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Sweater Weather

Bundle up! Vince makes the most luxurious, classic sweaters.

“It’s too cold,
For you here,
And now so let me hold both your hands in,
The holes of my sweater.” 
Sweater Weather, The Neighbourhood
Dearies, what the heck happened to the summer?  Perhaps we’ve grown too accustomed to global warming and the blissful summer heat holding on like a Wilson Phillips song?  This morning, I tried to find a chunky knit in my closet but all I came up with were flimsy chiffon floaty things.  Maybe I took my seasonal purge too far? My bestie F suggested that I have spending too much time in warm climates.  True, but I never thought it of as a bad thing until I froze my butt off today.  (Insert sniffle, sniffle) Sweaters for sweater weather…

Wildfox lets you wear your heart on your sweater. Liking the distressed edges and slouchiness of this one.

God Bless Cable Knit: There is nothing like wrapping yourself in a chunky, cream, cable knit sweater for a brunch date. Stay warm in this Free People Bang Bang Sweater.

Searching for years: I have yet to find the perfect fur vest but this Herve Leger looks smashing. Form & function!

Next weekend, I think I need to seriously stock up!


September 23, 2012   1 Comment

The Spice Girls: Then & Now

Spice Girls at the Brit Awards: I just adore Geri in her Union Jack Dress and her undies hanging out. LOVE.

The Spice Girls at the London Olympics Closing Ceremony. I adore my Baby Spice in her pink futuristic frock. Le sigh!

Let’s talk a stroll down Spice Girl memory lane.  Let’s dust off our 90’s memorabilia and pop our cd into the ghettoblaster.  Remember when you “chaperoned” your tween niece and her friends during the Spice concert? They were so embarrassed when you made them stand on their seats and sing along to “Stop right now, thank you very much, I need somebody with a human touch…” (and do the actions).  How about the heartbreak you felt when you saw the news headlines that Geri left the band in the middle of her North American tour? Devastated, right?

Remember when you voted for your city to become a stop for the Spice reunion tour?  Then got your friend’s husband to dial incessantly for 2 hours to get ‘Front of the Line’ tickets? Or maybe that was just moi? Whatever, you were obsessed too.

 Watch these awesome classic Spice Girl videos —  some my favourite spice tracks:

  1. Too Much
  2. Wannabe
  3. Say You’ll Be There
  4. 2 Become 1
  5. Spice Up Your Life
  6. Goodbye

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We Built This City On Rock N’ Roll

Nothing like holding down that spray button. Julianne Hough getting her bangs teased in Rock of Ages.

OMGx3.  In my middle age, sometimes I get a very random memory come back to me and I enjoy a silent chuckle.

As a tween in the 80’s growing up in the suburbs, we often had ‘punk parties.’ To achieve such a look:  find an oversize shirt (WWMW – what would Madonna wear?), throw on a wide leather belt slung on your hips, crimp/tease your hair with a liberal application of hairspray (hold 10 seconds), accessorize with mesh gloves and the piece de resistance, drawing a giant lightning bolt on your cheek with blue lipstick.  Sometimes you would get misinformation and a half hour before your arrival, you wouldn’t know if it was a ‘normal/wear jeans’ party or a ‘punk’ party.  Such stress!  And it’s not like we had cell phones back then! Drrrring! Dring!

In dire scenarios such as these, there was only one out — to keep a tube of blue lipstick in your pocket and offer to punkify the rest of your friends.  With costumes, commitment and persuasion are key.

The reason I missed the bus from 1985-1988, morning episodes of Jem & the Holograms. Model your lightning bolt after The Misfits.

You wanna throw a punk party now.  Ditto.  Here’s your 80’s hair band playlist:

  1. Starship – We Built This City on Rock N’ Roll
  2. White Snake – Here I Go Again
  3. Def Leppard – Pour Some Sugar on Me
  4. Guns N’ Roses – Paradise City
  5. Mr. Big – To Be With You
  6. Poison – Every Rose Has Its Thorn
  7. Thompson Twins – Hold Me

Don't forget the bigger the hair, the bigger the attitude! 80s Rocker Chic is so Paris Vogue 2010.


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Colour Theories for Spring & Summer

Powder blue dress & red lips. Yes please. Charlize Theron covers UK Vogue May 2012

“Whooaa, amber is the colour of your energy…” – 311

I really like that song.  It reminds me of sitting on my contemplation rock by the beach, listening to the crashing waves and letting the heat of the setting sun toast my skin.  On the subject of colour, Spring/Summer 2012 is giving us lots to celebrate – this season there are so many ways to work new hues into your wardrobe.

Here are 3 key trends that will be fun ways to up the ante on your current fashionistah stylings:

New Kid on the Colour Block – Colour blocking is not a new trend but this season, many designers are making it as easy as putting on a top or dress.  The best way to colour block is strikingly graphic or extremely saturated, inspiring coos of passerby’s, “Ooh, I would never, ev-errrr, in a million years think of combining those colours, but heck, I LIKE it!” 

This DVF Lou Dress is Colour Theory 101: Complimentary on the colour wheel and sure to elicit mad props.

Happy Accident: This Gryphon Dip Dye Dress is colour-block and high-low. 2 Trends Become 1 (to tune of Spice Girls).

NEON – Your t-shirt’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.  If like me, you had a Hypercolour sweatshirt, crimped your hair and watched the Facts of Life in the 80’s, you may hesitate to leave this trend to your too-cool for school niece (insert eye-roll).  Or you can take a tamer approach and accessorize with a neon skinny belt or wear a warm neutral to offset the stimulating bright of neon. 

