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You Can Take The Girl Out of Miami…

Art Deco on Ocean Drive. Take cover at Waldorf Towers, Hotel Victor, Tides or any other boutique hotel that meets your fancy.

But you can’t take the Miami out of the girl.  You know what I love about fashion in South Florida?  That people are vibrant, tanned, and sport colours found on the feathers of a parakeet.  They are tropical caliente (hottt), they got it and they flaunt it. Oh yeahx3!

As we enjoyed a very late lunch at the Waldorf Towers on Ocean Drive (which serves delightful mussels in a white wine sauce and BOGO drinks during Happy Hour), torrential rain pounded to the thumping beat of Calvin Harris.  We pondered our Resort fashion choices that deter the attractions of the male species. This post is alternately titled, “fashion summer-y things I like to wear that have no appeal to guys whatsoever.”

Oversized Sunglasses – Why?  Because apparently oversize sunglasses can be deceiving and you can’t tell if a woman is really attractive until she takes them off.  Sorry boys, I only wear my oversize to the beach!  You will have to check out my other ass-ets.

Olsen Twins Do It Better! MK & Ash say go big or go home. Pruuuunes!

Loving the gradient hue of these Tom Ford Oversize Sunnies. For Sobe, I chose a mosaic tortoise shell DVF pair and my friend Jo went with a very retro pair of Vince Camuto gold rim aviators (channelling Johnny Depp).

R-r-r-ruffles (roll your R) – Dudes, I live for ruffles.  I don’t really get this one but I just want to say that ruffles are my lifestyle choice. Like if I’m going salsa dancing and you want to come with me, you better get down with those ruffles and shower me with compliments.  And when that Tito Puente song comes to a close, I nonchalantly wrap my left leg around your thigh, you better go in for the dip!  Crowd-pleaser.

The appropriately named Rebecca Taylor Cha Cha Dress.

Scarves Worn on your Head – I have been tying scarves on my head since I was a teenager and if it’s good enough for style icons Sophia Loren or Audrey Hepburn, your opinion doesn’t matter.  Once watching a performance on the steps of Notre Dame in Paris, a mime mocked my fashion choice.  “Um, you’re a mime.  Why are you talking?”  I like taking a vintage square scarf folding it in half to make a triangle and tying the ends to make a hankerchief on my head. 

Echo Sundial Scarf can be worn a la hipster or as I like it, on your head gypset style!

Too Taboo: Nicole Richie doesn't care what you have to say about her oversize sunnies or McQueen scarf.



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