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Love Collage: The Soundtrack

I have an iTunes playlist called Love Collage.  It’s filled with both cheesy dance songs that make you want to get up to shake your can (aka dance) and great songs for KB (kissing bandit) sessions.

  • Madonna – Get into the Groove
  • Sophie Bextor-Ellis – Murder on the Dancefloor (mmm..this one is random, I know)
  • Whitney Houston – I Wanna dance with Somebody
  • Kylie Minogue – Love is the Drug (Roxy Music cover)
  • Ratatat – Mirando
  • Ladyhawke – Paris is Burning
  • Heartbeats – Jose Gonzales
  • Crystal Castles – Vanished (I am OBSESSED with this song!)

Parisian Indie-Rock

Queen West West conoisseur of all things glamourous (a la Marc Jacobs) & hipster (skinny jeans so tight they may as well be painted on) friend P introduced me to Phoenix in his VW jetta.  The windows were rolled down and the music was blasting while the wind blew through our hair.   

The music blogs are wild for Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.  Here are my fave songs on heavy rotation:

  • Everything is Everything 
  • Armistice – Makes me want to sing along
  •  1901 – The kind of indie-rock hipster boys want to dance to
  • Love Like a Sunset – Reminds me of something they would play while lounging on a beach chair in Ibiza