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DIY: Sideways Bun, Zero Carbs

Jessica Alba has a stunning profile, non? Here is a great interpretation of a combo: messy bun with braid headband.

I should also add high KB quotient

It’s the summer and to beat the heat, ladies are twisting their hair into loose chignons or knotting their hair on top like a ballerina.  One of my favourite beauty looks is the sideways bun which when done correctly says, “Wheeeee! I’m tousled, carefree fun with sexy undertones.” (hence the increased KB quotient). 

The DIY look I am going to share is meant for evenings out because it does take about a half hour prep time.  But I promise, it’s worth the effort.  You will be showered with compliments from both guys and girls…and you may find yourself KB-ing recklessly in a shady corner.  Did I mention that the sideways bun may incite a shame spiral?  Just be aware that you’ve been forewarned.

Before you start, I highly recommend cranking some party tunes.  Getting ready is perhaps one of the best parts of going out. 

Step 1:  To achieve a wispy, tousled look, set your hair in 2-3″ wide hot rollers for 10 minutes.  I enjoy the Conair hot rollers.  I have had them for a decade (since New Year’s NYC 2001) and they have never let me down.

Step 2:  Spritz all over with hairspray while setting.  Remove curlers by pulling them away gently on a diagonal to preserve the curl.  Hopefully, you will achieve loose ringlets.  Spritz again.  Try John Frieda or Vidal Sassoon for a strong hold with volume.

Step 3:  Secure hair in a ponytail at the nape of your neck, close to the back of your ear (I prefer the left).  Ensure to leave a few loose strands around your face and keep your bangs free.

Step 4:  Loosely wind the hair into a bun and secure with bobby pins in your hair colour.  Shake your head and make sure nothing moves and it feels secure. 

Step 5:  Run your fingers through the tendrils you have left to frame around your face.  Using a wide barrel curling iron, touch up any loose ringlets.  Finish with another spritz of hairspray. 

Optional cute:  To dazzle it up, add a few rhinestone clips at the nape or even a few fresh flowers if you are going to dinner al fresco. 

The end effect should look effortless but ‘OMG, you are gorgeous‘. 

Look how cute SMG looks with her loose bun. The version I have described is tilted to one side. I miss Buffy Summers.


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1 fashion butter { 06.24.10 at 4:25 am }

love this style – wore something very similar for my wedding! great tips!

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