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Winona Forever

Swishing around in Tulle: Winona in January's Elle Magazine

Seeing how everyone has Black Swan  on their lips, I thought I would write a little ditty on my favourite 90’s ingenue Winona Ryder (move over Gwyneth, with your 4-hour workouts and sugar-free diet).  Yes I admit I am on Team Noni, even if her fling with kleptomania has left her career in a comeback limbo.  Known for her hippie upbringing and counterculture lineage, Winona starred in a string of teen-angst coming of age films (Beetlejuice, Mermaids, Edward Scissorhands) and Oscar nominated pictures (Age of Innocence, Little Women, Girl Interrupted).  Since the 2000’s (hrmm…writing that makes me feel old), she has maintained a pretty low profile.  When she made her entrance at this year’s TIFF, the auditorium made a collective gasp, ‘like OMG Winona’s here.’  Listen up casting directors, I would like to see her in more films.

Emoting: A kind of interesting, dark Bjork-y shot. Also from January's issue of Elle.

Let’s play a Winona Ryder dating game.  Of her former boyfriends, who would you DO, DATE OR DUMP? a) Johnny Depp b) Matt Damon c) Jimmy Fallon d) Gary Oldman e) Christian Slater f) Jay Kay… you’ve got a lot of choices.  Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

Young Lovas: Much as I love my French muses, I just cannot accept Johnny with Vanessa Paradis.

Gamines don't really eat this much food. Noni shot by Juergen Teller for Marc Jacobs



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