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Loveable Thursdays

I was born on a Wednesday but Thursday will always have my heart as a favourite day of the week.  There’s something about this day so charming and delightful; perhaps it’s because it marks the beginning of the weekend, the only evening worth going out to party and for some strange reason, frequently a day where people skip out on work to sit on a grassy nole enjoying the sunshine and getting their tan on (a la Clueless).

In celebration of such a loveable Thursday, random loves du jour:

Alexis Bittar Montauk Coral Bubble Ring: I have always been in love with pave but this one stands out with its cocktail size, sparkle and coral stones. Well, I love you on so many levels.

Girlcrush Alert: Emma Stone awesome in House Bunny and kick-butt in Zombieland. She really deserves her own post.

You know some days you want to eat your feelings. Nothing does the trick like an Ice cream sandwich or a scoop of Greg's ice cream in 'Roasted Marshmallow.' Enjoy in moderation.



1 Annelie { 07.31.10 at 5:19 am }

I look forward to Thursdays as well but for a completely different reason, gray anatomy and private practice on tv :-)

2 ylenia { 04.02.11 at 3:21 pm }

love the ring!

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