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The Real Gypset: Boho Luxe Chic


Great Bohos think alike: I would have chosen that outfit too while reclining on my divan in my personal teepee.

Gypsy+Jetset=Gypset.  Do you love it?  Sadly, I did not coin the term.  This afternoon, as I perused the lovely shelves of curated books at Type (883 Queen St. West), I came upon my favourite style of dress which is Bohemian Luxe Chic.  This worldly style is heavily influenced by nomadic gypsies who have a layered, ethnic look fusing one culture to another as they caravan from town to town, country to country. 

The difference is that Gypset combines the opulant lifestyle of rockstars, musicians, artists and bon vivants who travel the world absorbing the multitude of styles and integrating luxury details.  It’s a ratatouille of batiks, fringe, suede, embroidery with decadent sequins and fur.  Sounds delicious, non?

MK and Ashley Olsen embody this style as does Nicole Richie post-Simple Life with their braided hair, flowy chiffon dresses matched with fur vests and suede boots.  How does one so effortlessly achieve this look?  Here are some pointers on picking up a few items whilst on vacation to re-create this signature style:

  • Dazzle Me With Sequins – OMG, I die for sequin tunics, especially the bright hued gauzy ones with a deep-V and embellishment around the collar.  While in Maui, I picked up a white one with a colourful graphic floral and coins accenting the collar and sewn around the sleeves. 
  • Pleasantly Peasant – These simple bohemian tops often pop with colourful floral embroideries.  Details such as crochet, lace trims and mini tassles also add a home made effect. 
  • Animal Instincts – This could mean a sherpa vest, a Mongolian hat or fur lining on a Chinoiserie jacket.   
  • Travelling Influences – This means picking up prints which are indigenous to a faraway place – Indonesian batik, Kashmiri pashminas or Egyptian moneybelts.  Layering the textures and ethnic designs enhance the visual interest of the outfit.  
  • Just Add Rock n’ Roll – The finishing touch which gives the Gypset flare is the rock n’ roll edge.  Picture yourself thrashing around a stage with your long suede vest, leather pants and lace up booties.  Instead of rolling on a tour bus, pack up your entourage, throw your clothes into your Louis Vuitton luggage and hit the road on your horse and buggy.
olsen twins

Boho Conoisseurs: MK & Ash mix and match

Glamour Gypsy: Ballet Russe meets the Commune

Gypsy Glamour: Ballet Russe meets the Commune. Perfect for Coachella.


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