yourself that you have been holding your breath for, be courageous and take action.  When you are ready, your true love will be waiting… 

Channelling Carrie: I do wear cute outfits while writing in case you were wondering.

Again, thank you to you lovely followers of the LC.  I love writing so thank you for reading. 


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