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DIY: Bejewelled Bib Necklaces

This bib ain't for babies.

This bib ain't for babies.

Kicking around the city, killing time waiting to meet friends, I sat in a hipster cafe and pasted a love collage of Bib Necklaces into my sketchbook.  Oh yes, LC goes mobile.  Bib necklaces are all the rage this season.  The term describes an ornate necklace which sits flat on your collar bone and is quite dramatic in diameter.  I think the most beautiful and interesting are ones with vintage elements (of course!) that mix romantic with tough and look less than perfecto.  There are a multitude of styles to suit your fancy – some have intricate beading and others with gauzy, chiffon rosettes mixed with oversized, semi-precious stones or bright rhinestones.  Ah-ma-zing right?

I think the Bib Necklace is a fun DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Project for a chill, fall afternoon.  Where to start, you ask? 

  • Get into the Groove – Get inspired by looking at magazines or Google-ing images online.  Draw out a rough sketch of how you want your necklace to look.  You are Art!
  • Shop for knick-knacks, lace, buttons, beads and notions –  Shopping for bits of this and that is crazytown fun. It’s like being on an episode of Project Runway.  In Toronto, check out the stretch of Queen West, west of Spadina.  There are tons of fabric and bead shops like Designer Fabrics, The Beadery and MacDonald Faber.  My designer friend J says MacDonald Faber is like ‘her sanctuary, it’s so organized.’  Organization is hottt. 
  • Get Crafty – Using tracing paper and a pencil, get a friend (or use a mirror) to draw out a half-moon shape you would like to fit nicely in proportion to your neck and collar bone.  Pin the shape you are happy with to a dark coloured felt and cut out.   
  • Martha Stewart Is My Mothah – Like any good collage, lay out your necklace pieces to see what combinations look pretty together.  Plug in your mini pink glue gun and start creating.  In the vein of also being a perfectionistah, sew a ribbon to each end of your felt bib necklace base to tie behind your neck.  For the fashion adventurous, use other materials such as leather cord or multichains.   
  • You’re a Hopeless Wreck – And if you’ve burnt the tips of your fingers on hot glue after hours of DIY attempts and you feel like all is lost like a Coldplay song, just log onto for those expert, indie crafters who will sell you one of their gorgeous creations for a nominal fee.

Wow, you are soooo creative, I can’t even put it into words.  And next time someone showers your Bib Necklace with oodles of compliments, just say, “Why thank you.  It’s DIY baby.”

Charlotte Russe peacock feather bib necklace. Exotic!

Charlotte Russe peacock feather bib necklace. Exotic!

3.1 Phillip Lim Silk Necklace.  The Bib Necklace is over the top so pare it down with a simple tank as seen in Lucky.

3.1 Phillip Lim Silk Necklace. The Bib Necklace is over the top so pare it down with a simple tank as seen in Lucky.



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