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Betty & Veronica: Debate continues…

In an ongoing effort to embrace my ‘Inner Nerd,’ I dedicate this post to all lovers of comic books.  Although my passion for the Archies is nowhere near the current trend for grim, dark graphic novels that boys and men freak over, I will admit I was still an uber-nerd when it came to my comic book collection.  My best friend growing up L got me deep into the comic addiction – we were total nuts about our Archies!  We would pile each categorized by title (Jughead, Archie & Me, Betty & Veronica, Josie & The Pussycats etc, etc) and count them on the sidewalk in front of her townhouse.

Among the B&V conoisseurs, the great debate rages on.  If you were Archie, would you pick Betty or Veronica?  Firstly, let me say that this is ‘The Bachelor’ all over again.  Archie is not that hottt (being generous here). He’s redheaded and his nose is kind of imperfect, yet he gets to choose between blonde, tanned, sweet as pie Betty or glamourous dark beauty, spoiled Veronica…depending on his mood.  Such a cad!  And totally uncool to pit girlfriend against girlfriend.  Heart of darkness!

My favourite comic book series was Betty & Veronica because the girls together are a dynamic duo.  The plots did not revolve around his Royal Highness the Redhead but about their hijinx and friendship together (awwwwww!). Another spin-off comic was the Veronica series.  The first edition was ‘Veronica Goes to Paris’ (75 cents!) and she wore the best fashions everrrr.  I remember the 2nd edition ‘Veronica goes to Africa’ was VERY difficult to find but I managed to pick it up in some random convenience store in Kensington Market (of all places!).  She wore some very fashion forward safari jumper shorts with a scarf tied just so around her neck.  

Ooh la la: V's outfit so French Vogue! Striped off the shoulder with puff mini and cinch waist belt.

Ooh la la: V's outfit so French Vogue! Striped off the shoulder with puff mini and cinch waist belt.

On a final note, the Archies creators have made an executive decision to marry off Archie to Veronica.  GASP!!!!  I know.  In my perfect world, Betty & Veronica say ‘no thanks Archie’ because a) besties don’t fight over boys and b) they are at least 10 levels hotter than him.  That’s right “It’s hos, before bros!”



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