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Flamenco Fantasy Dance Sequence

Gaga for Ruffles: Still sooo obsessed with Stella McCartney's take on spanish senoritas.

In the thralls of a new relationship with Flamenco, I am excited for the day when I can wrist-twist my delicate fingers into a tiny fans and waves like it’s not a thing.  When learning a new dance style, the first few months are perhaps the most arduous; when we strive for perfection but one’s body is unwilling and unaccustomed to contorting in such dramatic ways and clumsy feet cannot move quick enough to the tempo of a fancy escobilla (footwork).  My poor knees are feeling the brunt of my foot stomping and intense cardio.  But I am ever optimistic for the day that I take my dancing to the next level.

Academy of Spanish Dance (401 Richmond Street West) offers various dance lessons for the amateur who takes the courses for personal interest to the Fame-esque professional dancer who are seeks to add another talent to their belt.  Here, Studio Director Esmerelda Enrique, in between tempo’s and contra-tempos, quick steps and arm movements, shares through comedic dramatization and charismatic story-telling, the history and passion that should be invoked while dancing.  She shares her vision with her students, “Dance is a creative expression.”

In my fantasy dance sequence (puh-lease, you know you have one too), I would do an Eastern influenced dance-fusion medley.  One which would combine a Jai-Ho introduction as I recently observed a very delightful lady-boy, well choreographed, Bollywood inspired production in Thailand, Egyptian Bellydancing perhaps with a touch of modern Shakira and finally me doing some sort of Flamenco solo, followed by a very sexy Samba, dragged across the dancefloor (with a partner of course) to Sergio Mendes’ “Magalenha.” 

Please feel free to co-opt any of my ideas, as I do intend to inspire dreaming with the LC and I hope that you put your own special twist on said medley.  If you haven’t given much thought to your fantasy dance sequence, perhaps you should.  You never know as one day, you could happen upon a series of auspicious events: 1) an open dancefloor, 2) a bright spotlight, 3) your favourite dance song and 4) a crowd screaming your name.

Trendsetter Alert: Suri Takes Seville in her flamenco outfit.



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