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Warm Up With Comfort Food

This morning as I walked to the cornerstore to buy some cream, the sweet smell of freshly baked croissants wafted through the air.  This is the double edged sword that is living in close proximity to decadent french patisseries and gourmet shops.  On one hand, there is never a shortage of sweets or flaky breads in an emergency.  On the other, I have to constantly resist temptation.  Confession:  I have consumed an exorbant amount of Brie and those ten-million dollar too delicious for their own good, Raincoast Crisps. (You need to try the Hazelnut ones, but be forewarned, it is addiction forming.) Ooh la la!

With the fresh snowfall, I am constantly layering with a cozy sweater or craving comfort foods.  Here are some of my suggestions to warm up on a cold Winter (almost-Spring) late afternoon:

Mmm, apple crumble with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with caramel.

  • Apple Crumble – In an effort to become a domestic goddess, I have been trying to make everything from scratch.  My latest attempt in the kitchen involved an apple crumble with Hagen-Daz Dulce de Leche ice cream.  Such an easy recipe with apples, flour, brown sugar, oats, butter and a dash of cinnamon, the smell alone reminds of my childhood.  Don’t forget to add the lemon juice to help the apples soften while baking.  Please, learn from my mistakes.

Eco-friendly poutine served in a recyclable bowl @ Poutini's

  • Poutine – It must be a Canadian thing because I don’t know anyone that doesn’t LOVE poutine.  A relatively new place just opened up in Queen West West called Poutini’s, House of Poutine (1112 Queen St. West) and they obviously specialize in poutine.  They hand cut their fries, use real gravy and their cheese curds are extra cheesy.  They also serve specialty varieties of poutine for brunch.  Poutini Florentini, anyone?

Potatoe, Potato: Bailey's latte or Tea with Bailey's. Choose your poison.

  • Bailey’s with Tea – I was once at a dinner party and during dessert, they served Bailey’s with Tea.  In lieu of adding cream, just add a shot (or two if you’re a party trooper) to any variety of black tea such as English Breakfast or Orange Pekoe.  A nice after dinner drink following a hearty comfort meal.


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