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Who Is Your Doppelganger?

Barney's doppelganger is a circus performer from the Eastern block, or is it?

I don’t have a television and I would like to keep it that way.  Otherwise, the temptation of an MTV marathon is too great an Achilles heel.  A shame spiral of lethargy is the consequential result.  When I allow myself a bit of entertainment, I enjoy that quirky show How I Met Your Mother.  I once ran into Neil Patrick Harris in an elevator at the hotel Sutton Place, post-Doogie Howser, pre-HIMYM fame.  He was very polite and held open the door while I was on a mission for orange juice.  I digress. 

I recently watched a hilarious episode of of HIMYM and it centered on finding one’s ‘doppelganger.’  Doppelganger is such a weird word, extra fun to say.  Per Wikipedia, is a ghostly double of a living person, often perceived in sinister form.  The word is derived from the German ‘double’ and ‘walker.’  Commonly in folklore or in fiction, this person foreshadows unfortunate events.  In the case of many celluloid interpretations, it is a person’s unrelated twin.  Have you ever encountered your doppelganger?  What would you say? What would you do? It would be like looking in a mirror, but not.  Ick!  The thought is giving me shivers

The Celebrity Doppelganger Game – Such a fun diversion while downing cosmo’s.  What celebrity most ressembles yourself?  I have a friend C who is often stopped at bars and told she looks exactly like Agent Dana Scully.  One Halloween, she needs to go out with an FBI badge and navy blazer.  My hairstylist T is a younger Neil Patrick Harris except with muchx3 tighter skinny pants.  I often get comparisons to Vanessa Hudgens (less the scandalous nude photos): “OMG, guess what I saw this weekend?  High School Musical.  You look like that girl.”

My celeb doppelganger, Vanessa Hudgens. OMG, I like to laugh too. The similarities are endless!

Doppelgangers on Film

La Double Vie de Veronique – A very intriguing foreign film from famed director Kieslowski.  The tagline for the movie is: Each of us is matched somewhere in the world, by our exact double – someone who shares our thoughts and dreams. Whoa.  Freaky.  Actress Irene Jacob plays both Weronika in Poland and Veronique in Paris, two women who are identical in their physical traits as well as in their passion for music.  I don’t want to give away the plot because I think you should rent it. 

And in case you aren’t picking up what I’m putting down, a snippet from How I Met Your Mother – Ted’s Doppelganger



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