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Things That Make You Go Mmm…

Do you ever wander the grocery aisles and happen upon a product which brings you back to your childhood?  I am not sure why, but the past few months I had this overwhelming urge to drink Ovaltine.  Perhaps the change in weather inspired my craving for a warm beverage that is delicious and makes me nostalgic for Saturday mornings watching cartoons in my pyjamas.  Ovaltine was originally created in Switzerland by a doctor studying the health benefits of barley and malt.  Developped as a nutritional drink, the beverage combined malt, egg, cocoa and milk.  Popularized in England and now the world, I only recently found out that there are chocolate ovaltines, a legacy of Ovaltiney cartoons and Ovaltine flavoured cookies.  Crazytown! 

Ovaltine: A pre-bedtime nightcap.

Fortunately, I have not yet allowed myself to shame spiral to the point of purchasing a supersize jar of Nutella.  The geniuses that brought us Ferrero Rocher made this hazelnut chocolately spread that is delicious on bread, on fresh strawberries or on its own, on a giant spoon (too much information!).  My friends and I joke that growing up, if your parents made you a Nutella sandwich for lunch, other kids would make fun of you.  Except the joke was on them because you were having chocolate as a main dish, not dessert!

Mmm, nutella sandwich. Like cracking a Ferrero Rocher onto a loaf of bread. Danger!



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