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She’s In Fashion

There is this very delicious Suede brit pop song circa 1999 titledShe’s In Fashion that makes me want to bop around my room trying on clothes and dancing.  I mean, isn’t that what you do in the privacy of your bedroom when a really good tune comes on?  Let’s live in truth…together.  On a sidenote:  Back in my teens, I used to crush madly for Suede’s lead singer, Brett Anderson.  I loved him in all his gangly glory, but manorexics don’t age well.  There’s a rule that as you get older, you have to choose your face or your @ss.  Truly, you can only love manorexics in their prime. 

The Brett of my youth. I won't attach an 'After' pic because it's far too depressing.

I really fell off the party bandwagon this December (sadness, whoa-whoa-whoa…) but I am optimistic for a full recovery in January.  Plus, I am extremely enthused to jump start the New Year.  The year 2011 feels very fortuitous.  Here are my party-girl picks that I think will have people giving you the Manhattan Onceover and whispering, “She’s in fashion.”

My oh my: Alice + Olivia Priscilla dress combines my love of bustiers, feathers and a pouffy hem.

Channelling Blair Waldorf: While you need the confidence of a Blair to pull off the ridiculously oversize Susan Daniels headband, an evening out is a great excuse to go gi-normous.

Remember that Debbie Gibson song Electric Youth? Like that but cobalt mascara from Buxom.

Nude Attitude: Topshop Chunky Chain Bag

Pump It Up: Steve Madden Glitter Heel


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Glam Holidays And Champagne Shame Spirals

Glam holiday: Tay-Tay Swift covers FASHION.

On a recent champagne shame spiral, my friend J commented on my attire by saying, “Where do you think you’re going? You’re dressed for the Bahamas!” Sure, sometimes I exhibit ba-na-nas behaviour but for good reason.  I have outfits that need to be taken out.  When I see ‘HOLIDAY’ emblazoned across every magazine on the newstand, all I wanna do is drape myself in luxe fabrics, sequins, crystals, wear mini things with 60 denier tights and teeter on stilettos accompanied by a companion (preferably male) who will help me maneuver the patches of snow on the sidewalk.  Phew! (Please note:  Although grammatically questionnable, my run-on sentence was intentional for dramatic effect.) 

With frigid temperatures, it is habit to cover up for warmth.  But defiance in the face of winter is an admirable show of courage, especially when combined with fashion risk taking. Take that subzero wind chill!  Here are some delectable holiday looks which will keep your friends wanting morex3.

Embellished Tank – I would rather wear a goose down jacket and coat check it, than cover up my pretty tank top with a festive sweater.  But that’s just me.  Jewel tone sleeveless tops in georgette silks, smooth satins, paired with netting and lace are often Bedazzled with stunning statement details around the neck.  I am drooling already. 

Alice + Olivia NEVER disappoint. Loving the texture of this flowy chiffon embellished top

 Mini, Mini, Mini – In my books, a holiday party calls for mini.  Like mini quiches, cupcakes, frites, tiny candy canes etc, etc.  I will confess that I am a big advocate of MINI, as evidenced in my post Mini is the New Supersize.  With holiday you are allowed to go more opulent.  In fact, it’s encouraged.  Petite skirts or shorts with black tights and statement shoes.  You can’t go wrong. soft: Gryphon Tiger Print Velvet Mini

Give them something to talk about with these Alice + Olivia cuffed shorts. Pair with lace or printed tights if you've got twigs for legs.

What's worse than a hangover? A champagne hangover. Moet in moderation kids!


November 29, 2010   2 Comments

Tulle Time

Classic Carrie Bradshaw: The pink ballerina tutu

Ah November.  Is your social calendar filling with invites to birthday soirees, holiday parties, and BFF dinners?  My favourite after-dark attire is ‘Cocktail,’ not only because it alludes to the consumption of alcoholic beverages but because in my books it’s the most fun look to pull together.

The ‘Cocktail’ hour bridges the truly formal (black tie) and ready-to-wear (skinny jeans).  In your wardrobe, ‘Cocktail’ is the life of the party.  She’s ready to get down with a few rounds of champie, dancing shoes and she’s not ready to come home until the break of dawn.  You like her already.

This party season, I am throwing my support behind Tulle.  Tulle everything – in dresses, in skirts, in your hair!  Voluminous tulle in a fine gauze or larger open weave adds a flirty and youthful playfulness to any outfit.  All of a sudden, Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ sounds off in the background.  It’s the rustle of a petticoat, the use of your hem as a dance prop, the way a tutu makes you galavant carelessly in the street.  Tulle is the absinthe of fabrics, a party aphrodisiac.  Let’s get drunk, shall we?

Alice + Olivia Tulle Party Dress: If you saw this girl in the room, you know she's gonna have a good time. One shoulder & jagged edge hem. Seriously!

Wearing this BCBG Tulle Tutu in blush pink is like pirouetting down a sidewalk singing Mandy Moore's 'I Wanna Be With You' a la Center Stage. Did you get my obscure 90's teen ballet movie reference?


November 12, 2010   1 Comment

Get In It to Win It: Dress For Success!

This time of year calls for merriment, champagne popping, tunes non-stopping.  Perhaps I shall pursue a new career in rapping? 

My wardrobe has a disproportionate amount of cocktail and party frocks.  It’s an embarrassing 4:1 ratio dresses to pants.  Truth be told, girls at holiday parties always want to be one of the most sparkling and radiant diamonds in the bunch.  It’s social mortification (“Gasp! OMG, she is wearing the same dress as you!”) to show up with the exact same outfit as someone else.  This inevitabley leads to consciously staying by the punch while she is on the dancefloor.  Too much labour!

I would like to share a few thoughts about what makes a striking statement dress that will get you “High ROC’s” (return on compliment) in the Snapbox (a la Elle Woods, Legally Blonde 2).   

Put your hands up in your hair for Alice + Olivia's LBD

  • Little Black Dress – Truth:  I am not a big advocate of party dressing in black.  If you really must LBD it, pleasex3 make it interesting and exciting by adding rhinestones, some leather and a heaping serving of tulle.  Subtle does not exist in my fashion dictionnaire.  This version is so fun and flirty, you will be KB-ing with your choice of suitors in no time.  And why not punch up your dress with some flashy stilettos in a cerulean blue or a layered ruffle fuschia?

Robert Rodriguez sequin floral dress

  • Colour Me Gorgeous – Bright solids like this cobalt blue chiffon assymetrical mini dress from R-Rod will make a statement.  Colour is one of the easiest ways to flatter your skin tone.  With sequin appliques and an interestingly slouchy dolman sleeve, people will take notice to your attention to details. 

Violet BCBG: Swag me in mauve fabric

  • Grecian goddess – BCBG is my go-to for the best cocktail dresses.  Here we have a lovely pale mauve ruched mini dress with one-shoulder and rhinestones appliques.  Super flattering and you don’t need much jewellery because the dress is fairly embellished in a bib necklace style.  Draped chiffon is so pretty in photos, especially in action shots.

DVF Maxi Dress: It's a party on my dress!

  • Beach Optic Floral – If you keep up with the resort trends, floral prints will be in bloom for Spring.  Pardon the cheesy pun.  Be the first fashionistah on your block to sport the look in a Pop Art, colour kaleidoscope, graphic maxi, like this version from Diane von Furstenburg.  If you are fortunate enough to spend the holidays away on vacation, this one should be packed in your suitcase.

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