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Lana Del Rey Style

I love the dramatic retro `60s cat eyeliner and pale lipstick

I love the dramatic retro `60s cat eyeliner and pale lipstick

I blame my friend S for my ruin.  She gently twisted my arm and we bought stellar tickets to Beyoncé.  She only gets reallyx3 good tickets to concerts.  She wants to see them up close and personal.  She wants to see them sweat.  But now that I’ve been spoiled, I can’t go backwards and every time I get tickets to something, I need to be right up in the action.  Slippery slope and it’s what I like to call a shame spiral.

Of all the bands and artists I have yet to see, I put it out there that I would like to see Lana Del Rey.  Lo and behold, the universe delivered in the form of a Live Nation alert.  So I bit the bullet and I’m going to see her do her gangster-Nancy Sinatra thing in the Spring (a rhyme).

Here is a playlist of my faves on repeat…  She will be releasing a new album in 2014 Ultraviolence

  1. Summer Wine – with James Barrie O`Neill (cover of Nancy Sinatra = fun!)
  2. Ride
  3. Yayo
  4. Blue Velvet
  5. Ridin`- with ASAP Rocky
  6. Bel Air
  7. Bonus: Link to her short film Tropico
Head tilt: Lana del Rey for H&M

Head tilt: Lana del Rey for H&M

Lana Del Rey in Vogue Italia

Lana Del Rey in Vogue Italia

Quintessential Lana Del Rey is a dramatic eye. I like it when they also style her hair with waves via Vogue Japan

Quintessential Lana Del Rey is a dramatic eye. I like it when they also style her hair with waves via Vogue Japan

Toro! She collaborated with Baz Luhrman on Young & Beautiful for the Great Gatsby soundtrack. She's channelling a bullfighter non?

Toro! She collaborated with Baz Luhrman on Young & Beautiful for the Great Gatsby soundtrack. She’s channelling a bullfighter non?



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So Very French

Carrie Bradshaw Paris

Remember the Paris episode where Carrie took a face plant in Dior? Then she was mortified and bought the entire store. Hrmm…unintentional poetry.

Little French cafés are so mignon (cute, dainty), non? Today, me and A went for petit déjeuner (breakfast) at the most darling patisserie housed in a Victoria row house.  The food was deliciously French and so were the waiters.  It’s the kind of place where they serve you lattes with the foam shaped in a heart.  And where you say no béchamel and you end up saying yes to brioche and crepes with nutella.  I can’t divulge its name for fear of it becoming too popular.  Sorry darlings.  Some secrets have to stay in my hair.  We had a very French afternoon punctuated by flirty girlish giggling.  Those are the days my friend!

Catherine Deneuve

The epitome of chic: the one, the only Catherine Deneuve

If you don’t know much about my French muse Catherine Deneuve, I insist you really must read on Parisian Bombshell Chic: Catherine DeneuveTrust. 

Croque Madame

Perhaps you will order yourself a Croque Madame – a grilled ham and cheese with béchamel topped with a fried or poached egg

C by Bloomingdales beret

It’s rather chilly out, non? Tilt your C by Bloomingdales beret ever so slightly. Passerbys will admire your air of “je ne sais quoi”

Eiffel Tower at Night

Bonsoir and bonne chance young lovers! The Eiffel Tower lit up at night *le sigh*



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Christian Louboutin @ The Design Exchange

christian louboutin

The Paris-based shoe designer Christian Louboutin and his iconic shoe, known for its red sole

Funny how when I am travelling abroad, I make it a point to see interesting exhibits, visit every museum and immerse myself in local culture.  But at home, I am less inclined to do the same.  I am putting a stop to such madness.  Adding that to my summer TO DO list!

Recently, I had a beautiful al fresco brunch at Origin (107 King St. East).  Try the refreshing lychee mojito - ahem, you can ask them to de-virginize it.  Afterwards, we took a leisurely stroll to Bay Street to catch the Christian Louboutin exhibit (The Design Exchange from June 21st – September 15th, 2013).  Complimentary with your admission is a year-long subscription to Flare.

Here’s an excerpt of what it’s all about…

“Curated by The Design Museum London in conjunction with Christian Louboutin, this exhibition presents iconic French shoe designer Christian Louboutin, celebrating a career that has pushed the boundaries of high fashion shoe design. This exhibition celebrates Louboutin’s twenty years of designs and inspiration, revealing the artistry and theatricality of his shoe design from stilettos to lace-up boots, studded sneakers and bejeweled pumps. It is a magical journey of style, glamour, power, femininity and elegance.” – DSX website

louboutin sketching

Take a break and watch a few short films on Louboutin’s creative process

SPOILER ALERT… some of my highlights. But these images do not do the shoes justice or the interactivity of the exhibit.  You reallyx3 must check it out for yourself.  You promise me?


