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Jared Leto’s So-Called Hair

Jared Leto winning his Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club.  He got his looks from his mama.

Jared Leto winning his Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club. He got his looks from his mama.

Besides daisies, plaid and 90’s nostalgia becoming all the rage, everyone is all about Jared Leto and his lustrous manlocks.  For those of us who are  old young enough to remember, his claim to fame was starring as Jordan Catalano on my So-Called Life.  He was the quintessential aloof pretty boy leaning on walls, distracted, being reallyx3 attractive from all angles, object of Angela Chase’s unrequited love and the bad boy of our collective dreams.  He had a few years where he pursued his music with 30 Seconds to Mars and we all forgot what a sexy babe he is.

But he’s been drinking the blood of innocents and that’s what you look like when you’ve made a pact with Beelzebub.  Some of his memorable looks today and yesterday.  Enjoy!

Jordan Catalano

Jordan Catalano: “You could, have sex with me though…” {Angela laughs} “…if you really want to help.” {Angela gets up, laughing} “I guess that’s a ‘no’?”

Not long ago, Jared had a pink Mohawk. Here he is performing in Wales with 30 Second to Mars.

Rockstar commitment: Not long ago, Jared had a pink Mohawk. Here he is performing in Wales with 30 Second to Mars circa 2010.

Real men wear buns, not of the ballerinka variety. Jared chez the Golden Globes

Real men wear buns, not of the ballerinka variety. Jared chez the Golden Globes

Jared as beachbum Jesus rocker. Whoever is conditioning his hair right now, "BRAVO"

Dress it up or dress it down…it still look fiiiiine. Jared as beachbum Jesus rocker. Whoever is conditioning his hair right now, “BRAVO”

You’re welcome.


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The Alcorn

The Alcorn

The Alcorn on the corner of Yonge & Alcorn (naturally!) Image c/o BlogTO

Sometimes if you venture outside of your comfort zone, you will be generously rewarded.  As a west end girl, it’s highly uncommon for me to venture north of Bloor.  I make rare exceptions for veryx3 good friends.  But I’ve been in a hair slump since my hairstylist T’s (aka My Perfect Man) sudden city departure for higher education.  My bangs were a hot mess and the state of my tresses were more shabby than chic.  baha!

So I was mentally auditioning hairstylists to see if they could fill the void, or at least trim the split ends that T left behind.  The Alcorn (1222 Yonge St) is a boutique salon in the chi-chi neighbourhood of Rosedale (near Summerhill station).   The salon is refreshingly low-key, bright white on white décor with fashion photography.  The staff was extremely friendly and professional.  There was a mix of clientele – Bergdorf Blondes getting touch ups, privileged teens getting their hair blown out and a micro fashionistah just chilling.   My stylist R had reallyx3 good hair of the Olivia Palermo variety.

Michalsky Style Nite during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2010

Don’t let those lustrous locks fool you! Olivia Palermo has two redeeming factors: her amazing hair and her uncanny socialite sense of style. Life is more unfair once you Google her supermodel boyfriend.

If you arrive early, check out the cute boutique across the street The Cloakroom (1177 Yonge St.)  They have a nice assortment of contemporary brands including my faves – BB Dakota and One Teaspoon.  But you might buy something by accident…like this girl I know.

One Teaspoon November Rain Blazer

One Teaspoon is an Australian contemporary brand. Loving the draped collar on this November Rain Blazer

BB Dakota top

Following a fashion event, M asked me, “What is the point of a leather skirt?” To which I said, “There is a point. I love leather skirts!” Anyways, that’s how you should feel about this faux-leather perforated BB Dakota peplum top. Trust.


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New Year’s Dresses Fit for a Czarina

Spoiler alert (a month later): Serena goes for a gold Georges Chakra and Dan cuts his hair. WTF, Dan is Gossip Girl?!!

OMFG! What happened to us? A crazy work schedule and a full social calendar in December.  It’s my fault.  But I promise, I will return with more frequent posts filled with witty repartee.  Of late, I am extra obsessed with party frocks.  Confession:  When I find a really great dress, I let the devil on my shoulder win, take it home and store it lovingly in a garment bag, deep in my armoire.  Stocking up, just in case.  If there’s an Armageddon, I’ll be reallyx3 well dressed. 

