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Portrait of a Shame Spiral: Jenny Humphrey

My favourite Lil J: Blonde flaxen hair, wispy bun, fitted blue trench with canary tights.

Shame Spiral really must be added to my Glossary & Acronyms section.  I love the term sooo much.  As the two words suggest, it is the action of succumbing to one’s own weakness and after acting on impulse, descending into a state of remorse or embarrassment.  In classic literature, it is commonly referred to as ‘the defeat of nature’ (see Thomas Hardy’s novel, Jude the Obscure). 

For our contemporary adaptation, it is KB-ing (kissing bandit) with that random on the dancefloor in front of work-people, accidentally spending your rent on Jimmy Choo’s two seconds later knocked off by a store in the mall (shopping shame spiral) or getting busted telling a web of lies or doing highly inappropriate things (sketchy shame spiral).  But we can’t judge shame spirals, because we’ve all been there and done that-ish.  Ours is a glass mansion, non?  And if we start throwing stones, we’re basically homeless. 

Breaking Love Rule #1: Guys are always the stalker and you are the stalkee. But you should never trust a girl with bad extensions. True!

It’s been a while since my last Gossip Girl post and well, I’ve been thinking, Jenny Humphrey Season 3 is the personification of ‘Shame Spiral.’  I do adore her TeenVogue-ness (love teenagers) and the weekly drama of her storyline – like how bad can Lil’ J get?  She started off sweet ingenue, however, her character is progressively getting darker, figuratively and literally.  She went from school girl prim and proper to slashed tights, black-rimmed eyes and vampy red lips.  She went from social climbing to secret agendas, dating a drug dealer (but in her defence, he was reallyx3 cute) to boyfriend stealing.  But we must give her a ‘Get out of Jail’ card because we were all there, having our own shame spirals, doing regrettably bad things in our teens, naively, blissfully unaware of our own ignorance.  Plus, it’s just celluloid and no real harm done. 

I leave you with a fun parting thought.  How excited are you for the Season Finale?  Like what is gonna happen with Chair (Chuck+Blair)? Oh Josh Schwartzie, worship you! 




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