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Your Saving Grace on Chilly Days

Are you an accessory person?  Or more specifically a ‘warmwear accessory’ person?  I am not talking about sporting a functional tuque to keep your ears from forming icicles or wearing fleece gloves while raking the lawn.  I mean, working with the dipping temperatures and a few outerwear accessories to dazzle onlookers.  If the price of wearing a hat is static-y hair, then why not do what you can to earn a few snaps along the way? (BTW, keeping a tiny spritz bottle of water or hairspray should do the trick on fly-aways.)

You can’t escape the chill but you can darn well look super-cute while sipping a cup of warm apple cider, strolling along leafy pathways, enjoying the brisk air and sunshine.  Very Autumn in New York, less the much older male companionship of Richard Gere. 

Some very fetching Fall looks that will have randoms saying “Hi pretty girl” in the streets (true story):

Do as the French: Norbis Beret keeps warmth in while making a statement in a vibrant turquoise.

Leopard Part 3: Adrienne Landau Fur Scarf. Non-stop loving!

Is it a scarf, a sweater, a snood? Ever Eternity Scarf has crazy versatility to suit your every mood.

Tra-la-la: A good cape is hard to find. When in doubt, channel Blair Waldorf in her 50-denier black tights, bright pumps, opera gloves and cape. Trust.

For more Blair Waldorf style, check out WWBWW: What Would Blair Waldorf Wear?


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1 Annelie { 10.13.10 at 5:02 pm }

Blair Waldorf is my fashion icon ;-)

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