The Russian Fashion Pack featured in Elle

Nina Garcia, the lovely fashion editor of ELLE says via her Twitter:  “New Year’s Eve is the one occasion when your little black cocktail dress should not be your fallback choice. BE CREATIVE!” Note her use of all caps for emphasis.  Trust Nina.  She’s an arbiter of taste.  Well dearies, I agree.  Why not take a cue from the Russian clique taking over Fashion Week?  Look no further than the group of up and coming czarinas with risk-taking style and piles of their husbands’ money to burn.  Just go opulent + baroque + load it up with jewels and then multiply MOREx3

You can tell people you are channelling Vogue Russia for New Year’s Eve.

Pearls, diamantes, gold, beading, satin! More is more! Scarlet Johanson on the cover of Vogue Russia

Two of my favourite things: sequin & tulle in my favourite hue/drink - champagne. Aidan Mattox Sequin Tulle Dress

I am very particular about full sequin dresses. This gold number from French Connection is perfection!

Love the silver zig-zags and ruche detailed hem on this sexy Parker shift dress. Yeow!


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Rolling In Sequins

Serena loves sequins day and night. Are you watching season 6 of Gossip Girl?

It’s that time of the year again — party time!  Ooh, I am a naughty blogeress.  I blame my blogging blackout on my overstuffed social calendar.  I am quite partial, fond, obsessed with clothing that looks as though I accidentally got slimed on You Can’t Do That On Television, but in lieu of green slime, insert Elmer’s Glue, lost my footing and fell into a giant vat of sequins.  You gotta love a fashionistah for commitment. 

Tell someone your sequins are inspired by Daisy Buchanan as interpreted by Baz Luhrman. Channel Carey Mulligan in The Great Gatsby. All great outfits should have a back story. Trust.

Let’s not be so predictable this party season with the same old, same old.  Here are some sartorial sequin selections to get the DJ to play your requests, the effects guy to point the spotlight in your direction and kick off the social season.

Ombre sequins – A golden sequin lightly brushed with dye which gives an allover Monet effect.  That, or sequins strategically positionned to give off a gradient ombre (light to dark) appearance. 

I enjoy how the nude and canary yellow of this Alice + Olivia Camille Sequin Dress is understated (well, as understated as sequins go).

Two sided sequins – When you brush your hand in one direction, the sequins are black.  When you brush them in the opposite direction, the sequins are silver.  If someone lays a hand on your assets, proof of SCANDAL!  

Paillettes – Not for the fashionistah wallflower, paillettes are a larger circle sequin typically 1/2″ or bigger in diameter.  The effect is very retro meets giant scale fish.  Makes me want to wear extra thick liquid eyeliner and tease my hair into a giant beehive.

Go big, or go home: Juicy Couture jumbo paillettes. Seriously!

Save The Best For Last – You tell it Whitney!  Are you just happy to see me or are those sequin shoes on your feet.  I bet if sequins were around back then, Cinderella would have sequin stilettos.  I think this is a fun contrast if you are wearing a cocktail dress in a solid bold hue or a flamboyant LBD (little black dress).

Black or Silver? BCBG Two Tone Sequin Pump is a great conversation starter

I'm adoring Ella Henderson from XFactor UK with her winged out eyeliner, 1930's style and classic beauty. Oh and her voice at 16 is ah-mazing.


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Channel Ally McBeal After 8pm

Calista the rump-shaker as Ally McBeal. That is like the fakest CGI baby everrrr. Technology has come a long way.

You know when you leave reallyx3 late from work and it’s pitch black outside?  It reminds me of episodes of Ally McBeal where she would come home, change out of her mini-powersuit into her flannel jammies and hallucinate that dancing baby.  Nostalgia.  You want to watch it now – Ally McBeal to the tune of Barry White

Well sometimes after a long hard day, why wouldn’t you want to put on a super-cute pair of jammy-jams?

Forget counting sheep: You will look adorbs in these Layla Stars pyjamas.

F-L-O-W-E-R-S is the new bananas! You know it's Betsey Johnson's iconic floral

Tory Burch Slippers may not be conducive to dancing but great for keeping your tootsies warm whilst sipping hot cocoa.

Holy crap! 17 years since they made Clueless. Love Cher & Dionne! Pop in a classic VHS, I mean DVD and pop some popcorn.


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