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Birds Of A Feather

The Bird is one of my power animals, specifically the Sparrow.  What is the significance of the sparrow?  Well, per the article Bird Totems on it is “a common song bird that reflects the significance of the common traits we share with others in humanity and life in general.”  For me they signify freedom and I have always had a fancy for flying a la Peter Pan.  Poetic.  No wonder I adore them.

Fascinated from childhood with these winged creatures, I like to splish-splash them on home decor, wear them on pendents and on my casual leisure hoodies.  Much as I try not to go overboard, it does illicit the same response from friends, “Obsessed much?” Or the occasional knowing glance and giggle when my eyes dart to anything birdie-style.

Here are some avian reasons why you should get down with our winged friends:

  • Shabby chic heavenly creatures – Everyone is veryx3 complimentary when they see my wrought iron sparrow bangle stand and matching wall hooks which dangle long beaded necklaces, charm pendants and vintage multi-chains.  Tres Anthropologie meets Chatelat.

Sparrows watching over your gold & silver.

  • Plumeria Chic – I like the vintage-y look of tiny birds screened onto the softest cotton tee’s.  I have also seen some adorable versions that appear like an artist’s sketch.  If you have to choose a stylish look that is bird inspired, most select the peacock because of its rich texture and gradient tone.  Few can resist the combination of turquoise, jade green, majestic gold and regal purple.  It’s a no brainer! 

DVF Peacock Mini Dress: Tiered ruffle, sweetheart neck, belted in peacock tones. Killing it on so many levels.

  • Hand-Crafted birdie – Felted little birds remind me of grandma knitting in front of a roaring fireplace sitting on a rocking chair in a muu-muu and oversize bootie slippers.  This is a figment of my imagination but it is a memory conjured up by these little felt friends.  Not sure what you would do with them but I love them nonetheless.

Felt birdie: Might be cuter than the real thing.


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