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Leopard is her Power Animal

Last weekend, I attended a farewell party with a dress code of Southern Belles & Gentleman, your own interpretation. My work bestie J’s top-tier bestie K, is moving to Atlanta the duhty south with her hubby (teardrop tsunami).  So J comes up with an ingenious idea to dress up as Destiny’s Child, head to toe leopard, teased hair sprayed stage hair and glittery drag queen makeup.  Funnily enough, when we got to the party, people decided to kibosh the costumes and we just looked like a bunch of Dallas hookers. I mean, high class escorts.

The next day on a shopping excursion, we discussed, “If you were an animal, what animal would you be?”  All of us agreed that J would be a leopard.  The animal print of leopard is a fashion wardrobe staple and J owns it in hats, dresses, shoes, purses, coats, earrings…I would probably guess underwear.  When she was having a sad day, I went to a vintage shop and bought her a faux fur leopard trapper hat.  She already owned one.

 But there is also a leopard quality to her – gracefulness, silent, strong and independent.  There was an episode on the O.C. ‘The Dream Lover’ where Seth Cohen goes to meditate in a teepee with Che to get in touch with his inner animal.  Power animals teach us about our innate qualities and lessons that we can learn to adapt to our environment.  I would definitely be a koala (cute & cuddly, vegetarian and prone to lethargy) mixed with a sparrow (freedom!) and butterfly (transformation and change).  If you’re curious about your power animal, there are tons of online quizzes to help you learn more about yours. Fashion + New Age!


August 26, 2009   No Comments