Dree Hemingway sets it off in Valentino Couture. Blinding vibrant yellow meets nude. Well played.

Neon in the details: Loving the subtle pop-art pink piping on these ALDO Brimfield Wedges

Sorbet Pastels –  Seeing pastel hued clothing reminds of me of the Art Deco buildings in South Beach.  Any of the soft colours can be worn to compliment your skin tone – butter yellows, mint, cream tangerine, baby blue and cotton candy pinks.  This season we are seeing many retailers show really great skinny jeans in ice cream colours.  Pick your flavour? 

Dude. Sweet. Pastel Skinnies via Paris Vogue.

How are you going to integrate colour into your wardrobe? Do tell.

For extra tips on adding colour this Spring, read more on BlogHer and don’t forget to enter The Life Well Lived Sweepstakes.


April 23, 2012   1 Comment

Fashion Eastah, A Holiday for Fashionistahs

Blair & Serena matchy-matchy. I especially adore when you show up to an event wearing the same kind of outfit as your fashionistah bestie, "Nice lace dress!" Brainwave!

I am a naughty blogeress. Naughty x 3.  This hottt summer weather has been diverting my attention to galavanting as opposed to blogging.  What can I say?  I love heat & sunshine.

Around this time every Spring for more than a decade, my fashionistah friends and I celebrate an annual event known as Fashion Eastah.  On a road trip to Montreal, my bestie C was calling her boyfriend and due to poor reception, he misinterpreted what she was saying.  He responded, “Fashion Easter?  You girls have a holiday!?!!”  To which many a light bulb exploded simultaneously and we collectively gasped, “We TOTALLY should!”

The early origins of Fashion Eastah are mired in legends of Redbull vodkas, high heels, special edition mixed cd’s, elaborate fondant cakes baked in the shapes of shoes, riotous fashion trivia and after-hour late nights being twirled around by flaming gay boys to the techno-beat of a Killers Remix.  These days our Fashion Eastah’s are less sketchy affairs, more ladylike brunches, chiffon daydresses, quiches and spa water.  But when we get together, we reminisce tasting our first champagne at Les Bains Douches, wearing those backless tops in the 90’s to go clubbing and playing “I Want It That Way” (click to play now) on repeat while taking the EuroRail.  Good times!  BTW, the 90’s are considered retro now.  Crazytown!

Ain't nothing but a heartbreak... Confession: I was never a BSB fan but hell, I love this song because it reminds me of my first trip to Europe with my fashionistahs.

Feel free to co-opt this holiday for you & your best fashion girlfriends.  Some tips for your Fashion Eastah event:

  • Flowers for the Hostess – A lovely floral arrangement is de riguer for your hostess.  After all, she has woken up early to pick up those fresh croissants, place the tablemats just so and greet you with a spritzer.  I love mixing shades of pinks, oranges, white and greens in tulips, gerber daisies and roses. Ahh, so fresh!

Domestic goddesses take note: Do co-opt the gradiant hues in this floral arrangement from Martha Stewart.

  • Dress the Part – Call me Cruise, but I love setting a dress code.  Cheesy as it sounds, I get a kick out of co-ordinating outfits with my friends.  Part of Fashion Eastah is the celebration of Spring – getting to rip the hangtags off that new outfit sitting desperately in your closet or break in your new patent pastel wedges.  Plus, your clique of fashionable friends will notice your attention to detail.  “Ooh, I like how you matched your daisy earrings to the yellow piping on your skirt.” Noted!

Feel free to wear something extra girly. After all, these are your people. Constance working pastel florals in produce Aisle 1 for Vogue.

  • Savour the Macarons – We had a full on conversation about macarons and how one of my friends had to chastise her husband for popping them into his mouth like a box of Oreos.  Helloooooo, those take a bajillion hours to make.  Remember to savour the macarons!

Fashion Eastah, literally! I mean, designer Easter eggs via Vogue. This would make a fun crafternoon, non? Ridiculous.


March 25, 2012   1 Comment

Return of the Rock Concert

Surprisingly, Brandon Flowers looks damn good in feathers. So I take my sister to a Killers concert and she's all: "I love his British accent." *Swoon* I'm like, "Um, Brandon is from Las Vegas." Insert sisterly-giggles!

Life has been hectic and come to think of it, I have been missing one of my favourite past times — attending rock concerts.  I went through a phase where I went ALL the time with my friend H.  On a Thursday, we would have cocktails at her bachelorette pad then take in a live show at a sketchy bar or concert venue.  The next day, we would drag our tired selves into work, the aftersmell of smoke masked by extra hair conditioner and dark eye circles disguised with a heavy-handed application of concealer.  Ahhhh, those were the days!   And such fond memories. Methinks I will bring it back.

Here are a few alterna-pop rock songs, I obsess over listen to on repeat:

  • Miike Snow – Paddling
  • TV On The Radio – Will Do
  • Kele – Everything You Wanted (RAC Remix)
  • Florence + The Machine – Shake It Out

Sometimes Julian mumbles but I adore The Strokes. Nothing better than 12:51 or Reptilia live, non?

Keep your hands free so you can drink and dance with that cute hipster by the bar. Shake your fringe with a Z&L Marrakesh Crossbody Bag

Wildfox T-shirt Dress. While it’s a dress, please pair it with leggings, otherwise people will think you forgot your pants at home. Trust.

Exactly how I would wear Joe's Jeans Ponte Pants! There's something edgy about grey jeans that makes them perfect for rocking out.

Once the movie 'Rock of Ages' comes out, you know there's going to be a big hair, acid wash and punk revival. Sienna pairs her acid wash jeggings with a cozy t and slouchy sweater.


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