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I Blush, You Blush, We Blush

The Blush Standard via Marc Jacobs

I am completely over slush.  I cannot bear another day leaving my home with perfect hair to witness it become flat and static-y after taking off my trapper hat.  I am wearing gloves but my fingers feel like icicles.  I want to buy a hot water bottle and shove it in my goose down jacket.  You too right?  I mean, unless you’re reading The LC from a hammock in balmy Florida or some other warm weather locale.  In times like these, let’s look forward to the Spring and to all the lovely things we will wear when temperatures begin to soar.

This fashion moment isn’t about an electric pink (of which I am quite the fan), nor is it about a saccharine baby pink (which I have ripped out of a colleague’s closet to yell with disdain, “baby pink is for babies!”).  It’s about her pretty younger sister, the ingenue pink named Blush.  Love her.  I brought visuals.  Let’s go photo montage.

I Wanna Be Adored: ABS Beaded Bib Necklace

Buy Now, Wear to Bed, Stare at Shoes Obsessively until the Snow Melts: LAMB Crepe Booties

MAC Too Fabulous Collection: Filled with the softest pink hues with catchy names like Just Superb and my ultimate fave Boy Bait

Pins & Needles Chiffon Blouse: I declare the perfect brunch outfit, perhaps belted with slim black leggings and strappy sandals. Serious!



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