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Summer Beach Dreams

Dolce Vita Romper

I never gave up on the romper. I love a good romper/gladiator sandal combo. That’s my drinks on a patio outfit. Loving the cool blues on this Dolce Vita Romper

A girl needs to dream.  A girl needs to dream about a bright sunshine-y day without rain or sleet or snow.  A day without salt stained boots and static-y flyaway hair.  Of turquoise waters and itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny bikinis.  Having gone on a warm December vacation, my hopes were high for a quick segue way into Spring.  Since that hasn’t been the case, I’ll settle for Summer Beach Dreams.

I have already planned out my travels for the next year (because a girl has got to see the world).  Well, if you’re a follower of the LC, you know how I feel about a gypset wardrobe. If it were tropical here, I would be wearing a caftan walking down the sidewalk.  Some summer loves to keep you daydreaming… *lesigh

Bright bikini babes in H&M Swimwear

Bright bikini babes in H&M Swimwear

Psychedelic dreamers: I really need more Mara Hoffman Resort in my life right now.

Psychedelic dreamers: I really need more Mara Hoffman Resort in my life right now.

Vix St. Marten caftan because you know how I like to channel Morocco.

Vix St. Marten caftan because you know how I like to channel Morocco.

Daria in Gucci Macramé. I actually read this copy of Elle Spain while in Salamanca. Fun fact.

Daria in Gucci Macramé. I actually read this copy of Elle Spain while in Salamanca. Fun fact.



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So Very French

Carrie Bradshaw Paris

Remember the Paris episode where Carrie took a face plant in Dior? Then she was mortified and bought the entire store. Hrmm…unintentional poetry.

Little French cafés are so mignon (cute, dainty), non? Today, me and A went for petit déjeuner (breakfast) at the most darling patisserie housed in a Victoria row house.  The food was deliciously French and so were the waiters.  It’s the kind of place where they serve you lattes with the foam shaped in a heart.  And where you say no béchamel and you end up saying yes to brioche and crepes with nutella.  I can’t divulge its name for fear of it becoming too popular.  Sorry darlings.  Some secrets have to stay in my hair.  We had a very French afternoon punctuated by flirty girlish giggling.  Those are the days my friend!

Catherine Deneuve

The epitome of chic: the one, the only Catherine Deneuve

If you don’t know much about my French muse Catherine Deneuve, I insist you really must read on Parisian Bombshell Chic: Catherine DeneuveTrust. 

Croque Madame

Perhaps you will order yourself a Croque Madame – a grilled ham and cheese with béchamel topped with a fried or poached egg

C by Bloomingdales beret

It’s rather chilly out, non? Tilt your C by Bloomingdales beret ever so slightly. Passerbys will admire your air of “je ne sais quoi”

Eiffel Tower at Night

Bonsoir and bonne chance young lovers! The Eiffel Tower lit up at night *le sigh*



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Whatever Happens In Cabo…

Cabo San Lucas, Lover's Rock. Reminds me of that Sade album that I played on repeat "Won't pretend, that I intend to stop living..."

never happened!!  (ba-dum-pum)  This is especially true if you go to Cabo San Lucas to soak up the sun and take an extended siesta all day on the beach, then repose by the pool, gorge on salsa and tortilla chips only to siesta in your room and tuck in early to catch Kourtney & Kim Take Miami on E! Latino.  But if I was in Cabo with my girlfriends at 21, I would be that girl drinking pina coladas in the infinity pool, doing the hotel dance and waking up my neighbours at 4am from a late night dance session to latin house.  How can I judge the kids on Spring Break?  I was that girl.

Cabo San Lucas is a resort town on the southern tip of the Baja California.  Nestled amid the scenic mountains are million dollar mansions and a marina filled with bright white yachts.  This charming town has restaurants, bars and a few outdoor shops.  Perch yourself on the pier at La Casa Country, enjoy a plate of fish tacos, a major pina colada and people watch until the sun sets. Or indulge in some retail therapy at Ondade Mar for vibrant Columbian swimwear or uniquely latin caftans.

Much like an observer of street trends, I thought I would share some insights straight off the beach…

  • Day Glow Neon – Perhaps you feel you’ve already done neon but it was huge on the beach.  To avoid neon overkill, many gals paired their bright bandeau with a black bottom or toned down the fluorescence by wearing a print accented with neon.  For the less fashionistah adventuress, muted neons in coral, pink and chartreuse are the way to go. 

Free People Yellow Neon Bikini with your matching straw fedora. Fedorable!

Fun fact: There were less string bikinis and more hipster bottoms. Mix it up with your J. Crew Neon Swirl Bikini

  • Stacked Bracelets – Oh, you can never wear too many at once! The look is a mashup of skinny bangles, round beads, braided leather or string friendship bracelets.  To elevate the look add a few simple gold bangles, charm bracelets or a skinny watch.

Try this at home! Alexis Bittar and Cara bracelets c/o Nordstrom

  • Haute Hippie Headwrap – Perhaps the beach is the best place for fashion risk-taking.  Swim turbans and headwraps abound!  Function meets fashion!  Not only are you shading your pretty little head from the sun, you are also making a MAJOR statement. 

This is my favourite way to wear a silk scarf on the beach. Take a rectangular scarf and tie at the crown of your head. Secure with bobby pins. Secret Garden Head Wrap

  • Return of the Crop Top – Oh yes, 90′s resurgence. Save the fitted crop top for the teens and the 20-somethings.  Go oversize for that Flashdance/Let’s Get Physical, off the shoulder, laisser-faire, I’m casual vibe.

