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DIY Hairdo: Loose Summer Waves

Blake Lively's perfectly "done-not done" hairdo. Oh yes, you can add tiny braids - that makes this look even more Summer-y!

Two of my top read posts, EVER of all time is DIY: Sideways Bun, Zero Carbs & Lauren Conrad’s Hair Made Her a Star.  I am very lucky because JC gave me a thick, long, shiny mane and I enjoy styling it in different ways depending on the occasion and the outfit.  Now that the nights are warm, I like to wear my hair in looks that feel “done-undone.” Very Serena van der Woodsen meets Lana Del Rey.  It’s a sultry look to be sure.

Will you be mine, will you be my baby tonight? If your hair always looked like that, it is doubtful that you'd have Summertime Sadness. Cheesy joke, I know. Lana Del Rey stares meaningfully at you.

DIY Hairdo:  Loose Summer Waves

Step 1. Talk the bottom half of your hair and twist into a low bun at the nape of your neck.  Secure with an elastic.

Step 2.  Taking 2″ sections from the crown of your head and using a large barrel curling iron, curl from the ends to the top of your head.  Hold for 30 seconds for each and pull the curling iron away from your head releasing on the diagonal.  Repeat for all the sections of hair around the crown of your head.

Step 3.  Release the bun and apply a generous coat of hairspray – I like both Pantene Maximum Hold & Elnett Satin.  To define some of the curls, use a tiny dollop of a molding mud like Sebastian Professional, and twist the curls around your fingers.  Don’t go crazy on the molding mud though as you still want your hair to be lightweight and non-greasy.

Step 4.  You can either take your mane and pull it to your left side so that it cascades down your left shoulder naturally or you can take a few bobby pins and affix them to the nape of your neck for added hold. 

Step 5.  Hairspray all over again!  Hairspray happy.  I am. I am.

Wow, you look stunning!  You could technically curl all your hair, but the point of this is to be “done-undone.” To have put in some effort without any major try.  Now, there’s only one thing to do — get your hair tousled!

Don't leave home without it. Elnett comes in a tiny travel size which you can actually take through airport security. Banish post-flight frizzies with your little can of magic.

The guy that tousles my hair on the regular (literally, not figuratively). I mean, my hairstylist looks like Neil Patrick Harris. It's his brother from another mother (figuratively, not literally).

Pin that to your Bad Boy Board titled "Boys & Hair Tousling." Chuck Bass never gets old for me.



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