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I Shop on Queen West West, Therefore, I Am

If you’re going to eat your feelings, go with Gelato! via Vogue Italia

My day started off kind of crappy.  So to rid myself of the blues, I put on my most flowy floral, maxi skirt printed with flowers and tigers, an opulent gilded, pair of braided gladiators and my sunglasses.  Then I got into my car (Habeeba), opened my sunroof and hit Queen West West for some retail therapy.

High ROC (return on compliment): Maeve Banda Skirt from Anthropologie

High ROC (return on compliment): Maeve Banda Skirt from Anthropologie

Though I live downtown, I haven’t been on a proper stroll to pop into the cute boutiques — there are so many new ones which is fun, exciting and most of all, dangereuse (dangerous in French).

Here were some of my faves:

Zumel & Co (863 Queen St. West) – Filled with racks of colourful blouses, dresses and feminine separates, I think this would be a good place to find a lovely outfit for a daytime cocktail or a unique piece for your work wardrobe.

Cabaret (672 Queen St. West) – This is an oldie but a goodie.  A family owned vintage shop specializing in 1920-1970’s clothing.  Nothing cheers me up like going into the basement of a vintage store, trying on random retro outfits and digging for hidden treasure.  Nothing.  I got my besties’ bday present there – an elaborate, Art Deco black beaded headdress which they died over.  Plus, the shopgirls were sooo nice and loved my gypsy jetset outfit. PS. I love you.

Wildfox Couture Pop-Up Shop (711 Queen St. West) – Vintage inspired casual wear for dreamers.  Based out of LA, this brand is all about distressed terry cloths, soft slub t-shirts, relaxed sweaters and Malibu-inspired beachwear.  A fave brand of celebs this pop-up will be here at least until the end of Summer.  I could not resist the cute quotient of a Koala pullover because obviously, koala is my power animal.

Taylor Swift in her Love Potion No. 9 Wildfox pullover

Taylor Swift in her Love Potion No. 9 Wildfox pullover



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