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LC Shows you Love: 2 weeks & almost 1,000 Views!

The Defining Moment:  I had been pondering for some time writing but I was unsure how to approach it.  One morning, I was driving into work listening to the radio.  This random girl was talking about the success of her blog that posted weird images of food or funky combinations such as meatloaf shaped as Stonehenge or Twinkies wrapped in bacon to mimic The Washington Monument.  All of these photos were sent in from readers.  Then the DJ says, “So, is it true?  That you have a book deal in the works?”  She replies, “Well…I can’t talk about the details but yes there will be a coffee table book next year.”  WTF??!!  That’s it!  I must act!  It really pushed me over the edge.  Not that I’m judging her blog.  It just makes you think.  If someone can do something really random and be successful at it, then what am I waiting for??  This is exactly what Gwen Stefani was singing about ‘tick tock, tick tock.’

Better than a pic of ground beef.  Gwen asks: Whatcha waiting for?? in Vivienne Westwood

Better than a pic of ground beef. Gwen asks: Whatcha waiting for?? in Vivienne Westwood

A BIG THANK you to all you lovers of the LC!  If I could, I would fashion a string of red construction paper hearts and decorate them with pink glitter for you (because I’m also quite artistic & crafty).  Within a little over 2 weeks my blog has received almost 1,000 views.  If you’ve read the “ABOUT” page, you may have learned about my ‘should I, shouldn’t I’ back and forth dilemma.  The internal struggle we all face when it comes to taking any sort of leap with an endeavour.  You really never know how these things will be received.  Well, I’m really glad that I did take the jump.  My friend Y will be starting a Love Collage Fan page on Facebook.  Get involved.  Keep coming back for more.  Tell your friends.  Fresh love daily…from the heart!


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1 Marta { 09.11.09 at 9:33 pm }

OMG! That’s amazing news!! Congratulations my super-talented friend…first 1000 views, second book deal, third LC the movie! SJP to play fuschiabird perhaps? Much love and luck going forward!

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