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Lauren Conrad’s Hair Made Her A Star

LC tops the New York Times Bestseller List. Take that!

This summer, I have been on a chick-lit rampage.  I put aside the Nobel Prize winners for some light fluff.  Why, you ask?  There’s nothing more deplorable than sobbing uncontrollably in your bikini or getting stressed out reading while you are trying to relax.  I just breezed through LA Candy, the first novel from Lauren Conrad

Watching MTV’s The Hills was a guilty pleasure, not that you ever believed that any of the storylines were factual, nor did you care about any of the characters except LC.  She was the sweetest, the most down-to-earth, the pretty one with a Southern Californian wardrobe (which gradually got better after her stint at Teen Vogue).  I think they had to cancel the show because the best reason to watch (Lauren) had left. 

In LA Candy, LC writes the story of Jane Roberts, who moves to LA to pursue a career in Event Planning.  Within her first weeks of arriving, Jane is plucked out of obscurity to star in a reality show about her life.  There are many fictional personalities and plotlines which keep you guessing which of her reality co-stars she is hinting at or what small nuggets of fiction are indeed fact.  In the end, like a true starlet, LC keeps you wanting more.  Kind of like eating a bowl of popcorn.  You just can’t stop.

I thought it would be fun to do a montage sequence of Lauren Conrad’s best hairstyles.  While I am sure stylists helped her with many of her trademark looks, women everywhere soon followed suit. 

Loose tendrils and casual bun. High KB quotient.

Flat-ironed pin-straight and bangs clipped. Do note the duotone hair colour she has going on.

Pre-Olivia Palermo: Loose ringlets with two sections pinned at the crown. A playful evening look.

The style that trumps them all! The ubiquitous LC braid..still going strong.



1 Sarah { 06.05.11 at 8:05 am }

how does she do these hairstyles? I would really like to know. I love her and shes gorgeous!

2 Angie { 08.30.11 at 11:49 am }

she paid a hairstyler

3 maria { 04.06.13 at 9:04 pm }

Def agree! Hairdressers use clip in hairpieces and all sorts! there is no way she sits there doing her own hair! I know I wouldn’t! :0)

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