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Lana Del Rey Style

I love the dramatic retro `60s cat eyeliner and pale lipstick

I love the dramatic retro `60s cat eyeliner and pale lipstick

I blame my friend S for my ruin.  She gently twisted my arm and we bought stellar tickets to Beyoncé.  She only gets reallyx3 good tickets to concerts.  She wants to see them up close and personal.  She wants to see them sweat.  But now that I’ve been spoiled, I can’t go backwards and every time I get tickets to something, I need to be right up in the action.  Slippery slope and it’s what I like to call a shame spiral.

Of all the bands and artists I have yet to see, I put it out there that I would like to see Lana Del Rey.  Lo and behold, the universe delivered in the form of a Live Nation alert.  So I bit the bullet and I’m going to see her do her gangster-Nancy Sinatra thing in the Spring (a rhyme).

Here is a playlist of my faves on repeat…  She will be releasing a new album in 2014 Ultraviolence

  1. Summer Wine – with James Barrie O`Neill (cover of Nancy Sinatra = fun!)
  2. Ride
  3. Yayo
  4. Blue Velvet
  5. Ridin`- with ASAP Rocky
  6. Bel Air
  7. Bonus: Link to her short film Tropico
Head tilt: Lana del Rey for H&M

Head tilt: Lana del Rey for H&M

Lana Del Rey in Vogue Italia

Lana Del Rey in Vogue Italia

Quintessential Lana Del Rey is a dramatic eye. I like it when they also style her hair with waves via Vogue Japan

Quintessential Lana Del Rey is a dramatic eye. I like it when they also style her hair with waves via Vogue Japan

Toro! She collaborated with Baz Luhrman on Young & Beautiful for the Great Gatsby soundtrack. She's channelling a bullfighter non?

Toro! She collaborated with Baz Luhrman on Young & Beautiful for the Great Gatsby soundtrack. She’s channelling a bullfighter non?



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Countdown to Beyonce “Mrs. Carter Show”

Beyonce Vogue 2013

High fashion B so pretty in Vogue 2013

Hmm, not sure that I know anyone that isn’t kind of, sort of, obsessed with Beyoncé.  And if you told me otherwise, I would serve you some talk to the hand, “Girrl, you be craaazy.”  My Ticketmaster alert did not go off because, duh, I forgot to set her as one of my favourites.  Sometimes I can be such an imbecile *wink* but I didn’t waste any sad faces when I found out her shows were sold out.  With my sunny disposition, I had a profound belief that if there’s a will, there’s ALWAYS a way.  Trust. (the secret)

Beyonce Countdown

Beyoncé says Hipsters love Countdown. “Me and my boo and my boo boo riding…” obviously my favourite lyric

Mentioning my lack of Beyoncé tickets at the lunch table, my friend S was all about it.  Step 1 Find a concert partner in crime accomplished.  A few weeks later, in a follow up chat we decided we should probably be putting more effort into finding tickets.  Then as luck should have it, new tickets were released.  Step 2 Get tickets close enough to see B booty shake, hair flip, sweat, etcetera, etc.  A done deal.  Such are the spoils of fate.  Never give up!

Perhaps you want to brush up on your hip hop – See 47 of Beyoncé’s Absolute Best Dance Moves on Buzzfeed.

Beyonce tour

A month away until Beyoncé’s tour lands in Toronto. I am too excited. Are you going?

Les Twins

Les Twins – Kind of obsessed too with those zany French brothers Larry and Laurent who are reknown for their new-style hip hop

Beyonce Cafe Nervosa

Last summer, the Carters were spotted at Café Nervosa in Yorkville. If you like Italian, this place is always good for a cozy chic atmosphere and delicious food.



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Juice Is A Verb

Printed Yoga Leggings

Breaking news: I’m seeing more Yogi’s wearing printed leggings to yoga. There are some cute ones from Prana in tie-dye and Lululemon has a tone on tone paisley (obvi!).

They said, “You’re crazy going on a detox during the holidays!”  But alas, dear friends, as a lacto-ovo vegetarian, I really don’t partake in a huge turkey dinner.  The only vice I truly lament is a wheel of Brie paired with those delicious Raincoast Crisps…ok maybe I’ll indulge in the occasional chocolate molten cake for dessert.


Lorde playlist: It’s really a pity that the radio has overkilled ‘Royals’ by Lorde. The cd has excellent tracks like Tennis Court, Team, Swingin’ Party and Buzzcut Season.

Nothing is better than winding down on a Sunday afternoon with a yoga class, cutting fruits and veggies to indie-rock and juicing.  Yes, juice is a verb.  While it seems radical to some to go on a juice detox, I think that adding fresh juice to my current diet will have many health benefits.  Plus, it’s ridiculously fun to throw veggies down the chute.  Delicious and nutritious.

Breville Juicer

Breville Compact Juicer: It’s really not that compact but super easy to use. I had a step stool to be able to drop the apples and carrots in.

Here is an easy Detox Juice Recipe:

  1. 2 apples
  2. 2 carrots
  3. 2 beets
  4. 1 orange
  5. 1/2 lemon
  6. 1″ ginger

It’s recommended to drink juices immediately to get as much nutrients as possible.  Remember to store in an air tight glass container and refrigerate immediately.  For a fun game, get your friend to guess the ingredients.  Amazingly, my friend D named every single ingredient correctly.  I was super impressed.  Alas, she has a very refined tasting palette.  Enjoy!

If you don’t have a juicer, you can try a lovely organic juice or smoothie from Sunshine Wholesome Market (942 College St.) This is a family run business that uses organic and local ingredients as well as sells natural health food products.

