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DIY: Inventing Your Alter Ego

Beyonce: "Oh you must have me confused with Sasha Fierce. I would never wear mirrored mini skorts." (Fashion translation: shorts+skirt=Skorts)

Inspired by a great conversation with my close friend K, we discussed over dinner how to overcome the fear of trying something new.  In a lightbulb moment, I blurted out, “What about an alter ego??!!”

What is an alter ego, anyways?  From its origin in latin, it is translated as ‘other life,’ it is a subconscious persona that leads another life, generally unaware of the actions of the other. You don’t have to think hard to find a famous reference to alter ego.  In comics, there is Clark Kent nerdy newpaper employee by day, flying Superman heroically saving the world in peril.  In books, there’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, showing good co-existing with evil.  Beyonce has Sasha Fierce, Sasha Baron Cohen has a few (Ali G & Borat) and Ol’ Dirty Bastard has Dirt McGirt.  That last one makes me laugh. 

Weird Science, best 80's movie ever of all time. That kid has a bra on his head. haha.

Now, why would anyone consciously invent their own persona?  Well, simply put, it’s as though you are living out a life outside of your own with little consequence, without fear of repercussion.  Part of not acting on our impulses can sometimes lie in putting too much stock into what other people think.  For many entertainers, they like to ‘get into character’ so that the persona they create is grandiose, larger than life, perhaps because they themselves could never act in such a way in real life.  Very Fight Club.  Oh shoot, did I just ruin that movie for you?

Our DIY (do-it-yourself) project for today is ripped out of a Weird Science textbook (not literally, figuratively of course):  Inventing Your Alter Ego

  1. Name that ego – Think about a name for your alter ego ie. __(Blank)__ Fierce or the much cooler name you wished your parents gave you.  Thurston got you bullied in gradeschool but Johnny would have had the girls eating out of your palm.  I quite like creative names such as Karen’s from Will & Grace: Anastasia Beaverhausen, so ridiculous!
  2. Listography – Think about the opposing qualities that your alter ego has and write them down.  For instance, if you are introverted, your alter ego may be a great conversationalist.  If you consider yourself a wallflower, maybe your alter ego oozes mystery and sex appeal.  Just a thought.
  3. No Fear – The best quality of a alter ego is that it is fearless.  Because your real ‘you’ may double think taking the scarier route or the path less beaten, let your alter ego take the trip, from having a rendez-vous or travelling outside your comfort zone.  It can be something as simple as asserting your opinion in a conversation or asking your boss for that deserved promotion.
  4. Wear It Well –  What does your alter ego wear?  Is there a leather jacket that has your name on it?  Is it wearing your hair teased and curly?  Is it a new pair of rhinestone Lisa Loeb eyeglasses and pencil skirt?  I think my alter ego would wear gold cuff bangles in homage to Lynda Carter as Wonderwoman (girl crush!).
  5. Two Become One – Such a good Spice Girls song but it’s also the idea that once you have an alter ego to help you through the obstacles that you once believed were unsurmountable, you will become two halves of the person you want to be, thus whole.  Without dark, there is no light and vice versa.  Wow, I’ve just gone all The Alchemist on you, but you liked it because you didn’t think I was going to go there (jedi mind trick).

Now that you’ve created your alter ego, conquer the world fearlessly.  But wisely, I do not advise stealing cars or doing anything illegal.  But if you do get your hand caught in a sticky situation and you must fess up, just say:  “It wasn’t me.  It was _(Blank)_ Fierce.”  That’s sketchy

The gold cuff bangle I would wear to deflect bad karma/rogue bullets: Milly link design cuff



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