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Coco Avant Chanel & Croque Monsieurs

Remarkably Coco: Audrey Tatou as the famed designer

There’s something about Paris that captures the imagination, that evokes nostalgia and romance.  That makes you want to start speaking en francais.

A few days ago I rented Coco Avant Chanel, the biopic of famous french designer Coco Chanel.  The film traces the humble origins of orphaned Coco (nee Gabrielle), as portrayed by the ever-amazing Audrey Tatou, as she struggles to make a living – poor seamstress by day and cabaret singer by night.  A series of calculated actions on Coco’s part, she becomes the mistress of a wealthy French aristocrat, yet falls deeply in love with a married American businessman.  A revealing portrait of the designer’s life before fame and celebrity, it is both heartbreaking and inspiring.  Coco was a renegade in an era of opulance and repression; she made her mark by breaking out of societal norms but sacrificed much in the process.  Le sigh! *Insert sob*

In homage to the spirit of Chanel, I have prepared an appropriate brunch outfit for noshing on pain dore, croque monsieurs, bellinis and creme brulee at Le Select Bistro (432 Wellington St. West).  There is an abundance of hottie waiters serving your latte and the chi-chi poo-poo crowd is veryx3 good looking.  Just my kind of brunchie spot.  My favourite decor accents were the red velvet opera curtains, the black and white mosaic tile floor and the poster for Belle De Jour.

Dites, "Mais oui!" (Say, "But yes!") to the Joie Striped Top. A lil' bling with your mimosa never hurt anybody.

Coco detested corsets and dresses. She preferred a good pair of pantalons. Try the Juicy Ruffled Silk Pants. Harem-esque but not so MC Hammer.

Feels tres Chanel: Colour blocking your toes with Sam Edelman "Randell" Espadrille


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1 Jo { 03.15.11 at 5:29 pm }

Loved this movie also!!!!

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