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Flamenco, Andalucia's Dance of Love

Galliano's modern interpretation of flamenco.

Galliano's modern interpretation of flamenco.

Yesterday my bestie A and I were discussing one of our favourite early 90’s Vogue fashion spreads featuring one of our choice supermodels, Helena Christensen as a Spanish beauty with a travelling, gypsy caravan.  The fashion was heavily influenced by Andalucia Spain with fiery red, tiered, flamenco dresses, intricately woven scarves, brocade fans and headpieces.  Funny how we both remember it so vividly.  I am obsessed with everything Spanish – I keep conversational cd’s in the car to practice, I coerce friends into Spanish vacations whenever possible, I am definitely taking flamenco lessons this Fall and I am investing in a black and red polka dot skirt so I can channel my inner Andalucian gypsy. 

For travellers to Seville, no journey is complete without the viewing of a traditional flamenco show.  Although I have been to Spain a few times, I have yet to enjoy the pleasure of participating in this long standing tradition.  Teardrop.  Fortunately, I have watched Vida (a Cuban flamenco troupe) and a shirtless, tight spandex-pant wearing Joaquin Cortes when they performed in the city.  I could barely sit still.  I wanted to hop on stage.

How fun would it be to walk around in these outfits all day? Note precision on hands. Adore.

How fun would it be to walk around in these outfits all day? Note precision on hands. Adore.

The origin of the Flamenco actually stems from the Indian Hindus who were brought over to entertain the royal courts with their beautiful ancient dances.  Through the years, the dance form integrated influences of  the Moorish and gypsies from Persia and Pakistan.  Flamenco as it is known today is danced with passion, graceful precision, stacatto footwork and fluid hand movements.  Live shows often include Spanish guitar accompaniment and the use of castanets (to accent the finger snapping).

From, “There is widely held belief that you cannot learn the flamenco and that it is a secret held in the hearts of gypsies.” The most spontaneous and purest dance is the one that comes from your heart.  So true.

Here are some Flamenco Links to keep your toes tapping and your dancing soul lit with passion! Ole!

  • Feel the heat – The Flamenco Festival hits Toronto October 24th with special guest Rafael Campallo at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre
  • Listen to your heartbeat – You’ve always had rhythm and felt bohemian.  Take a dance class with Esmerelda Enrique who offers flamenco, technique and spanish guitar classes throughout the year
  • Better yet, go to where it all started –  Immerse yourself in the culture and history of Seville.  Bring me back a flamenco skirt will you? I am always supportive of travellers.  Love Spain as much as I do!
Any of these fancy skirts will do.  Obsessedx3

Any of these fancy skirts will do. Obsessedx3



1 anisa { 09.30.09 at 1:28 am }

babe , we need to find that Helena photo…i know i ripped it out a long time ago…you got to find it….Half of A&D

2 drtreehugger { 11.22.09 at 3:33 pm }

That’s a shame you haven’t made it to a show in Seville! I went to one month or so ago, and it brought me to tears. It was just magic.
I took some (very bad) video on my digital camera, perhaps I could find a way to post them so you can see them..

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