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Rolling In Sequins

Serena loves sequins day and night. Are you watching season 6 of Gossip Girl?

It’s that time of the year again — party time!  Ooh, I am a naughty blogeress.  I blame my blogging blackout on my overstuffed social calendar.  I am quite partial, fond, obsessed with clothing that looks as though I accidentally got slimed on You Can’t Do That On Television, but in lieu of green slime, insert Elmer’s Glue, lost my footing and fell into a giant vat of sequins.  You gotta love a fashionistah for commitment. 

Tell someone your sequins are inspired by Daisy Buchanan as interpreted by Baz Luhrman. Channel Carey Mulligan in The Great Gatsby. All great outfits should have a back story. Trust.

Let’s not be so predictable this party season with the same old, same old.  Here are some sartorial sequin selections to get the DJ to play your requests, the effects guy to point the spotlight in your direction and kick off the social season.

Ombre sequins – A golden sequin lightly brushed with dye which gives an allover Monet effect.  That, or sequins strategically positionned to give off a gradient ombre (light to dark) appearance. 

I enjoy how the nude and canary yellow of this Alice + Olivia Camille Sequin Dress is understated (well, as understated as sequins go).

Two sided sequins – When you brush your hand in one direction, the sequins are black.  When you brush them in the opposite direction, the sequins are silver.  If someone lays a hand on your assets, proof of SCANDAL!  

Paillettes – Not for the fashionistah wallflower, paillettes are a larger circle sequin typically 1/2″ or bigger in diameter.  The effect is very retro meets giant scale fish.  Makes me want to wear extra thick liquid eyeliner and tease my hair into a giant beehive.

Go big, or go home: Juicy Couture jumbo paillettes. Seriously!

Save The Best For Last – You tell it Whitney!  Are you just happy to see me or are those sequin shoes on your feet.  I bet if sequins were around back then, Cinderella would have sequin stilettos.  I think this is a fun contrast if you are wearing a cocktail dress in a solid bold hue or a flamboyant LBD (little black dress).

Black or Silver? BCBG Two Tone Sequin Pump is a great conversation starter

I'm adoring Ella Henderson from XFactor UK with her winged out eyeliner, 1930's style and classic beauty. Oh and her voice at 16 is ah-mazing.


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Fashionistah Frontlines: Clash of the Patterns

The patron saint of Fashionistah Eccentrics. Dear Iris Apfel, Bless me with "compliments" and those that mock me, may they get it in 5 years.

“Be not afraid of mixing your polka dots, florals and ginghams.” – moi.

I have always been a champion of the fashionistah adventuress; to take risks in wardrobing is always more rewarding than donning a uniform of head-to-toe black. Don’t you want to show your grandchildren pictures of you in your 20’s wearing the trendiest fashions of the times? I lament at my mom’s photos, “Damn, I wish you kept that outfit. That’s vintage!” This Spring has me sooooooo excited because of the variety of styling options and the return of saturated colour.

One trend that I believe will take a while to be embraced by the masses is the mix n’ match of patterns.  Why? Well, it will take a bit of a stylist eye and hella confidence to pull off.  But fret not my dearies.  I am here to guide you through treacherous waters. 

STEP 1)  I Am Style – Just pretend you are the Creative Director of ELLE Decor and your outfit is your living room.  Hrm, would that shade of pink look good on the curtains matched to the coral throw pillows to the stripe divan?  No, maybe, yessss?  YES!  Firstly, where did you learn to be so negative?  Strike NO from your vocab and give it a whirl.  You think Iris would condone this wishy-washy attitude?

The classic silhouette of this Equipment Blouse would do well paired with any print or pattern. Imagine it in an electric cobalt or a tiny flecked pattern. It would totally go. TRUST.

This Alice + Olivia Floral Print Dress is lovely, non? But we can crank the volume by pairing it with a bright purple blazer or jacquard jacket.

STEP 2) Colour Balance – Getting the combination right also has less to do with the motifs you match than with the brightness and contrast of hues you are wearing.  If you wear a bright, best to pair with a bright.  If you wear a pattern in a muted tone, you can probably punch up your outfit with a hot colour.

Remember how I wrote about the rage for Coral Jeans a year ago? Watch out for Floral printed like the Current/Elliott Stiletto Skinny. Tell ya little friends

STEP 3) Accessorize wisely – Since you have already taken risks with your outfit choice, you can take it down a few notches with less obvious accessories.  You can never go wrong with nude pumps or the sable-grey that has become the new neutral.

