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Feline Woman: DIY Cat Eyes

A dramatic cat eye at LAMB. I've been practicing mine since 12. You?

Meow!  Purr!  Hiss!  I imagine it must be quite chill-ax to be a cat, lounging about without a care in the world.  Seductively enticing you to pet them while giving you the cold shoulder to sit on the window sill and stare at the birds.   

A popular beauty trend takes inspiration from those lovable, elusive felines ‘Cat Eyes.’  How very.  This fall/winter ladylike Victorian meets Rock n’ Roll returns to the forefront; minimalist makeup with striking vibrant pouts are wonderfully paired with a hint of eyeshadow and the slick swoop of a black-lined cat eye.  Taking after its namesake, the look is at once mysterious, chic and retro harking back to the glamour pin-ups of the 1960’s. 

Let’s break it down, shall we?

Step 1  The Basics:  Apply a light taupe shade to your entire lid followed by a mocha brown in the contours of your crease.  Blendx3.  The trick here is to make the eyes look au naturel yet polished.

Step 2 The Professional:  Using the tips of your finger gently pull your left lid taut.  Using the liner start at the corner of your eye and move the pencil slowly across the base of your lashes then upturn the line slightly to form a point (similar to the end of an arrow).  Repeat on your right lid.  To create a wide-eyed doe look, begin to draw a heavier line beginning in the middle of your eye (so that the line begins thinner at the inner eye and widens as it moves to the outer lash).

Step 3 The Perfectionist:  Sometimes we make mistakes but we shouldn’t walk out the door with a squiggly line above our pupils.  Unless you are keen on channelling Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?  Using a cotton swab dipped in water, wipe away imperfections and start over.  I find getting the corners perfect can be challenging at first so this tip comes in handy.  Curl lashes and finish with two generous coats of black mascara.

And a final parting note and blessing for you legions of beauty adventuresses:  the cat eye requires a steady hand, patience and perseverence.  Be not disuaded by your lack of expertise.  For amateurs, begin your attempts using a pencil which can be smudged with a brush for a smokier cat eye.  Once mastered, novices try felt tipped black eyeliners.  And lastly, for those who have gone on to join the master ranks, I suggest liquid eyeliner for its smooth finish and dramatic effect (however, it can be unforgiving and messy if you make too many mistakes).

Italian movie stars are stunning: Sophia Loren with a heavy cat eye. Meow!



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