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My friends joke that half the time, they can’t understand me.  This is for two reasons 1) I talk very quickly with a quasi-Californian accent (however, I am not from California) and 2) I have a tendency to make up my own slang, use acronyms and coin terms and expressions (sometimes using gestures for physical comedy) that are adapted by the people around me.  This gift for stretching the limits of the English language is probably perplexing and confusing for those unaccustomed to my style.  It’s very Douglas Coupland (see/ Generation X) to make up your own dictionary. Updated frequently for currency.

Here you will find a lexicon of terms that I like to throw around the LC (Love Collage):

  • Bohogi - Bohemian + Yogi fusion.  Bohogi is more of an attitude – a love of altruistic good deeds, an appreciation for beauty, people, culture and spirituality, a return to nature dressed up in an embellished caftan.   But Bohogi goes beyond that.  It’s really ‘be yourself.’  See post/ Bohogi Is The New Yogi 
  • Crazytown – I know it sounds like a noun but it’s a verb used to describe a situation or thing that’s out of control.  As in, it’s so crazy, the crazy fills up a whole town.  When I was in London, my Style Advisor @ Topshop was obsessed with this term.  Give it 6 months and it will be all the rage in England.  For example, “Get me outta this sample sale.  The girls are crazytown in there.”
  • Dance Props – Anything or anyone you can integrate into your dance stylings.  For instance, I can take a small lampshade and put it on my friend’s head as a dance prop.  You can pick up a lightweight friend as a dance prop on the dancefloor and spin them around. 
  • Emo – Short form for Emotional.  Describes the kind of sad, emotional, sometimes whiny alternative rock that boys in touch with their feminine side like to make.
  • Food Baby – The term coined by my sketchy friend Krentzy to describe a bloated tummy experienced after consuming too much food.  When I eat too many carbs, my food baby is typically 3 months. 
  • FWST – Friends with Sexual Tension.  May be awkward but in most cases leads to KB-ing.  See/ Dawson & Joey
  • Get Your Hair Tousled – A lady-like way to say you need to get some action…and not from your hairdresser, unless said hairdresser is of the hottt variety. 
  • Hipster – Nylon magazine reading, downtown, fashionable, American Apparel v-neck wearing, tightx3 skinny jeans, Keds or Converse.
  • Josh Schwartz – Emo Jewish Cutie and Creative Mastermind behind The O.C. and Gossip Girl.
  • KB or Kissing Bandit – Someone who recklessly makes out or the act of . Term can be used as a noun or a verb. Verb: “I don’t think you should make out with him.  That kid has been KB-ing all over this city.”  Or used when interrogating friends: “OMG, did you guys KB?”  Noun:  “We started the evening together but she’s a notorious kissing bandit.  We call her KB queen.”
  • Lametown – Cousin of Crazytown (see above).  Verb to describe when something or someone is sooo lame, the lame fills up a whole town.  Examples/ A ‘friend’ makes plans then bails very last-minute thus leaving you in a social lurch OR the first person to fall asleep at a slumber party. 
  • LBD – Little Black Dress.  A wardrobe staple.  Every girl should have one.
  • Manhattan Onceover – The act of scanning someone from head to toe and back up again to assess their fashion choices (outfit + shoes), physical beauty and grooming.  A favourite activity of Manhattan-ites. Very Shopaholic or Devil Wears Prada.  
  • Oh Universe! – A favourite exclamation to describe a lucky situation/or series of fortunate events that lead to a discovery (serendipity) but also an acknowledgment to the cosmo’s (sun, moon, stars, etc) that I realize that the chain of events are related (sagacity). 
  • OMG – ohmigawd.  Term of disbelief used to dramatic effect.
  • OOC – Out Of Control.
  • ROC – Return on Compliment.  Used to weigh the pro’s and con’s if an outfit will be received with many compliments.  I say, “If it’s not going to get lots of compliments, why bother?” See/ Cute Math post.
  • SB - Skinny bitches.  I use this term endearingly/with a grain of salt as I work and am friends with many SB’s I love. 
  • Shame Spiral – The act of succumbing to one’s own weakness and after acting on impulse, descending into a state of remorse or embarrassment.  Usually related to buyer’s remorse, overzealous PDA or miscellaneous sketchiness. See/Portrait of A Shame Spiral: Jenny Humphrey.
  • Sketch – A noun or a verb.  This is a weird one.  It can be used to describe both good and bad situations.  For instance, downtown parts of the city where the sketch intermixes with the hipsters, we like this.  If someone is being bad or rebellious in a free spirited way, we call them ‘sketch.’   In a not so nice context, when a guy is playing mind games or acting like an @sshole, it’s ‘sketch’ too. 
  • Teardrop – This term is frequently used to describe a situation that is sad or bittersweet.  For example, I could say “I miss you.  Teardrop!”  and use my finger to gesture a tear falling down my cheek.  Teardrop has variations and expressions for when teardrop doesn’t cover how emotional you are – Sadder: Teardrop waterfall.  Saddest: Teardrop Tsunami.
  • T & G – Tanned & Gorgeous.  Can be used to describe someone who has recently returned from a sunny vacation OR on someone who has ‘expertly’ applied bronzer/fake tanned resulting in increased levels of physical beauty.
  • TTFN - Ta Ta For Now.  Goodbye is so final.