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Inception (aka JGL In My Dreams)

Leo & JGL rocking some Donnie Brasco leather jackets on the set of Inception. Photo c/o Just Jared.

Growing up, going to the theatres was a favourite sister-bonding past time, however, of late, it’s a rarity for me to hit the movies.  I love movie popcorn, stadium seating (how did we ever live without it?), surround sound and entertaining visuals.  Watching films are great escapism and when well executed, something you walk away from, pondering and open to discussion with friends. 

No wonder everyone is flocking to the theatres to watch Inception.  I recently caught a matinee showing and I must say to the writer/director, “Well done Christopher Nolan!”  And my obsession with that hunky-hunk Joseph Gordon-Levitt does run deep (you were expecting me to say Leo, weren’t you?).  Hollywood movies often lack originality but the ideas and themes that run through Inception are quite complex.  The ensemble cast was exceptional (Ellen Page, Marion Cotillard, Ken Wattanabe, Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, Dileep Rao) and the scenic art direction top notch. Spoiler Alert:  The film follows Cobb as an expert secret stealer, who shares dreams with his targets, only to uncover their weaknesses for his employers.   

The storyline delves into the subconscious and how we are able to tap into emotions and long-buried beliefs while we are dreaming.  The plot also examines lucid dreaming, the ability to maintain awareness while in the dream-state.  An indie film which also explores this theme is Waking Life (2001) from director Richard Linklater.  This film stars an animated Wiley Wiggins, who roams through dreams searching for the meaning of life.  Might I say, he also bears an uncanny ressemblance to a young JGL.

Waking Life: Rent it and test your lucid dreaming skills.


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1 La Dessinatrice { 07.31.10 at 5:07 am }

I loved that movie, it was so good and finally something original, after I’d been saying we ran out of ideas!

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