Nothing's better than a super oversize soft cotton tee. Roxy Sea Crop Top


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Resort Report: Fringe, Ruffle & Neon Bikinis

"Ha-ha-ha" I'd be laughing too if I was sunning on a beach instead of freezing my buns off in the frigid cold. Ruffled bikini - check. Messy side braid - check. Straw hat - check. Seafolly via Harper's Bazaar

Dearies, this is the third time I have attempted to write this post.  Perhaps this attempt will be the charm.  Every year, around the time that my boots get damaged by salty slush, I have to scrape the ice off my windshield and my hair turns to icicles if I don’t properly blowdry, I like to write a little ditty about Resort.  As a summer baby, I lament the loss of our friend sunshine and wearing too many layers causing my hair to stand up in a static-y frizz. 

Snowbirds rejoice!  This year, we have many Swim trends to pique our fancy.  With bathings suits (like shoes and handbags), you can never-ever-ever have too many.  The newest styles are ones that mimic fashion trends so be on the look out for saturated hues, mixing of pattern and textures, bold motifs and retro styles.

Trina Turk Summer of Love Bikini is an eye-catching psychedelic print in this season's sorbet hues.

L-E-M-O-N-S! Simmer on the beach with this bright Victoria Secret ruffled bandeau in a lemon and leaf motif

Got Print? Mara Hoffman is also showing some great structured bustier styles in the boldest tribal prints.

Get Into The Groove with Zinke Katie 80's inspired denim bustier bikini and muted pastel hipster bottoms

Oh no you didn't! Dance on the beach with the best-selling L*Space Fringe Bikini

Mix n' Match has been going strong for a few years. Take this Zimmerman floral bandeau and pair with a lovely lavendar solid bottom. I also love the juxtaposition of a pattern with polka dots or stripes. Tooo cute!

Life imitating art. NEON: Spring Breakers, the new Harmony Korine film features Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Benson in lots of bright bikinis.


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Got Secrets Can’t Leave Cancun

Say cheese! We totally took this photo inspired by Vogue 1993 Beauty & the Beach. The memories are all flooding back!

I have a slew of friends who are packing their luggage for warmer destinations come mid-December.  There is only one word: jalouse! (that’s jealous in French).

Recently, at our annual fashionistah holiday brunch, we reminisced about our university graduation trip to Cancun. A few years later, older and wiser, I went on a girls vacation with my bestie C.  Before departing for the airport, I told her father not to worry if he saw bloody beaches on the news; it would be the trail of broken hearts we would leave behind.  Can you believe he let her go on vacay with moi? 

Two girls in Mexico?!!  It was a make or break trip for our friendship but somehow we managed to get into heaps of sketchy fun without the drrrrama.  Stuff that brings back fond memories of Mexico:

Tan faster! Australian Gold so you don't blind the locals with your pasty white legs.

Chloe sunglasses with the rhinestone heart detail. I still have mine. Do you have yours?

Dress for that tropical climate in an emerald green TBags Maxi dress. The best air conditionning is 'no pants.'

This Jemma Jube crochet bikini via Vogue Australia reminds of my bestie's from Preloved circa 2001. Cutes.


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Hot Child in NYC

We drove into NYC as the July 4th fireworks lit the city skyline. Le sigh!

This blog post is alternatively titled “WWCD,” the acryonym broken down as ‘What Would Carrie Do?’ Get that on your very retro, 90′s throwback, nameplate gold necklace, why dontcha?  I love New York.  Do you love New York?  If you don’t, you should!  There is a frenetic energy that underscores the city, a dash of glamour punctuated with personality, heart and grit. 

Classic Carrie: Did you have a nameplate necklace too? I need to find mine...

OMG, do payphones still exist??! Carrie Bradshaw uses a payphone after throwing her cell into the ocean (rage shame spiral) SATC movie

All of my travels to New York are filled with wild adventure and enough sketchy tall tales to fill a screenplay in which incriminating names and places have been changed to protect the innocent. (Ahem, said film would be directed by Wes Anderson, young me played by Vanessa Hudgens, older me Thandie Newton).  While I would love to share all my secrets, my hair would deflate. 

Here are some fun places to see and be seen, that both Carrie and I quite enjoy….

The iconic Manolo Blahnik shoe. Love this blush satin version of the ones that Carrie left in her walk-in closet.

 Manolo Blahnik (31 West 54th Street) –  My friend C dragged me to the store in search of perfect wedding shoes.  Surprisingly, the store is in a tiny brick building (blink and you’ll miss it) with Manolo’s strewn about on ledges and divans like an Upper East side apartment of an aging socialite.  Apparently, the ladies of Manolo need to take a siesta between 2-3pm.  So make sure you go post-haste, guzzle your brunch Mimosa before they shoo-shoo you out of there.  If you are going to spend a wild fortune on shoes, you should languish in a chaise, take your time and try on high heels a la Cinderella.

BOHEMIAN: Free People gives me crochet and tassles for Summer 2012! I'll have a second helping of that.

Shopping in SoHo – I think this neighbourhood (SOuth of HOuston) in Lower Manhattan has such character with its cobblestone streets, funky boutiques, artsy galleries and cafes.  It is a tourist mecca on the weekends but more casual and chilled out on a weekday.  You can get your boho on at Free People or Madewell, max your credit card at the Bloomingdales shoe department, rock leather and lace at All Saints, run into Clinton & Stacy at Scoop NYC or stalk your fave Kardashian at DASH (mine is Khloe for laughs, Kourtney for clothes).

Madewell: Good enough for It/Hipster Poster Girl Alexa Chung.

Buddakan (75 9th Avenue) – This Chelsea supper club was in the engagement dinner scene of the SATC movie.  The Asian fusion menu is tapas style, perfect for sharing and reasonably priced…until your waiter starts free pouring the Grey Goose.  But it’s ok, you’ve had dinner so the hangover won’t be that bad.


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