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Bohogi Is The New Yogi

Bohogi, sounds like a sloppy sandwich, doesn’t it?  It’s my play on words – a bohemian/yogi fusion if you will.  And for those of you scratching your heads, per the Urban Dictionary, a yogi is defined as, “One who practices yoga and has achieved a high level of spiritual insight or a teabag that has been rolled into a joint to add flavour.”  I am obviously referring to the former and not the latter. 

The promise of Spring/Summer always gets me in the mood for bohemian attire.   But for me, Bohogi is more of an attitude – a love of altruistic good deeds, an appreciation for beauty, people, culture and spirituality, a return to nature dressed up in an embellished caftan.   But Bohogi goes beyond that.  It’s really ‘be yourself.’  Are you picking up what I’m putting down?

Close your eyes.  Let’s make believe I decided to erect a giant Bohogi teepee for my friends in my backyard.

Lucky girl has her own library and teepee! Um, spoiled.

Then we draped the walls with these sumptuous velvet Viceroy curtains from Anthropologie.

The will of the universe: We throw a bunch of Sky posie pillows in there and they land oh so perfectly like a shoot for Elle Decor.

And your feet were kept warm with this brilliantly bright Gloria's Garden rug. Love matchy-not matchy.

And we snuggle in this DVF Tie Dye Duvet

Impromptu dance party: We listen to Miike Snow on this Roberts Revival Radio or we ask our friend to bring their iPod speakers. Whatevs.

The more I think about it, it sounds like a fun party idea.  Hrmm, maybe I should plan that.  And, I’m taking credit for coining the term Bohogi.  Give it a few months and it will be all the rage on MTV (just like crazytown). Trust.



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