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WWBWW: What Would Blair Waldorf Wear?

This Saturday, I am co-hostessing a Champagne High Tea for my good friend A’s Bridal Shower at The Windsor Arms Hotel.  Our theme for the day is all things hoity-toity as we have many elaborate party plans in Yorkville, thus, I set a Dress Code of “WWBWW” – the acronym translated is obviously ‘What Would Blair Waldorf Wear?’  Blair, is of course, one of the title characters from the Best Show Ever, Gossip Girl.  Fashion guru and Costume Designer for GG, Eric Daman manages to create a distinct signature style which evolves from season to season. 

In Gossip Girl’s 3rd season, we have our favourite Upper East Side socialite transplanted into NYU college life.  My friend J said she would come dressed with, I quote, “..a more grown up Blair Waldorf style, something tweed with killer shoes.”  Haha.  Blair’s look is definitely worth imitation as it bridges chi-chi poo poo preppy with romantic and sexy.

You know it's LOVE when your bf matches outfits to yours. That or maybe he's gay. Whatever.

You know it's LOVE when your bf matches outfits to yours. That or maybe he's gay. Whatever.

  • Tailored to a T – Blair’s petite frame looks good in fitted and structured clothing.  Inspired by Queen B, I have chosen to wear a 3/4 length, fitted black column dress with ruched sleeve detail (kind of Art Deco) and a matching wide, cinch belt. 
  • Colours made for a Queen – Rich jewel tones and royal blues/purples highlight her uppercrust pedigree.  As we head into Fall, accent blacks and greys with bright colours.  These are also great backdrops for shiny and glamourous chandelier-like accessories.
  • Romantica! – Ruffles are also her trademark, as are pretty chiffon blouses tucked into slim mini skirts.   
  • All That Glitters – Blair likes to dress up.  Didn’t you love her gold brocade Burberry day dress with Alexis Bittar brooch?  She also wore a lovely canary yellow satin dress with black lace and crystal detail.  I also believe it’s never a bad thing to be overdressed, so long as you have a fashionistah buddy to be your partner in crime.  I always coerce my bestie C by nonchalantly, inserting this line into conversation, “Sooo, I’m going to wear a dress.  Feel free to co-ordinate.”  Plus, I think it’s fun to show up to an event semi-matching your best friend.  Like a set of bookends.  Looks good in photos.
  • Family Heirlooms – Pearls, diamonds, swarovski crystals, lace emboidery, these are all reminiscent of her style.  Since much of her clothing is simple, the more elaborate the accessories the better.  Details are the epitome of luxury and fashionistahs will comment on the attention to details.  For example, “Oh, I like how you matched the tiny bow on your gloves to the pearl necklace and the design on your lace tights.”  Statement is everything!
  • Beautiful Uptown Girl – Blair hair is that perfect loose tendril achieved by using a 2″ barrel curling iron.  It’s the same look that Olivia Palermo wears on The City.  Her makeup is always fresh and minimal with a hint of rosy blush, nude or coral lipgloss and creamy brown eyeshadows.  So lovely!


1 Karen { 10.16.09 at 11:59 am }

love the post, V!!

just to specify (as Alexis Bittar is my absolute favourite)….her brooch was actually an EARRING that they made into a brooch….super fabulous.

2 J { 10.17.09 at 7:03 pm }


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