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Before Blair Waldorf, There Was Sydney Rutledge

Gossip Girl Season 5 Sneak Peek: I love it when Blair makes her "ugh" face.

Ooh la! I thought since Blair Waldorf  has been a perennial top search (creeping my own stats), I would give you a fashion and cultural trivia mashup.  We all adore the celluloid rich snob, glorified in fictional form yet loathed in real life (see/ Olivia Palermo).  But before there ever existed the perfectly barrel curled, pouty Upper East Side Blair (Leighton Meester) another brunette wrecked havoc on her clique of hangers on’s and wannabe friends.  Let’s pay homage to the original tween villainess, Sydney Rutledge (Sarah Michelle Gellar) from 90’s daytime BOP-era soap Swan’s Crossing.

There is a Sarah Michelle Gellar renaissance of late with her long-awaited return to television on Ringer this Fall.  I am beyond excited.  Buffy fans will always LOVE her.  Obviously, I speak for my people.  But before she played the Chosen vampire slayer, or stole the Emmy from Susan Lucci, she played the manipulative and scheming rich girl Sydney Rutledge.  Gellar was cast as the popular only daughter of the mayor whose character was embroiled in a love-hate relationship with her neighbour/ex-boyfriend/familial rival Garrett.  Ridiculously, the plots involved pool parties, secret rendez-vous and daily tween dramas in which Sydney was always the puppetmaster.  Clad in oversize polka dots, white jeans, chiffon blouses, sheath dresses with contrast piping and trademark red lipstick (at 13 no less!), her character always got the chic-est wardrobe.    

If you woke up extra b*tchy (rhymes with twitchy), you might ask yourself, “Hrmm, what would Sydney wear?”

Nautically is clearly tops: Sydney favoured a loud stripe of the blue, black or red variety.

Here ye, here ye polka dots! Don't just stand there! Say something nice about my Alice + Olivia Louisa Dress! Moi improvising a Sydney Rutledge-esque quote

She would totally wear these Tory Burch Riding Boots. Hello outfit of champion equestrian.

Sydney's matte red lipstick: Even if you get pushed into the pool at the club, your red lips will never fail. Outline, apply lipstick, blot, reapply.

"Friends" carry your shopping for you. Sydney in a classic shell with matching cardi. P.S. Do you know how impossible it is to find fashion pics of Sydney Rutledge? It's impossible. Ugh! Pre-internet??!!



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