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Get Crucial: Top 3 Fall/Winter Accessories You Must Own.

I thought it would be fun to throw in some expert opinions on the LC.  Plus, it gives me an opportunity to play the roving reporter. P is a Ladies Accessories Buyer by Day and Hipster Conoisseur 24/7.  He looks like he just walked out of a Marc Jacobs ad.  Literally.

For my first assignment on the LC,  I asked P, “If you had to pick 3 Must Have Accessories, what would they be?”  Off the top of his head, this is what he had to say with my colourful editorial commentary. 

Viva Forever: Infinity interpreted with purple fringe. You die.

Viva Forever: Infinity interpreted with purple fringe. You die.

  1. The Infinity Scarf – I love the name.  It reminds me of infinity pools.  I think this is a VERY fun pick.  Why?  Because anything convertible can be worn in a variety of ways – a casual loose scarf, draped around your shoulders as a shrug, doubled, knotted, etc.    It’s like the time on vacation, I amused myself for an hour tying batik sarongs in the mirror.  The novelty does not wear off.  My favourite is wearing it as a hood/scarf.  Very Grace Jones and avant-garde.  Believe me, people will say “Whoa, I never thought of wearing it that way.”   
  2. Long Studded, Grommetted Gloves – Are you dying?  Where do I find these gloves?  They sound Ah-maaa-zing.  It’s like that time you watched Sex & The City and couldn’t take your eyes off the Patricia Field elastic belt with punk rock grommets (forget SJP) that she wore on 3 separate outfits.  Now imagine that on leather opera gloves.  Contain your freakout.
  3. Belts on ALL Outifts – Haha.  I did not put P up to this, even though I’m a big campaigner for the belting of 95% of outfits.  When prodded on specific styles, he chose “skinny that wraps 2-3 times or a chain belt with a leather tassle.”  Very wise.  You can go classic Chanel or very Sunset Blvd. Rock n’ Roll with the chains just hanging like you’re too cool to give a damn.
Tres Vogue Paris: The Classic Chanel Chain Belt

Tres Vogue Paris: The Classic Chanel Chain Belt

I believe accessories are the easiest way to update your look.  If you can’t afford to overhaul the wardrobe by season, picking up a few key pieces will help to breathe new life to classic items (such as black pants or solid blouses).  You really shouldn’t have to if your closet has a good foundation of pieces. If you do, you might be considered a trendwhore (which is a topic that deserves its own post).

And for those unsure of how much is too much: Excluding your handbag, if you have more than four accessories on, you’ve singlehandedly murdered your outfit.  Take something off.  Now you’re perfect.  Go in peace.


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1 pashmina { 11.28.10 at 3:39 pm }

I love the infinity scarf…. though to be honest I find that deep purple a bit too dark, give me a lighter fuchsia shade any day!

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