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Welcome To My Humble Abode, Inspired by Elle Decor

"Oh hi, I hang out like this in my living room all the time." Purple is the colour of your energy. A monochromatic palette is charming and calming. Love the carved door.

Thank you for joining me, chez moi.  In another example of art imitates life imitates art, I recently completed the finishing touches to the LC and moved to a new domain.  In my non-virtual life, I moved a few months ago but some of my friends had yet to see my new place.  Honestly, I am very house proud.  My place was received with many ‘oohs and ahhh’s, a few ‘i loooove it!’s and a smattering of ‘It’s sooo European/New York/Paris.’  My heart was glowing.

Like any fashionistah worth her salt, I dibble-dabble in every artististic endeavour.  Having won the difficult battle with hoarding back issues of magazines (still recovering slowly but surely), I purged substantially in order to squeeze my belongings into a tighter living space with more character and a phenomenal location.  If I were to subscribe to a design magazine, it would definitely be ELLE Decor

Many people disuade themselves from decorating their apartments because they believe it’s a temporary dwelling.  But I would promote otherwise because home will never loose its transient feel if you don’t make it your own.  There is nothing better than coming back to a cozy, lived-in apartment.  In order to achieve a look which I shall coin as ‘Eclectic-Gorgee-osso’ (see how I just made gorgeous sound Italian?), here are a few simple tips I amassed while poring over home photospreads of socialites, celebs, designers and their set.

God is in the Details: Note the simple white border on the popsicle hued divan.

  • The Statement Couch – Nothing says ‘Paris’ like a striped couch.  Buying a sofa is a huge investment piece and it is perhaps one of the biggest declarations of taste you can make in your living room.  No one will compliment you on your house if your couch screams 1985, it’s made of pink velour or feels like pleather.  To reduce the cost you can re-upholster a flea market find or check showroom sales.  If you are unwilling to have a trendy couch, go with a solid colour and use soft blankets or embellished throw pillows to decorate.

In my opinion this is the best version of Toile around.

  • Toile Time – I fashioned bistro curtains for my kitchen out of a subtle bird’s egg blue striped toile.  This pattern is very french country but the modern update is all about how it is styled.  I am super particular about the toile I like: absolutely no prints with children, babies, roosters or chickens.  Not that there is anything wrong with poultry or adolescents but this is my preference.  Typically, you will see toile in a white/black/blue/red combination which can look very striking when paired with the right paint and furniture combinations.
  • Personal Style with a Twist –  Accent pieces look designer when they are complimentary as opposed to the same old, same old.  For instance, six decorative ducks on a mantlepiece is boring.  You lost me on the first duck.  Why not place some decorative accents from travels abroad with framed images?  A cluster of photo frames has an art gallery feel which is quite contemporary.  Mix textures such as glass with wood and ceramics.  Don’t be afraid to experiment but remember not to overclutter.       

Mix it up: A mantle with mismatched tchotchke's and a cluster of framed silhouettes.

For more inspired ideas for your space, check out OR



1 Sundeep @ Designwali { 05.20.10 at 7:48 pm }

Great post! My sister just forwarded me your link, said she bought earrings from you last week. Glad I found it! I subscribe to Elle Decor and it is as inspirational as you say it is!

2 fuschiabird { 05.20.10 at 7:50 pm }

Oh AH-MAZING!!! Thanks so much for checking out my blog. xoxo

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