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Jared Leto’s So-Called Hair

Jared Leto winning his Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club.  He got his looks from his mama.

Jared Leto winning his Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club. He got his looks from his mama.

Besides daisies, plaid and 90′s nostalgia becoming all the rage, everyone is all about Jared Leto and his lustrous manlocks.  For those of us who are  old young enough to remember, his claim to fame was starring as Jordan Catalano on my So-Called Life.  He was the quintessential aloof pretty boy leaning on walls, distracted, being reallyx3 attractive from all angles, object of Angela Chase’s unrequited love and the bad boy of our collective dreams.  He had a few years where he pursued his music with 30 Seconds to Mars and we all forgot what a sexy babe he is.

But he’s been drinking the blood of innocents and that’s what you look like when you’ve made a pact with Beelzebub.  Some of his memorable looks today and yesterday.  Enjoy!

Jordan Catalano

Jordan Catalano: “You could, have sex with me though…” {Angela laughs} “…if you really want to help.” {Angela gets up, laughing} “I guess that’s a ‘no’?”

Not long ago, Jared had a pink Mohawk. Here he is performing in Wales with 30 Second to Mars.

Rockstar commitment: Not long ago, Jared had a pink Mohawk. Here he is performing in Wales with 30 Second to Mars circa 2010.

Real men wear buns, not of the ballerinka variety. Jared chez the Golden Globes

Real men wear buns, not of the ballerinka variety. Jared chez the Golden Globes

Jared as beachbum Jesus rocker. Whoever is conditioning his hair right now, "BRAVO"

Dress it up or dress it down…it still look fiiiiine. Jared as beachbum Jesus rocker. Whoever is conditioning his hair right now, “BRAVO”

You’re welcome.


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Documentaries Are Better Than Fiction

Girls Night popcorn

Girls Night In: Slouchy 80′s sweatshirt – check. Chunky socks – check. Popcorn – check. Pants optional.

I was walking past a sandwich board for a comedy bar and it read, “Better than Netflix.”  Confession: My subscription to Netflix has contributed to my blogeress hiatus.  Thus, I should have limitless celluloid fodder on which to base many a post.  Nothing peaks my curiosity quite like a good documentary!  You too? Nerdy.

There’s just something about the human experience that gets me.  Oh yes, I am a private movie watching crier.

Brooklyn Castle – This documentary focuses on 5 unlikely young chess prodigies attending inner city junior high IS 318, a school recognized for winning the most national championships.  The story of these students is remarkable because it shows their passion in winning chess as a reflection in their personal determination to attain higher education and rise above circumstance.  A truly inspirational story about underdogs!

Brooklyn Castle

Brooklyn Castle is the bomb-diggity.

No Impact Man -  A NYC journalist, Colin Beaven and his family decide to reduce their environmental footprint by producing less waste, consuming less and eating local.  I found the premise to be an interesting social experiment and very entertaining to watch.  The wife goes on a shopping shame spiral before they embark on their year-long adventure and the husband deals with a public backlash as he publicizes his sustainable lifestyle.

Farmageddon, Vegucated & Food Inc. - Growing up, I was chowing down on chicken nuggets and porkchops.  I never thought I would be a mostly dairy and gluten-free vegetarian.  Last December, I went on detox (was already lacto-ovo by then) and became obsessed with food docs. These are eye opening exposes on food production (insert super-tear).  If you love ribs or chocolate milk, NEVER watch these movies or it will be like that time Neo took the red pill in the Matrix Trust.  But for you GOOPs, go right ahead.

The GOOP-meister Gwyneth Paltrow in a very cute heart sweater (ahem, ethically produced)


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Resort Report: Fringe, Ruffle & Neon Bikinis

"Ha-ha-ha" I'd be laughing too if I was sunning on a beach instead of freezing my buns off in the frigid cold. Ruffled bikini - check. Messy side braid - check. Straw hat - check. Seafolly via Harper's Bazaar

Dearies, this is the third time I have attempted to write this post.  Perhaps this attempt will be the charm.  Every year, around the time that my boots get damaged by salty slush, I have to scrape the ice off my windshield and my hair turns to icicles if I don’t properly blowdry, I like to write a little ditty about Resort.  As a summer baby, I lament the loss of our friend sunshine and wearing too many layers causing my hair to stand up in a static-y frizz. 

Snowbirds rejoice!  This year, we have many Swim trends to pique our fancy.  With bathings suits (like shoes and handbags), you can never-ever-ever have too many.  The newest styles are ones that mimic fashion trends so be on the look out for saturated hues, mixing of pattern and textures, bold motifs and retro styles.

Trina Turk Summer of Love Bikini is an eye-catching psychedelic print in this season's sorbet hues.

L-E-M-O-N-S! Simmer on the beach with this bright Victoria Secret ruffled bandeau in a lemon and leaf motif

Got Print? Mara Hoffman is also showing some great structured bustier styles in the boldest tribal prints.

Get Into The Groove with Zinke Katie 80's inspired denim bustier bikini and muted pastel hipster bottoms

Oh no you didn't! Dance on the beach with the best-selling L*Space Fringe Bikini

Mix n' Match has been going strong for a few years. Take this Zimmerman floral bandeau and pair with a lovely lavendar solid bottom. I also love the juxtaposition of a pattern with polka dots or stripes. Tooo cute!

Life imitating art. NEON: Spring Breakers, the new Harmony Korine film features Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Benson in lots of bright bikinis.


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Katy Perry: Part of Me

Katy Perry is a bit drag queen but aren't all girly-girls? Discuss.