Inside the designer’s studio: a smorgasbord of inspiration including Miss Piggy’s glitter platforms


Let them eat cake: Inspired by Marie Antoinette


Ruffles! The perfect flamenco shoe in a buttery satin.


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In Search of Inspiration…

A plethora of inspiration boards.

I like to think of myself as a renaissance woman.  Inspiration for me is everywhere but I do have an abundance of sources… 

On Fashion – Working in the industry, I am constantly surrounded by clothes and accessories.  Like a chocoholic in Serendipity.  I have many wonderful fashionistah friends who always have their own distinct personal style.  Brunch is never just brunch — it’s a lookbook.  Reading magazines (my faves are Harper’s Bazaar & Vogue) and fashion blogs will also keep you up to date on how to adapt a trend. 

Whoa gorgessity! Emma Stone covers July Vogue. As far as I'm concerned, it's the fashion bible.

On Beauty – The best resource for beauty is Allure.  I learned how to apply makeup from reading the tutorials, collecting books from Kevyn Aucoin and practicing on my friends.  I still beg them to let me before we go out; but they willingly oblige because I do a fierce smokey eye.  In my early 20′s I visited my first Sephora in Paris.  As you can imagine, the clouds parted, the rays of sunshine beamed down and angels sang ‘Alleluia.’  Then I entered, sprayed glitter in my friends’ hair, sampled eyeshadows and played with lipgloss for two hours.  A heavenly experience.

The glorious Sephora on Les Champs Elysees, Paris.

To Live Well – As a bohogi, it sounds cliche but I value every experience from having sangria with friends to afternoon walks in the park.  I love to travel and experience different cultures, so I constantly look at Conde Nast Traveller and dream of an exotic adventure.  I never know how or when I will get there, but I put it out there and make a plan to go.  The universe always delivers!   

Read more about finding inspiration on living well on BlogHer and don’t forget to enter the Life Well Lived Sweepstakes.

My absolutely favourite museum Caixa Forum in Madrid, Spain. They have installations, documentaries, live performances and an amazing gift shop.


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In Praise of The Fashionistah Adventuress, Met Gala 2012

Shake it out! You wish you were Florence Welch with her poise and regal Elizabethan good looks. She epitomizes fashionistah adventuress in this McQueen.

Every Spring, the fashionistahs flock to worship at the altar of Anna Wintour.  En masse, they come in droves to fete the designers and out ballgown each other at an annual event, The Met Gala.  The soiree marks the opening of the fashion exhibition of two Italian designers, Impossible Conversations: Elsa Schiaparelli and Muiccia Prada at the MOMA.  If you are in New York and a lover of fashion history, you should probably check it out.

Now back to the extravagance and audacity that is the Gala.  Best-dressed lists are subjective and my point of view is that these celebs chose to go a more adventurous route, the path less beaten, choices more playful and memorable in their selection, statements so individual, they seared into the fashionistah collective consciousness. 

Fashionistah Grain of Wisdom:  When selecting evening attire, you must wear the dress and not let the dress wear you.

My girlcrush Emma Stone unafraid to rock a red floral Lanvin mini. Red lipstick + red dress. Why? Why not?

Pow! January Jones punches you in the face with her vibrant yellow Versace. Love how she paired the architectural detail of her structured peplum with a turquoise Art Deco necklace.

Gwyneth tips off her figurative hat to Prada in this satin hi-low mini dress. Deceptively modest in the front, daring in the back!


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Pinterest Moi!

Inspiration Board via Vintage Mint. I like how she used an eclectic mix of images and postcards within a shabby chic frame.

Hello dearies,

Behind the scenes, I creep my Stats to get a handle of what you lovers of the LC are reading.  The last few months, I have been getting a lot of people reading my blog because of Pinterest.  If you aren’t into Pinterest (yet), crawl out from under your hole and let me tell you it’s highly addictive.  Think of Pinterest as a virtual corkboard, where you can “pin” your favourite images from the web and collect them on separate inspiration boards.  You can share these with your friends and follow other people.  Personally, I think it’s very cool that so many people are ‘pinning’ The Love Collage.  It just means that you are picking up, what I’m putting down. 

Here are the most popular Pin’s on my blog:

Lauren Conrad's Hair. Olivia Palerma tried to oust her for top spot in barrel curls but you cannot challenge the power of the LC.

Blair & Chuck, specifically Blair's headband. Haha. BTW, I refuse to watch Gossip Girl because of Dair. Good one Josh Schwartz (insert sarcasm)!

My fashion choices. I am really jones-ing for the right pair of Acid Wash jeans but I am VERY particular. This is a nice pair on Ashley Tisdale. Not gonna lie, I also love High School Musical due to my teenage heart.


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