Delicious: Enjoying the hushed blush tones of this Chloe Poya Patent Bag


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Before Blair Waldorf, There Was Sydney Rutledge

Gossip Girl Season 5 Sneak Peek: I love it when Blair makes her "ugh" face.

Ooh la! I thought since Blair Waldorf  has been a perennial top search (creeping my own stats), I would give you a fashion and cultural trivia mashup.  We all adore the celluloid rich snob, glorified in fictional form yet loathed in real life (see/ Olivia Palermo).  But before there ever existed the perfectly barrel curled, pouty Upper East Side Blair (Leighton Meester) another brunette wrecked havoc on her clique of hangers on’s and wannabe friends.  Let’s pay homage to the original tween villainess, Sydney Rutledge (Sarah Michelle Gellar) from 90’s daytime BOP-era soap Swan’s Crossing.

There is a Sarah Michelle Gellar renaissance of late with her long-awaited return to television on Ringer this Fall.  I am beyond excited.  Buffy fans will always LOVE her.  Obviously, I speak for my people.  But before she played the Chosen vampire slayer, or stole the Emmy from Susan Lucci, she played the manipulative and scheming rich girl Sydney Rutledge.  Gellar was cast as the popular only daughter of the mayor whose character was embroiled in a love-hate relationship with her neighbour/ex-boyfriend/familial rival Garrett.  Ridiculously, the plots involved pool parties, secret rendez-vous and daily tween dramas in which Sydney was always the puppetmaster.  Clad in oversize polka dots, white jeans, chiffon blouses, sheath dresses with contrast piping and trademark red lipstick (at 13 no less!), her character always got the chic-est wardrobe.    

If you woke up extra b*tchy (rhymes with twitchy), you might ask yourself, “Hrmm, what would Sydney wear?”

Nautically is clearly tops: Sydney favoured a loud stripe of the blue, black or red variety.

Here ye, here ye polka dots! Don't just stand there! Say something nice about my Alice + Olivia Louisa Dress! Moi improvising a Sydney Rutledge-esque quote

She would totally wear these Tory Burch Riding Boots. Hello outfit of champion equestrian.

Sydney's matte red lipstick: Even if you get pushed into the pool at the club, your red lips will never fail. Outline, apply lipstick, blot, reapply.

"Friends" carry your shopping for you. Sydney in a classic shell with matching cardi. P.S. Do you know how impossible it is to find fashion pics of Sydney Rutledge? It's impossible. Ugh! Pre-internet??!!


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Day Dressing For Ladies

Tra La La Ladies: Weeee, isn't this so glamourous and fun

The summer with its warm beams of sunshine is often rammed with social engagements – from weddings and bridal showers to birthdays celebrated on outdoor terraces.  For occasions such as these, forego your usual skinny jeans and forget the flimsy t-shirt.  Dressing up is an integral part of the celebration! You can still be stylish and keep your cool.  Every day, I graciously accept compliments to the point that perhaps I take them for granted.  In a gesture of good will, here are my secrets to lady-like dressing.

Fresh as a Mint Julep – The easiest way to make an impression is to wear a day dress in a jewel tone lightweight cotton or linen.  Both have a tendency to crinkle so make sure your event is of the standing, sipping spritzer and mingling variety.  Vibrant colours often accentuate the glow of sun-kissed skin and make you stand out from the crowd.  I love the combination of bright red lips matched with a sunflower hued dress.  The best are A-line styles that flare at the waist into a full skirt – this is best for lithe girls who want more volume or for those who want to accentuate a tiny waist.  Add a skinny belt in a contrasting colour, presto 25% cuter!  Channelling Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday.  Yes please!  

Classicly Refined: Alice + Olivia Grace Blouson Dress

Look Ma, no tan lines: Swish your skirt in this Rebecca Taylor Button Dress

Blinded by the Lights – When wearing a solid coloured dress, make sure to pop with a bold statement necklace.  Use the natural rays of the sun to make your jewellery sparkle.  Clear facetted or bezelled gems often radiate more than naturally smooth stones – it’s the cut that makes them more reflective and glittery.  If you are going to an outdoor party, why not beat the mosquitoes by pinning yourself with a faux insect such as a rhinestone encrusted bumble bee.  It’s a great ‘wink-wink’ conversation piece.  Hi-larious.

Mmm, this has an Antique Flavour: Aqua Pearl Necklace with Brooch

Bzz Bzzz: A Bumble Bee Ring for extra flare. You can often find these inexpensive pins or rings in Kensington Market.


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Confession: I Am A Kardashian-aholic

Kardashian Mashup. I also enjoy shows with sisters. People always pick on Khloe when she's the voice of reason.

