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Indie Rock Hotties For a Heatwave

The other day, I was cruising in my car ‘Habeebs Jr.’ (shortened from the Arabic habibi, translated as my darling; and junior because it’s a newer model of the same car I had in the same colour) and the scorching heat of mid-afternoon was forcing me to roll down the windows until the cool air of the AC blasted.  The local indie rock radio station played a 90’s nooner, where listeners request favourite tunes from the decade.  It’s really funny to me how easy it is to forget about how much I loved certain songs.  This is a long overdue music post.

A special treat: some manjoyment music for a H-O-T-T-T Friday afternoon…

Brett Anderson from Suede, hanging on a chair in his trench. The beginning of my manorexic infatuation.

Suede – Metal Mickey, The Drowners, So Young.  Back in the day, Brett Anderson was my ‘brit rocker crush.’  Allow me to clarify, the Brett of my youth I adore because the diet of vodka-water’s and hard living has caught up to him.  It was one of my first concerts at 14.  He really knew how to work that microphone with his skinny velvet hipsters.

Oh Brandon Boyd. This image needs no caption.

Incubus – Drive, Make Yourself, Anna Molly.  Why bother trying to explain every girl’s obsession with the Incubus front man.  I mean, look at him.  What a dreamboat and that voice.  Can you imagine him serenading you with his acoustic guitar? I think he only dates supermodels though.  *tear*

Under his spell: Before he was Mr. Stefani.

Bush – Swallowed, Glycerine.  Gavin Rossdale might be making easy rock these days as a solo artist but his hotness factor is still flying off the radar.  He doesn’t seem to be aging and every girl swoons for a hot daddy.  Living in truth.



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