Part of any long weekend must involve laying on the couch watching a movie. Lately, my cinematic choices have been of the musical variety.  Pitch Perfect, anyone?  Stop pretending you don’t love coming of age comedies, an acapella No Diggity riff-off and the comedic stylings of Rebel Wilson.  But I majorly digress…

A breakout role: Rebel Wilson kills me softly with her comedic timing in Pitch Perfect. "Ohmigod, I love that movie," quote my mothah.

A few months ago, I went to the movies with my good friend J and we were going to spontaneously choose a film upon arrival.  She felt too guilty to watch the new Batman without her husband (such loyalty!), Katy Perry Part of Me was on too late (teenage hearts), so we opted for the reboot of Total Recall (last resort).  A complete waste of Colin Farrell and 2 hours of my life, which I will never, ever get back, ever (to the tune of a Taylor Swift breakup song).  Another digression…

Hershey kisses: Katy Perry would be a fun Halloween costume. But the real question is, would you be ok if you showed up at a costume party and a bunch of other girls did it better than you?

So now that Katy Perry: Part of Me is available to watch from the comfort of my living room, I decided to continue on this musical love affair.  First I would like to say, I am not a die-hard Katy Perry fan.  I think she’s quite likeable, she has a Betty Boop thing going and I think she has a unique voice.  Nonetheless, I found myself shedding a few tears watching this documentary shot during her 2011 World Tour. 

The film is a revealing portrait of a singer who struggled to find her place in pop music and ultimately became hugely success. The movie also shows very personal moments as Katy spends time with her family, has professional high’s achieving many #1 singles, she also goes through depression with the breakup of her marriage to Russell Brand.  Music and drrrrrama!  Whoa, it was more teardrop than I expected.

My final tangent…I like singing Wide Awake in the car. Excellent driving tune. THE END.


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The Secret Lives of Bon Vivants

Marie Antoinette loved her macaron! Kiki Dunst in the fashionable Sofia Coppola film of the same name

French bon vivant (literally “one who lives well, good ‘liver’ (living person)”), from bon (“good”) + vivant (“person who is living”), agent noun of vivre (“to live”).  A person who enjoys the good things in life, especially good food and drink; a gal about town.  We are lucky, non?

I subsist on a diet of salad, vegetables, fish and when I’m feeling very naughty, gluten-free hummus chips.  When I indulge in food and drink on the weekends, I love to try new restaurants, share a dessert, let my foodie friends feed me multi-course meals, have a glass of champie here, maybe a cocktail over there. 

Here are my foodie & drink obsessions au moment:

  • Fro-yooooo:  There is a frozen yoguort resurgence of late.  Remember when the only choice we had was Yogen-Fruz? Soooo boring!  My cravings started in LA where the DIY fro-yo craze has a shop on every corner.  Lately, I have noticed the Yogurty’s chain popping up like dandelions.  I love dispensing my own red velvet, dulce de leche, swirled with pumpkin, stacked with strawberries, nuts and a dash of Reese bits.  Tummy ache!

Control issues over the fro-yo dispenser much? Swirl to your heart's desire and negate the low calories by piling on the toppings. Cheesecake bits? Sweeeet!

  • Lobster-Mania – Lately, I’ve been craving lobster ALL the time.  They make a delicious lobster ravioli at Brassaii (461 King St. West).  I feel like lobster might get all trendy like poutine.  That would be fan-tastic!

Rob Pattinson stays warm in cable knit and takes comfort eating his feelings - a generous helping of lobster and corn on the cobb.

  • It’s A-OK to drink at 11:01Am - If you asked for a morning cocktail at 10:59am, well the disgrace on your waiter’s face.  In the summer, I think a morning champagne spritzer or prosecco is quite delightful when lunching al fresco.  There are some lovely patios hidden like secret gardens that you could enjoy one of these refreshing afternoon drinkie-drinks such as Hacienda (640 Queen St. West) or The Harbord Room (89 Harbord St.)

Bellini time! Just muddle some raspberries and pop 'em in some champie. But promise me, you'll NEVER ever mix the Moet or Veuve with juice! Drink the good stuff straight.


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Return of the Rock Concert

Surprisingly, Brandon Flowers looks damn good in feathers. So I take my sister to a Killers concert and she's all: "I love his British accent." *Swoon* I'm like, "Um, Brandon is from Las Vegas." Insert sisterly-giggles!

Life has been hectic and come to think of it, I have been missing one of my favourite past times — attending rock concerts.  I went through a phase where I went ALL the time with my friend H.  On a Thursday, we would have cocktails at her bachelorette pad then take in a live show at a sketchy bar or concert venue.  The next day, we would drag our tired selves into work, the aftersmell of smoke masked by extra hair conditioner and dark eye circles disguised with a heavy-handed application of concealer.  Ahhhh, those were the days!   And such fond memories. Methinks I will bring it back.

Here are a few alterna-pop rock songs, I obsess over listen to on repeat:

  • Miike Snow – Paddling
  • TV On The Radio – Will Do
  • Kele – Everything You Wanted (RAC Remix)
  • Florence + The Machine – Shake It Out

Sometimes Julian mumbles but I adore The Strokes. Nothing better than 12:51 or Reptilia live, non?

Keep your hands free so you can drink and dance with that cute hipster by the bar. Shake your fringe with a Z&L Marrakesh Crossbody Bag

Wildfox T-shirt Dress. While it’s a dress, please pair it with leggings, otherwise people will think you forgot your pants at home. Trust.

Exactly how I would wear Joe's Jeans Ponte Pants! There's something edgy about grey jeans that makes them perfect for rocking out.

Once the movie 'Rock of Ages' comes out, you know there's going to be a big hair, acid wash and punk revival. Sienna pairs her acid wash jeggings with a cozy t and slouchy sweater.


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