Fat Sick And Nearly Dead

My favourite genre of film is Documentary. Sub-genre: Food Documentaries. Fat Sick And Nearly Dead will make you wanna juice. Trust.


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Rolling In Sequins

Serena loves sequins day and night. Are you watching season 6 of Gossip Girl?

It’s that time of the year again — party time!  Ooh, I am a naughty blogeress.  I blame my blogging blackout on my overstuffed social calendar.  I am quite partial, fond, obsessed with clothing that looks as though I accidentally got slimed on You Can’t Do That On Television, but in lieu of green slime, insert Elmer’s Glue, lost my footing and fell into a giant vat of sequins.  You gotta love a fashionistah for commitment. 

Tell someone your sequins are inspired by Daisy Buchanan as interpreted by Baz Luhrman. Channel Carey Mulligan in The Great Gatsby. All great outfits should have a back story. Trust.

Let’s not be so predictable this party season with the same old, same old.  Here are some sartorial sequin selections to get the DJ to play your requests, the effects guy to point the spotlight in your direction and kick off the social season.

Ombre sequins – A golden sequin lightly brushed with dye which gives an allover Monet effect.  That, or sequins strategically positionned to give off a gradient ombre (light to dark) appearance. 

I enjoy how the nude and canary yellow of this Alice + Olivia Camille Sequin Dress is understated (well, as understated as sequins go).

Two sided sequins – When you brush your hand in one direction, the sequins are black.  When you brush them in the opposite direction, the sequins are silver.  If someone lays a hand on your assets, proof of SCANDAL!  

Paillettes – Not for the fashionistah wallflower, paillettes are a larger circle sequin typically 1/2″ or bigger in diameter.  The effect is very retro meets giant scale fish.  Makes me want to wear extra thick liquid eyeliner and tease my hair into a giant beehive.

Go big, or go home: Juicy Couture jumbo paillettes. Seriously!

Save The Best For Last – You tell it Whitney!  Are you just happy to see me or are those sequin shoes on your feet.  I bet if sequins were around back then, Cinderella would have sequin stilettos.  I think this is a fun contrast if you are wearing a cocktail dress in a solid bold hue or a flamboyant LBD (little black dress).

Black or Silver? BCBG Two Tone Sequin Pump is a great conversation starter

I'm adoring Ella Henderson from XFactor UK with her winged out eyeliner, 1930's style and classic beauty. Oh and her voice at 16 is ah-mazing.


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Katy Perry: Part of Me

Katy Perry is a bit drag queen but aren't all girly-girls? Discuss.

Part of any long weekend must involve laying on the couch watching a movie. Lately, my cinematic choices have been of the musical variety.  Pitch Perfect, anyone?  Stop pretending you don’t love coming of age comedies, an acapella No Diggity riff-off and the comedic stylings of Rebel Wilson.  But I majorly digress…

A breakout role: Rebel Wilson kills me softly with her comedic timing in Pitch Perfect. "Ohmigod, I love that movie," quote my mothah.

A few months ago, I went to the movies with my good friend J and we were going to spontaneously choose a film upon arrival.  She felt too guilty to watch the new Batman without her husband (such loyalty!), Katy Perry Part of Me was on too late (teenage hearts), so we opted for the reboot of Total Recall (last resort).  A complete waste of Colin Farrell and 2 hours of my life, which I will never, ever get back, ever (to the tune of a Taylor Swift breakup song).  Another digression…

Hershey kisses: Katy Perry would be a fun Halloween costume. But the real question is, would you be ok if you showed up at a costume party and a bunch of other girls did it better than you?

So now that Katy Perry: Part of Me is available to watch from the comfort of my living room, I decided to continue on this musical love affair.  First I would like to say, I am not a die-hard Katy Perry fan.  I think she’s quite likeable, she has a Betty Boop thing going and I think she has a unique voice.  Nonetheless, I found myself shedding a few tears watching this documentary shot during her 2011 World Tour. 

The film is a revealing portrait of a singer who struggled to find her place in pop music and ultimately became hugely success. The movie also shows very personal moments as Katy spends time with her family, has professional high’s achieving many #1 singles, she also goes through depression with the breakup of her marriage to Russell Brand.  Music and drrrrrama!  Whoa, it was more teardrop than I expected.

My final tangent…I like singing Wide Awake in the car. Excellent driving tune. THE END.


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Sweater Weather

Bundle up! Vince makes the most luxurious, classic sweaters.

“It’s too cold,
For you here,
And now so let me hold both your hands in,
The holes of my sweater.” 
Sweater Weather, The Neighbourhood
Dearies, what the heck happened to the summer?  Perhaps we’ve grown too accustomed to global warming and the blissful summer heat holding on like a Wilson Phillips song?  This morning, I tried to find a chunky knit in my closet but all I came up with were flimsy chiffon floaty things.  Maybe I took my seasonal purge too far? My bestie F suggested that I have spending too much time in warm climates.  True, but I never thought it of as a bad thing until I froze my butt off today.  (Insert sniffle, sniffle) Sweaters for sweater weather…

Wildfox lets you wear your heart on your sweater. Liking the distressed edges and slouchiness of this one.

God Bless Cable Knit: There is nothing like wrapping yourself in a chunky, cream, cable knit sweater for a brunch date. Stay warm in this Free People Bang Bang Sweater.

Searching for years: I have yet to find the perfect fur vest but this Herve Leger looks smashing. Form & function!

Next weekend, I think I need to seriously stock up!


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