One day, I was having brunch with my good friend C and I was telling her that I had stayed up all night watching episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.  She told me that I reminded her of Kim Kardashian, to which I was utterly flattered (“Really?! OMG, not like Vanessa Hudgens?”) because those girls are gorgeous (even though Kim’s initial claim to fame is a sex tape).  As far as guilty pleasures go, there is nothing like laying like a deadbeat on my mother’s sofa and watching a Kardashian marathon on the E! network.  I find socialites highly entertaining.   

The Kardashians also have a covetable high-fashion style – monochromatic black with pops of glitz (think sequins), heavy black eye makeup, smooth dark hair and those sky high platforms.  Let’s break it down shall we?

Black Dramatic Sexy Eyes – Reserve your black sexy eyes for evenings that begin after 11pm.  I know Kris Jenner loves hers for lunch but TRUST.  A camera crew and bright lights wash you out.  You are not on a reality show. 

  1. Cover both your lids with a few dabs of concealer followed by a light dust of powder.  This helps to keep colour in place.
  2. Using an eyeshadow brush cover the entire lid with a chocolate brown eye shadow.
  3. Line the top of the lashline and under the eye using a black eye pencil.
  4. Using an eyeshadow brush layer black eyeshadow all over the lid.  Using the black eyeshadow, apply more in the crease and outer eyelid creating an ombre effect.
  5. Take a finer shadow brush, dab in the chocolate shadow to blend and smudge the eyeliner.
  6. Finish with faux eyelashes or with two generous coats of black mascara.  Ta-da! Who can resist?

How pretty? Sooo pretty. A toned down version of the heavy smokey eye.

Some Kardashian styling cues to emulate:

A Kardashian would love the structured details of this LBD: Alice + Olivia 'Tatum' Sheath

Better than a disco-ball: Velvet Ombre Sequin Blazer breaks up all black.

Are those jewels on your booties or are you just happy to see me? Report Signature.


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Dreaming of Your Vacation

The Maldives are sinking. We sort of really, need to go. Shangri-la-la-la.

When I see little macrame white dresses and bejewelled sandals in stores, I have a major pang of ‘wanderlust.’  Resort clothing means vacation time for the snowbirds that flock abroad for a natural tan, sun kissed tresses and major relaxation.  This year, I am on stay-cation (insert ugly, uncontrollable sob) but for my LC dearies, I have compiled the best of Resort so that I may live vicariously through your wine-ing, dining, dancing and romancing.  If you have a fabulous time, that is all that matters.

There is nothing like burying your toes in the sand whilst enjoying a refreshing pina colada.  Or swimming in an infinity pool that stretches into the ocean.  Or gliding carelessly along clandestine cobblestone pathways.  Or dining al fresco watching the sun repose…in a precisely selected vacation wardrobe.

Just the way I like it: Earthy meets ruffle and belted! Alice + Olivia Avindale Maxi

Loving the wispy tiered quality of this Parker Tie Front Dress

  • Maxi Dress, Yes Please – A bohemian’s vacation wardrobe staple, the rich colours and breezy material are perfect for long daytime walks on the beach or navigating through market stalls.  There’s something about a maxi dress that puts you in a more relaxed state of mind.  Nicole Richie loves it.   

Balenciaga Oversize Two Tone Sunnies.

  • A Fresh Pair of Sunnies – Sunglasses are one of those things that I secretly hoard.  I can no longer justify buying cat eye sunglasses in different shades of tortoise shell.  I know.  It’s just wrong.  Badx3.  However, the ombre effect of this Spring’s crop of oversized Jackie O. styled sunglasses is quite delightful.

Seriously? Seriously. City of Love Ballerina Flats from Anthropologie.

  • Dancing In The Street – I have often been interrogated by airline personnel as to why my luggage was sooo over the weight limit.  “Miss, what is in your suitcase?” (insert slight annoyance with smidge of trying not to laugh) To which I replied, “Shoes.”  The right shoes will have you tip tapping on steps, grabbing your travel partners hand to skip down the block and walk-walk-walking all over that city.
  • A Relaxed Blouse – Perfect for days when lady-like is in order (such as visits to a church or temple, walks through museums where they crank up the air conditionning, a proper high tea, etc), a painted chiffon blouse would look stunning paired with shorts, accessorized with a few gold necklaces. 

Channelling Landscape Painter in an Anthropologie Flora Blouse

The world is your oyster. Conde Nast Traveller is a great reference for 'where to go next?'


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