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Channel Ally McBeal After 8pm

Calista the rump-shaker as Ally McBeal. That is like the fakest CGI baby everrrr. Technology has come a long way.

You know when you leave reallyx3 late from work and it’s pitch black outside?  It reminds me of episodes of Ally McBeal where she would come home, change out of her mini-powersuit into her flannel jammies and hallucinate that dancing baby.  Nostalgia.  You want to watch it now – Ally McBeal to the tune of Barry White

Well sometimes after a long hard day, why wouldn’t you want to put on a super-cute pair of jammy-jams?

Forget counting sheep: You will look adorbs in these Layla Stars pyjamas.

F-L-O-W-E-R-S is the new bananas! You know it's Betsey Johnson's iconic floral

Tory Burch Slippers may not be conducive to dancing but great for keeping your tootsies warm whilst sipping hot cocoa.

Holy crap! 17 years since they made Clueless. Love Cher & Dionne! Pop in a classic VHS, I mean DVD and pop some popcorn.



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